In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

Here in Italy Easter Monday, known as Pasquetta (or little Easter), is the day when everyone goes out into the country traditionally for the first picnic of the year.   However for as long as we’ve been in Italy the day has always been cold and sometimes wet too!  We have friends coming to lunch (indoors) so some special flowers to celebrate the season were needed. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Bringing spring indoors

A beautiful sunny Monday helps a little with the photographs for our weekly challenge of finding flowers from our gardens to bring indoors to enjoy for the week in response to Cathy at Rambling in the garden’s challenge. Continue reading

Natives in the mountains 

There are different flowers growing here in the mountains of the Arno valley near Florence. 

There are white and the usual pink plus some that are obviously hybrids.   
Masses of Honesty growing under the trees. 

I also found this blue bell, all on its own, this is the first bluebell I’ve ever seen here. Sorry the image is sideways due to my lack of practice posting from my phone. 

A very happy spring equinox to you all. 


In a vase on Monday – Pretty in pink

In the last week I’ve seen many trees in blossom including, amazingly, some Magnolia, even for central Italy the beginning of March is very early.  But these were in gardens so I wasn’t able to pick any of them for today’s vase. Continue reading