April 25th 2016 In a vase on Monday

I’m joining Cathy at Rambling in the garden for my daily diary today to share a vase of flowers picked from the garden.

Luckily I picked my flowers on Saturday to refresh and arrange for a lunch party yesterday; today is windy, very windy and I’m not sure what damage I will find when I go outside; it could well be there’ll be a second vase with damaged irises, I hope not!

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

I should have cut my filler a little shorter for better balance in the vase but the stems were all very well wedged in the vase so I didn’t want to have to start again.

Antirrhinums and Sweet Williams

Antirrhinums and Sweet Williams

The colours of the Antirrhinums and Sweet William tone very well together.  These Antirrhinums were, like the white ones I showed a couple of weeks ago, sown in autumn 2014 and planted out in early spring 2015; they over-wintered where they were in the cut flower bed and are giving a good show now.

Can you guess what my filler is?

Can you guess what my filler is?

For my filler I used the flower heads of a plant that is about to be dug up and added to the compost heap, do you recognise it?

Thanks as usual go to Cathy.

31 thoughts on “April 25th 2016 In a vase on Monday

  1. So we both share ‘windfall’ today, Christina although your vase is much more appealing and colourful as mine. Your filler is so pretty (Oenanthe?) – good to enjoy it in the vase before throwing it onto the compost.

  2. Is it fennel? On second thoughts, looking at the leaves it surely must be coriander although I can’t remember if that is an umbellifer or not. The overall effect of the vase is lovely – as you say, the colours pf antirrhinum and Sweet William work so well together – did these antirrhinum flower last year as well, or is there first year? I might try autumn sowing mine for next season

    • No, not fennel, that is also an umbellifer though. Something even more common. Yes the Antirrhimum flowered well last year too. Some things are definitely best sown in autumn whereas other need to wait until spring – always difficult to assess.

  3. I too love seeing the Antirrhinums and what looks like flowers from Italian parsley….hoping the wind damage was minimal or none at all.

      • I recognized the leaves on the stalks….mine overwinters too and goes immediately to flower in spring so I have to start new seed each year too! But I never thought to pick those flowers for a vase….they make a fabulous filler!

  4. Christina que florero tan hermoso¡¡ Me encanta. El contraste de la plata con el desenfado del relleno del perejil italiano y los vivos colores del antirrhinums y Guillermo dulce es una preciosidad. Muchas gracias por sus jarrones de los Lunes son una alegría de color. Saludos de Margarita. margarita141site.

  5. I joined too late to guess the identity of your filler but I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. I’ve never seen parsley bloom like that – very pretty, as is the completed vase!

  6. Oh those are most attractive colours together Christina and the parsley is the perfect filler. I hope that the winds have not done any serious damage. Did you change your comments set up recently? It’s not as straightforward for me to comment as before.

  7. I’ve just sown my parsley for this year and along the lanes the cow parsley is just about to break. It lasts surprisingly well in a vase although it does get a bit dandruffy after a couple of days. Your vase looks very summery for April, but I guess that’s Italy for you. Here in Blighty this April it is either freezing or windy or raining or all three together!

  8. Lovely vase of flowers, I like the combination of herb and flower varieties: they go well together. Here in Cairo, our flat leaf parsley is just coming up to flower, while the dill (which is what I thought you had used) is almost over. Coriander has lovely flowers too – brilliant white. The herb bed right now has a winning combination of pale mauve chive, white thyme and yellow dill flowers. A feast for the bees! I’m hoping for tons of seedlings.

  9. I see Donna has already guessed the mystery filler, but I would have bet on parsley too. Mine rarely gets to the flowering stage as I cut it too often! Lovely to see Sweet Williams.., mine are not even in bud yet!

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