April 19th 2016 It seems like another season

I mentioned in my post for In a vase on Monday yesterday that the light was excellent for photographs yesterday morning.  Here’s a quick walk around to see the new flowers.

Ceanothus repans

Ceanothus repans

Gladioli byzantinus with cistus

Gladioli byzantinus with cistus

I don't often see this variety of bee, obviously the Cistus must have attracted it into the garden

I don’t often see this variety of bee, obviously the Cistus must have attracted it into the garden

Rosa Clair martin is such a generous rose with a delicate perfume.

Rosa 'Clair Martin'

Rosa ‘Clair Martin’

Rosa mutalbilis

Rosa mutalbilis

I love our the flowers change colour from pale apricot to deep cerise as the flowers ages; in summer the change is very rapid and all the flowers are cerise almost immediately.

Rosa mutalbilis

Rosa mutalbilis

Rosa mutalbilis

Rosa mutalbilis

Iris 'no name', delicate pinky mauve and white

Iris ‘no name’, delicate pinky mauve and white

Iris 'Ho

Iris ‘Hoist the Sails – maybe

The large Island looking towards the drive

The large Island looking towards the drive

More Irises, Dianthus, Cistus all vying to be included in today’s post.

What’s new in your garden today?

31 thoughts on “April 19th 2016 It seems like another season

  1. Christina todo precioso cada día florecen cosas nuevas en su jardín: la isla es un bello ejemplo. Me quedo con la maravillosa Rosa Clair martin: tiene un color perfecto me encanta. Y también me gusta mucho el conjunto de bizantinus gladiolos con jara. Por supuesto adoro el iris, como a todos los iris. Muchas gracias por enseñarnos flores y más flores nuevas cada día. Saludos de Margarita. margarita141site.

  2. Your garden is really in summer mode now. I love Rosa mutabilis, what a beauty. The iris is such a delicate shade. Every day in the garden is exciting now with new delights appearing every day.

  3. Your roses are amazing. Is it much warmer now Christina? Suddenly here we’ve had 2 hot days and it has had the effect to shift things over. Irises starting to open and the anemone look distressed.

  4. iris, roses, and gladiolus… I don’t pay attention for a few days and the wisteria and tulips have all been replaced! I know what you mean by it all happening so fast. It really makes you want to slow down and soak it in, but on the other hand there’s so much to do!

  5. Oh Christina, that Rosa mutabilis is stunning – and I don’t emember seeing it before so your daily posts at this time of year are definitely paying off when there is so much going on

  6. Nice to see iris “Madrid-mother of the bride” (after Kate’s mum) and “Celeste increspata” doing well across the plains.
    Hoist the Sails will come later.

    Hope husband’s knee is well mended.

      • Technically, they both are “celeste” – light blue/ mauve, but the mono coloured frilly one was sold with a lable ‘celeste increspata’, (sp) so it stuck. ‘Hoist’ is much stronger coloured with rich cream standards and medium blue falls. One of the last to show off round here. No news on husband’s knee? Hope that’s good news.

  7. Your garden gets better and better every day, Christina. I still can’t believe that my ‘Mutabilis’ rose is even the same species as your glorious specimens. I found another sunflower seedling in bloom yesterday but everything else is continuing to take a beating from the desiccating winds.

    • It is all flashing by rather quickly; it will soon be summer and then there will be little flower. Mutabilis is very tough and survives on very little water, although in summer if it has no water at all it doesn’t continue to flower.

  8. Your iris is so delicate and beautiful. The large island makes me think of Beth Chatto’s garden. The roses and the cistus are joyful. Here the sun is drawing out the tulips to blow in a cold wind.

  9. The hot pink and orange of the Cistus is stunning and contradicts those who maintain that those colors clash. I’m trying to encourage it with California poppies and Lychmis…hoping to be able to show you soon.

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