April 21st 2016 more poppies!

One of the greatest pleasures at this time of year is to see so much of the countryside here covered in poppies.  Sometimes there are so many it looks, from a distance as if a red sheet has been spread across the ground.  But close up I like to see them mixed with the other wild flowers I associate with fields left fallow and meadows of the past.

On the overcast day at the beginning of the week the poppies positively glowed in the late afternoon light.

I wonder how many millions of poppies are there in this field

I wonder how many millions of poppies are there in this field








Tomorrow is Garden Blogger’s Foliage Day – the time when when can share the pleasure of the foliage in our gardens and the flowers can take a back seat for once.  I hope you’ll join me.


40 thoughts on “April 21st 2016 more poppies!

  1. Those are fabulous. I have only once seen a field like that down in the south of England. I didn’t get any good photos though. I love your photo with the yellow flowers in the corner for contrast.

    • All they need is disturbed ground; after the first world war all the areas where the trenches had been dug and bombs exploded were covered with poppies; that’s why for the British at least we use the poppy as an emblem for commemorating the dead of the war.

  2. Magnificent. My parents used to volunteer me to sell paper poppies on Memorial Day on main street in my little hometown (both parents served in WWII). Would love to see fields of real poppies.

  3. What a spectacular sight, and how nice to have that as well as your own garden. It’s why I could never live in a city again.

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