In a vase on Monday – Not what I expected

What to put in a vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s weekly challenge to find something in the garden to put in a vase to enjoy indoors?

Last week I saw that there were quite a few Zinnias and I thought another little celebration of them would be a nice idea as surely they wouldn’t survive another week; but when I went to pick them their blooms were tatty and not worth cutting so I will be removing them from the the cuttings bed this week.  But as I have mentioned several times already they have been flowering constantly since the first week in June so very good value for a cheap packet of seeds.

I wasn’t sure what else I could find; although there were dots of colour around nothing was in good enough condition to be worthy of a vase.  Except Leonotis leonurus; in fact this is growing better now than at any time during the summer, plus there is now sufficient material to take some more cuttings, some have already struck so I will make space for a few plants in next year’s cuttings beds.

Leonotis leonurus in a vase on Monday 14th December

Leonotis leonurus in a vase on Monday 14th December

Leonotis leonurus

Leonotis leonurus

Leonotis leonurus

Leonotis leonurus

I put the vase (actually a woven pot with a plastic interior) on the kitchen mantle shelf where I can enjoy them.

What have you found for a vase today?  Do visit Cathy to see what she and many others have found today.

28 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Not what I expected

    • I have used it before but mixed with other things. I think it is looking its best now. When the orange petals fall the seed whorls up the stem also make a useful addition to a vase.

  1. it is a beautiful flower and must be providing some much appreciated colour in your garden at this time of the year and looks great as a cut flower too. One to add to my list, I think!

  2. Your Leonotis is striking. It looks terrific on its own, with the graceful arching branches providing flowers and foliage. I think your basket makes a perfect container to go with the orange tones of the flowers. Hope you have a good week.

  3. My goodness! Certainly not what we would expect for mid December – that leonitis is amazing! Not sure how reliably it would grow in the UK but I am certainly thinking I will give it a try and I am sure it will be on your list for next year too. Your vase such a lot about our unusual weather this year, so thank you for sharing.

  4. I’m so impressed by how well your Leonotis has flowered, Christina! By comparison, the older shrub I inherited with the house has thrown out only sporadic blooms even though I cut it back hard last year, hoping to give it a new lease on life. I’ve been seriously considering replacing it.

  5. What a gloriously warm and spicy colour Christina. I’ve only tried leonotis once from seed but didn’t have any joy. Were these flowers picked from cuttings you took last year?

    • Luckily we’ve had sunny days for most of the month but that means that the nights have been quite cold. But I can live with cold if there is sunshine, it’s the grey skies and low cloud I hate.

  6. That’s a lovely vase – really zingy and summery flowers esp in December… I’ve got fuschias in mine which definitely shouldn’t be still around in soggy manchester – still v mild – 12 degrees today… Have a lovely week love bec xx

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