In a vase on Monday – April 4th

Monday is the day when Cathy at Rambling in the Garden challenges us to find and put or plonk in a vase flowers from our own gardens or surrounding area.  As part of my post for every day of April and May here are the vases I filled today.


Dutch Iris from the garden and Photinia foliage

I don’t actually think this arrangement does justice to the irises but I wanted to use the large glass vase again this week.

Different colours of Dutch Iris from the garden

Different colours of Dutch Iris from the garden

Rich colours of spring for in a vase on Monday this week

Rich colours of spring for in a vase on Monday this week

Freesias from the greenhouse and the garden, Ranunculous also from a pot in the greenhouse and from the garden

Freesias from the greenhouse and the garden, Ranunculous also from a pot in the greenhouse and from the garden

I’m pleased with this vase, it sits in the kitchen adding a bright cheerful and perfumed highlight.

Narcissus 'Cheerfulness' and Negrita tulips

Narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’ and Negrita tulips

Then for something completely different!  Well the flowers aren’t different but the colours are much more delicate.

A more delicate palate for this vase

A more delicate palate for this vase

Pale yellow and white Ranunculous and white and mauve Freesias

Pale yellow and white Ranunculous and white and mauve Freesias

With thanks to Cathy for hosting this very inclusive meme, do visit her to see what she and many others have found in their gardens today.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about my March garden, have a lovely week.


33 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – April 4th

    • I can’t claim any credit for the Freesias, I just buy corms every year and plant them in a pot on the greenhouse, after they have flowered I plant them into the garden and they actually flower there at about the same time.

  1. Wow, your silver vase arrangement is a work of art! It really came together beautifully. Gorgeous tulips and that Narcissus ‘Cheerfulness’ is aptly named. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Scrolling through your post brought several exclamations, as each vase was such a change from the previous one.Seeing your irises recently has made me realise that they are growing on me and I need to rectify their general absence for next season – the white and yellow ones look brilliant with the purple ones. Your second vase positively glows (and brought to mind one of my own favourite vases from probably 2 years ago) and then comes the third one – the tall thin vase creates such a different effect from the shorter and rounder vase that we might have chosen for blooms that weren’t especially tall, and of course the colours are so gentle and pleasing to the eye. Thank you so much for sharing them all ps I have read your other posts and hope to go back and pass comment when I have time. Well done for managing to post most days!

    • I know you used to post every day and that, in a way, is the ideal; maybe showcasing just one flower or one view. I know that in July and August when it is usually unbearably hot I don’t post much at all so I wanted to share the joy that the garden provides in spring. Since beginning the cuttings garden and then the start of this meme I realise that as long as the garden has texture and form I don’t mind that there aren’t masses of flowers all year as long as I have some in the cutting garden to pick.

  3. All three are so unique and creative….I too was taken by the silver vase and those bold colors that work so well….but I also found the first vase intriguing. Of course the last is just perfect in pastel colors….snowing here and very cold for the week….my spring flowers are not happy being covered by all the snow.

  4. What a wealth of flowers and combinations! I love those rectangular glass vases and your grouping is particularly effective I think because of the different heights and densities of the groupings. I like the way the foliage picks up the colors of the pebbles as well.

  5. Your vases are so gorgeous, Christina, each in their own way, it’s hard to choose. The large glass vase makes such a great arrangement with lots of flowers, and I love all that purple in spring, I haven’t succeeded with that type of iris. The silver vase has such lovely glints, and really sets off the deeper colors, I’m so tempted by the freesias I finally planted some in a container on the deck. A squirrel visited and ate one so now it has a screen over it. I hope they will bloom for me still, I love the buttery yellow ones, and also your yellow ranunculus with the swirl of petals. And then the last vase is heart-breakingly beautiful with the delicate colors, and must smell divine as well.

    • I don’t think I ever tried freesias until I lived in Italy, but mine came from the supplier I use on England so I assume it must be possible to grow them there. They do smell divine so I hope yours do flower for you.

  6. Christina no se con que jarrón quedarme. Todos son maravillosos y hechos con muy buen gusto. Y todas las flores y sus colores magníficas. Saludos de Magarita. margarita141.

  7. If I’d had any question as to the abundance in your spring garden, the 3 vases you posted this morning would have ended that. What bounty! Each vases is wonderful and very different but I think my favorite is the second one with the rich colors. I hope you’re enjoying the scent of those Freesias!

    • My senses are so filled with the intense perfume of the wisteria outside that to be honest the Freesias are a little lost, but I’m really enjoying the vibrant colours in the kitchen.

  8. It is difficult to pick a favorite, the Autumnal Spring vase is mine, I think. I forget about plants living so far south. You made me remember the Iris, which I love – what is the plant in the background with the Iris?

      • Gosh, I’ve always thought freesias would be too exotic to try to grow – maybe I will give it a try, they were my Grandfather’s favourite and he often brought me some, they always remind me of him. He loved gardening and was a dear man. ❤

        • I always thought the same, but they seem very tough; the ones I’ve planted out in the garden flower at the same time as the ones in the greenhouse so it isn’t heat that triggers them into flower. Peter Nyssen sells them so people must buy them for UK gardens.

  9. All so lovely – are your irises always this early? I really love the last arrangement not only for the flowers (I adore Freesias) but because the fresh green of the stalks stands out so well in that tall clear vase. I also remember the Narcissus Cheerfulness from your posts last year – I tried to source some last autumn, without success. They are so pretty!

  10. How wonderful to have all these gorgeous flowers to pick. I love them all but I adore irises. I have never grown freesias, they are so pretty and I bet they smell divine.

  11. Love the arrangement in the silver vase, and I really like how the photinia fills up both arrangements. I always have trouble with that color but you’ve done very well!

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