In a vase on Monday – Spring offerings

After a week of heavy frosts I wasn’t sure what there would be to pick for A vase on Monday, when Cathy at Rambling in the Garden challenges us to fill a vase with flowers from our gardens or surroundings.  By repotting some Iris reticulata from the greenhouse and picking from the garden I was able to fill three, miniature, zinc buckets.

For the first I lifted some Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ from their pot in the greenhouse; sadly these pots have flowers very spasmodically so I haven’t been able to just bring in the entire pot as I had hoped, but placed in the little zinc bucket they look very well I think although some moss around their base would have looked even better but I couldn’t find enough in the garden, it isn’t something that grows very well in my mostly sunny dry garden.

Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’

Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’

I treated the remaining two buckets in a similar way placing two multi-stems of prostrate rosemary to form the support and adding stems of Euphorbia rigida, treating them first in boiling water first to stop their milky sap from draining out.  To one I added three stems of Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’

Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’

Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’

Today's vases are placed on the sideboard in the dining room

Today’s vases are placed on the sideboard in the dining room

and to the other three stems of Narcissus Avalanche, these are what I ordered because ‘Paper Whites’ were no longer available when I placed my order.  They have been very slow to flower so I am rather disappointed as I’d hope to have pots of 15 stems flowering on an almost weekly basis whereas I think they will mostly all flower together.

Narcissus Avalanche

Narcissus Avalanche

These three are from a pot I bought into the warmth of the house just over a week ago.

Today's vases are placed on the sideboard in the dining room

Today’s vases are placed on the sideboard in the dining room

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday


Do visit Cathy, if you haven’t already done so or why not pop outside and fill a vase yourself.

44 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Spring offerings

  1. Very lovely Christina – and I would never have considered using bulbs in this way either without the meme. The little buckets are perfect for these, and I was wondering if you could have actually lifted the Sylphide and narcissus bulbs in the same way and replanted them? They will look so bright in your house! I wonder if it is the varety of narcissus which was a problem, although as I have said mine have been much slower to come through this year too. My Paperwhites have finished but I have some Erlicheer to come although planted much later.

    • I had the Narcissus in the fridge from when they arrived so they should have had the required cold plus I thought these were treated! I’ll read about them again, but I wouldn’t have ordered them if they weren’t for forcing. The little zinc buckets are another Ikea find; I bought them a year or so ago but I hadn’t found a use for them until today. I didn’t want to lift the Anemone as they will continue to produce flowers as spring continues and the Narcissus was very tall so wouldn’t have worked planted.

      • Irksome not knowing if the bulbs were for forcing – I have some hyacinths prepared and some not but both had been in the fridge as well and I hadn’t labelled which was which, so who knows! I don’t know if prepared ones don’t need extra chilling, or time in the dark either. I wondered if the anemones could be planted outside again afterwards? And good old IKEA… 🙂

    • Paper Whites are said to flower reliably at a set time after planting so you can stagger planting and have a succession of flowers to use; if I end up with 50 flowers at once it will be rather a waste of money.

  2. I have those little Ikea buckets and find them very useful. And I’ve been standing clumps of N Tete a Tete in them found in the garden but hidden behind shrubs. Once they’ve gone over, as Cathy says, the clump can be re-planted and allowed to die back to reappear next year. That’s a lovely collection of flowers for January Christina.

  3. All these are so lovely. Your anemones are perfect. Did you grow them inside. I have I. Reticulata flowering in the garden and paper whites in the porch (where they will stay as I don’t much like their scent) just about to open.

    • The Anemones are in the garden, they usually flower late winter here but there are always the odd few that bloom earlier. The N. Avalanche actually smell slightly better than the Paper Whites, they were grown in the greenhouse and then brought into the house.

  4. I love the combination of your 3 zinc pots. I love the jewel like colours of Iris reticulata and the pink anemones; the colours of all three pots go so well together.

  5. Your silver buckets make a beautiful spring preview, Christina! I’m so envious that you already have anemones in bloom. Your use of the rosemary also has me asking why I never think to use that in any any of my own vases.

  6. WordPress and Blogspot seem to be having difficulty talking again and my first attempt at comment seems to have disappeared. I love your spring preview in the matching zinc buckets. I’m envious of your anemones – all I’ve seen so far in my own garden is a little bit of anemone foliage.

  7. Spring inside, what a pleasure! I have done the same thing, but with flowers that I have bought from the flower shops as there is still snow and frost in my region. Enjoy your week, Christina!

  8. The combination says spring is on its way; beautiful vignette and I love the galvanized containers, I have some square ones I keep eyeing. I like the Rosemary foliage, I usually eat all of mine before it is big enough to use in arrangements.

  9. Oh how beautiful. Such a happy collection of flowers and rosemary. Christina, 50 flowers at once it will be magical if that is what happens. What a grand bouquet that would be.

  10. How cheerful. Those anemone look rather glorious. I managed to pick up some paperwhites in a sale at the beginning of December. I though that they flowered in 6 weeks, but they are still only 3cm high and only one looks like it might flower in the foreseeable future. Maybe Avalanche were a better bet than scrag-ends!

  11. That collection looks like a little shrine to spring, and the word ‘offerings’ is so well-suited. I bet this is keeping you smiling Christina. It is so very lovely!

    • I have to admit I didn’t think of ‘offerings’ in that way but you are absolutely correct. I like small collections of little vases, also good for broken or odd flowers that are completely lost in the garden but add so much pleasure when seen close up.

  12. Your little zinc buckets are so lovely! I love the purple of the Iris with its bright green stems and the pink anemone together. It must be a very cheerful addition to the room, and looks like it should keep going for a while.

    • The irises don’t flower for very long but I love them I’m prepared for their fleeting show; the Anemone usually last very well in a vase, one of last week’s red ones is still perfect.

  13. The irises are so adorable and colorful, and the anemones look so silky, Christina!. I am starting seeds so haven’t tried forcing bulbs for flowers, I admire yours.

    • I will plant out all the irises when they’ve flowered which will hopefully build up stocks in the garden as I can’t yet see any of my previous Iris reticulata in the borders.

  14. I love your vases of spring flowers Christina – so uplifting in this drab month! I can sympathise with your narcissi problem – I ordered plenty of Paperwhites to keep me in flowers throughout the winter – I planted the first batch ay the end of November and they took forever to flower – it turned out that they are not Paperwhites at all. The supplier has been very apologetic and refunded the cost but I have to be without my favourite winter flower this year which is very disappointing!

    • Cathy had problems with her Paper Whites this year too, I wonder if you had the same supplier. I was surprised my supplier Peter Nyssen had sold out of Paper Whites because I wasn’t late ordering, I think Avalanche are a tender Narcissus but possibly not intended to force in the same way as Paper Whites. Luckily I have some tulips about to flower!

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