April 21st 2016 more poppies!

One of the greatest pleasures at this time of year is to see so much of the countryside here covered in poppies.  Sometimes there are so many it looks, from a distance as if a red sheet has been spread across the ground.  But close up I like to see them mixed with the other wild flowers I associate with fields left fallow and meadows of the past. Continue reading

April 19th 2016 It seems like another season

I mentioned in my post for In a vase on Monday yesterday that the light was excellent for photographs yesterday morning.  Here’s a quick walk around to see the new flowers. Continue reading

April 18th 2016 In a Vase on Monday

There was no post yesterday because the wind was blowing very hard all day, at least 23 km per hour with gusts that were much more.  It wasn’t pleasant to be outside and impossible to take any photographs that weren’t just a blur.  Today is overcast but completely still, ideal for photography.  But today is Monday, the day for a vase of flowers but from the garden. Continue reading

April 15th 2016 The season moves on

The season is racing ahead.  Yesterday there was just one variety of bearded iris flowering, already today there are three!

Cistus are flowering too.

Cistus are beginning to flower

Cistus are beginning to flower

Cistus are beginning to flower

Cistus are beginning to flower

But before I rush forever forward towards summer; I wanted to the share the the remaining tulips which have given me so much pleasure this year.   Continue reading

April 14th 2016

After writing in some detail about the area around the west side of the house including the Large Island I thought I would be moving on to other parts of the garden but each day (almost hour) brings new plants in flower so today is just a wander around the garden showing you what is new and catching my eye. Continue reading