In a Vase on Monday – from the cuttings garden

For today’s April daily post I’m joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly challenge to us to find flowers in our gardens to bring inside to enjoy during the week.  She been practising for her daughter’s wedding, for which I have every admiration.

Today is the first time this year (I think) that I have picked flowers from the dedicated cut flower bed.  Antirrhinum Giant White was sown in autumn 2014 and planted out last spring, I picked quite a lot of flowers from the plants and as they showed no signs of dying back decided to leave them in the bed; for several weeks now I have been aware of the buds forming and then the flowers opening; today seemed the right moment to pick them and combine them with more of the Dutch Iris planted around the garden and more of the red Photinia foliage.

Antirrhinum Giant white

Antirrhinum Giant white

Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

Have a great week!


19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – from the cuttings garden

  1. Oh how accommodating of the antirrhinums to keep going (a couple of mine have) – how long would you expect them to flower for this season? The almost luminous copper colour of the photinia really links the yellow centres of both antirrhinums and iris beautifully – are the little dotty things flower buds of the photinia? (it’s not something I have grown before so don’t know about its flowering habits). Lovely photos too – thanks for sharing

    • Yes, the tightly closed buds of the Photinia. I really don’t know how long the Antirrhinums will last, a couple of plants have about 35 flowers so they may flower themselves out.

  2. Christina I couldn’t get over seeing the Antirrhinum…and then to read you planted them in 2014, wow! I am content to start new ones each year from seed. Mine are little seedlings in my basement under lights right now. I will be transplanting them to bigger pots this week for planting out in a few weeks. Stunning colors in that vase! I especially love the red Photinia foliage.

  3. Christina que bello y bien combinado jarrón. Las tres plantas son preciosas pero la forma en que las combina se convierten en magníficas. Muchas gracias por deleitarnos la vista. Saludos de Margarita. margarita141.

  4. A lovely vase, Christina, I particularly like the triangular emphasis in the last photo, the purple of the irises is so intense. I hope to have some Antirrhinum blooms soon, your white ones are really productive.

  5. I’m so impressed by the performance of your Antirrhinums! They don’t do nearly as well here. They’re magnets for rust here, even when planted in my raised beds and watered from below. Happy as I am to get rain – any rain – it always signals the beginning of the end for the snapdragons as the rust shows up soon after.

  6. So lovely Christina and what a joy to have antirrhinums so early. I have a few plants from last year in my greenhouse border – they made it through the winter but there are no signs of flowers yet – I did find my first sweet pea flower today though which was very exciting.

    • I am excited to try the Sweet peas this autumn too. I don’t think you look at all my posts (there are rather a lot at the moment); I think you’ll enjoy Sunday’s post about the peony farm.

  7. It must be marvellous to have Antirrhinums flowering for you so early and overwintering too. I love them in all shades, but this white ones goes very well with the irises.

    • The white Antirrhinums are very strong plants, I have sown the last four seeds that were left in the packet; it will be interesting to see how long the plants actually last, maybe they are perennials here.

  8. What a lovely mash-up in your vase this week. I had such good luck with snapdragons making it through the winter that I just planted a few more, with future vases in mind.

  9. My red antirrhinums made it through the winter too, surprisingly, but no new growth yet. Your whites look amazing and so sturdy. I love the strong colours and the photinia binds it all so well.

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