In a vase on Monday – Pretty in pink

In the last week I’ve seen many trees in blossom including, amazingly, some Magnolia, even for central Italy the beginning of March is very early.  But these were in gardens so I wasn’t able to pick any of them for today’s vase.

In my own garden, however, wild and fruiting plum are in blossom and I also noticed that two of the peach trees have blossom too, I do hope this isn’t too early, it would be lovely to have some peaches this year.

Today’s vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden began last week with more tulips, Tulip Huis Ten Bosch, again these are tulips that have been chilled and then planted in a large pot in the greenhouse.

I chose my silver vase as I know it has worked well with pink flowers before.

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

On their own I’m not sure how much I like the colour; a bit too sugary pink for me but I always like fringed tulips and they usually last well in the garden so to change the look of the vase I decided to add some blossom; it makes a huge difference to the arrangement

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch, Peach and Plum blossom

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch, Peach and Plum blossom

Although tulips are one of the flowers I actually usually prefer in a vase on their own, in this case I think the addition of a few branches of blossom really does lift the effect of the vase.


Tulip Huis Ten Bosch

Tulip Huis Ten Bosch

Peach blossom

Peach blossom

Wild plum blossom

Wild plum blossom

These were actually picked and arranged without the blossom on 1st of March, the images with the blossom added were taken on the 3rd; they are still looking remarkably fresh; Frilled tulips do last well in a vase so I will have to look for colours I like better for next year.

With thanks to Cathy for hosting, do visit to see what she and other ‘in a vase’ followers have found for their vases today.  Have a great week.






55 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Pretty in pink

  1. So very beautiful. I love the frilly tulips, but you are so right, it does enhance the effect to have the branches with blossom with them – true celebration of Spring! And the silver vase is perfect with the pink.

  2. The vase with blossom and tulips is stunning Christina, I’d love to have that at home here. Really stylish, you create many beautiful vases but this has to be one of my favourites.

  3. I love those frilly tulips and yes they work perfectly with the silver vase. We erected my pop-up greenhouse last week so maybe next year I will be picking early tulips-you’ve inspired me to try.

  4. The Spring blossom reflects the frilliness of the tulips and I think the width of the arrangement balances the roundness of the vase better than the more vertical shape of the tulips on their own. It’s gorgeous. Inspired by your peony tulips I’ve ordered a pink – Angelique, and a red and white: Carnival de Nice. I’m thinking of trying them in clay pots buried in the garden.

  5. So beautiful Christina. The extra height gives a nice overall proportion of vase to flowers. The first version was impressive but as you say, adding the flowering branches changes the whole character of your arrangement.

  6. I know what you mean about the pink – it is almost unreal for a bloom – but the fringing is gorgeous. The fringed tulips I have had tended not to come up again, but who knows this year? The blossom makes an astonishing difference to the vase, as you have discovered – and like you I have also discovered that many woody stems last far longer in a vase than you might expect – last week’s amelanchier buds are just beginning to open. My tulip buds are getting bigger… 🙂

  7. While the tulips do stand well all on their own, I like the addition of the flowering branches a lot, Christina! My own peach tree, discovered at the bottom of our slope when the massive yucca there was removed, also has some blooms this year so I join you in dreams of summer peaches.

    • I’ve always like fringed tulips but don’t find them all as reliable as each other, these seem perfect if I can learn to love the colour, I think that in the garden the colour might not seem so strong.

  8. Christina I am swooning!! Those tulips are gorgeous and I love how pink they are. I cannot decide which way I prefer them – as you say tulips do look very good on their own, but with the addition of that beautiful blossom they are stunning. I know that there are plenty of magnolias in flower in London as well as plenty of blossom, but apart from the very early blackthorn and plum blossom there is nothing out here yet – I am keeping my eye on my peach and apricot tree though as they do tend to flower early and temperatures are set to rise later this week.

    • Peaches and apricots flower before the weather is settled here so the crop is always a bonus when it happens. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking the Magnolias are early, but it was still February when I saw them and I’m sure that is early.

  9. When I saw the first version with just tulips I thought how gorgeous they look in that vase, but then the second version with the blossom just bowled me over! Absolutely fabulous Christina! I love blossom in a vase, and it really does ‘lift’ it to another level. I also love the light in your beautiful photos too. 🙂

  10. Oh my! Yes! Those plum blooms with it just make me swoon. Just lovely, Christina!
    Happy spring to you!

  11. Beautiful tulips, though I share your feelings about the candy pink and think the addition of the blossoming stems is perfect, especially with that lovely vase! Unlike Cathy, I always found my fringed tulips more reliable (when gardening where that was even possible!); to the best of my memory, the tulip in question must have been Burgundy Lace though I think there was a second variety as well… clearly I should have kept records or, better yet, a blog! 😉

    • I have Burgundy Lace in the garden too and Menton, which is very reliable. Keeping records does make such a difference I’m so much better at it now I write the blog.

    • The strong candy pink has faded a little now and the color isn’t as bad now. The fact that these tulips have lasted so beautifully in the vase might make me grow them again. It will be interesting to see how long they last in the garden, planted 25 in a pot and 25 in the garden of most of the tulips I ordered.

  12. Hola Christina : estupendos tulipanes, pero tiene razón que en el jarrón se ven demasiado rosa chicle. Con la adición de las ramitas de árboles, un ramo de flores magnífico. Tiene un esplendido gusto y unos esplendidos materiales para trabajar con ellos. Las fotos son excelentes, siga así por favor, mostrándonos la belleza de su jardín. Saludos Margarita.

  13. I have this pink tulip, and I have to say that I agree about the colour, but it does last a long time, even in a windy border, and has come back, year after year. All the fringed types are very tough, I think. The blossom is so delicate.

  14. Oh I like the frilled petals Christina – there’s something rather frivolous about them. I think that you are quite right about the blossom. I’ve noticed the odd magnolia flower buds this week.

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