In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

Here in Italy Easter Monday, known as Pasquetta (or little Easter), is the day when everyone goes out into the country traditionally for the first picnic of the year.   However for as long as we’ve been in Italy the day has always been cold and sometimes wet too!  We have friends coming to lunch (indoors) so some special flowers to celebrate the season were needed.

Cathy I know has done something special with eggs; I just picked something of everything that is flowering and filled my huge rectangular vase and 5 smaller vases to fill the dining room with colour and scent.  As I’m still cooking I’ll just add the images and if you need to know what any of the flowers are I can answer you tomorrow in comments.

In a vase on Monday - Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday - Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday - Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday - Pasquetta

In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

With thanks to Cathy for thinking up this amazing meme and inspiring us all to use our own flowers.  Do visit to see the fun everyone has had with their flowers today.

47 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Pasquetta

  1. Wow, beautiful! I hope your lunch was fantastic, it would be hard to outdo the flowers. What are the red leaves? I’m guessing the white pom-poms are a Viburnam?

  2. Oh Christina – extravaganza indeed! What an absolutely stunning assortment of blooms and so artfully put together. The yellow of the bloom in the foreground (is it a ranunculus, or a frilly tulip?) beautifully picks up the yellow in the iris. Your guests will love your vases – have a lovely day.

  3. Oh Christina, you are so lucky to be able to create such a cornucopia of colour and texture so early on in the year. I love living in Scotland, really I do, but when I see photos like this, flowers that are months ahead of mine, I can’t help a little spark of envy creeping in! I think I can spot ammi, tulips, irises narcissi, and some lovely whispy red things that remind me of gauria…

  4. I love the idea of Easter Monday or little Easter. Too bad here we do not have this holiday or tradition. It is cold and wet here too. But what a special celebration you are having, and how lucky those coming to your house are….to celebrate with you and all those amazing flowers! Enjoy!!

    • Thank you Julie; I am thrilled with all my tulips this year, as I mentioned these are all pre-chilled inthe fridge but all are in the garden not the greenhouse.

  5. These flowers are so beautiful! I love the colors and textures. On a day when we got six inches of snow on our lovely blossoming fruit trees and no Pasquetta, Italy looks especially wonderful.

    • Hi Donica, weather wise Pasquetta lived up to expectations and was the worst day all week but it didn’t snow; I’m sorry for your fruit trees. 6 inches of snow is a huge amount; is it staying on the ground?

    • Thank you Allison, having so many flowers was really fun to work with and by taking only one of each type of tulip the planting in the garden didn’t look depleted.

  6. Oh, how lovely Christina! A real bonanza of flowers! Definitely a good idea to just fill the vases with everything that is flowering and bring all those blooms in to enjoy to the full!

  7. So many beautiful flowers, Christina! I love all the fancy tulips, and the Viburnum really fill in well, as well as the red Photina. I hope the weather warms up for you soon, we are supposed to hit 70ºF here this week.

  8. The photinia adds such an interesting color to the arrangement, and the brown tulips really pick it up. It’s almost an antique look or something from a painting, I do like it!

  9. Feliz día de Pasquetta Christina y buena comida. Espero que haya sido buena pero no tanto como sus maravillosos jarrones con flores silvestres como la millenrama en el jarrón grande. Que gusto tiene para preparar jarrones de flores. Saludos de Margarita. margarita141.

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