36 thoughts on “WordPress Wednesday – One day my prince will come

    • I’m sure he’s been there for ages but this is the first time I’ve seen him. I’ve seen toads like him before in the garden and am always happy as I know he (they) eat slugs and maybe snails too.

  1. There was an article on Countryfile this week, where volunteers were carrying thousands of male toads to the waiting females in a huge pond across the other side of a busy road, they only mate in water and then live on dry land. Apparently they eat insects, worms, ants and some large toads will take mice. So all in all a very welcome inhabitant for your greenhouse.

    • Ants?, brilliant, the garden is full of them; I lose plants to them where they disturb the soil all around the roots. This one might be big enough to take a mouse; on all counts I’m pleased to have him making his home in the greenhouse.

  2. I love all his lumpy ugliness! We have baby toads who come through in the late spring but seeing the adults really depends on how dry of a summer we are having. I wish I could encourage them to stay longer, there are plenty of slugs to fatten them up with!

    • A couple of years ago I found another large one like this when I was clearing away the squash foliage at the end of summer, he’d been living hidden for most of the summer I think.

  3. He certainly looks as if he has eaten lots of slugs. Funny that they are so ugly, yet at the same time rather cute. I shouldn’ t try kissing him though.

  4. What a beauty. I”ve been rescuing them from a local nursery. They hibernate under the black weed control fabric, but get run over by the trolleys when they emerge in spring. The staff now put them in boxes for me to collect.

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