May 30th 2016 In a vase on Monday

Cosmos are beginning to produce a lot of flowers so I think you will be seeing a lot of them in my vases over the next few months, I will need to find some different ways of using them to maintain my interest and pleasure in them. Continue reading

May 29th 2016 A new place to sit

At last another part of the plan for the Woodland walk has been completed.  I wanted to have some paving in front of the huge Bay block that is in line with the front door so is a very strong feature when stepping out into the garden. Continue reading

May 28th 2016 My thoughts on the slope planting

I see the slope every time I come home; it forms the right side of the drive with the olive trees to the left.

I’ve written a lot in the past about how the slope was planted with plants that were already growing well in other parts of the garden and especially with plants that were happy enough to be self seeding.  Looking at the planting now I find it very interesting how the different plants form colonies and drifts with little interference from me. Continue reading