May 1st 2016 Showers and sun

We arrived home last evening when it was already dark, having spent the last four days in Suffolk to celebrate my MIL’s 90th birthday.  So as all gardeners do, the first thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning was to walk around the garden.

It was raining steadily but softly, perfect for the garden and yet the sun was shining and in one direction there was blue sky – very strange.  I ventured out anyway with an umbrella but no camera into a world where every drop of rain captured on a flower or leaf was a sparkling diamond!

As soon as the rain stopped for a few moments (it’s been showery all day) I went outside again in the hope of capturing the magical world I had found; alas the sun was slightly higher in the sky and the effects weren’t the same at all.

Cotinus with Iris 'Rustic Jewel' and dianthus in the Large Island looking towards the drive

Cotinus with Iris ‘Rustic Jewel’ and dianthus in the Large Island looking towards the drive

The orange Eschscholzia will have to go, they spoil the colour palate, I’ll so some Eschscholzia californicum ‘Thai Silk’ to replace them.

Cotinus with Iris 'Rustic Jewel', with a mound of Santolina and a pale pink Cistus

Cotinus with Iris ‘Rustic Jewel’, with a mound of Santolina and a pale pink Cistus

The Cotinus has taken years to grow to this size; it is the first year that it has produced the effect I’d been hoping for.

Cotinus with Iris 'Rustic Jewel'

Cotinus with Iris ‘Rustic Jewel’

Allium aflatuense 'Purple Sensation'

Allium aflatuense ‘Purple Sensation’

Some of the Alliums that were planted in autumn 2008 in the now replaced formal beds are flowering and are more visible than in recent years because they aren’t competing for attention with the Perovskia.

Cerastium tormentosum with a visiting butterfly

Cerastium tormentosum with a visiting butterfly

A very happy May to you all.


25 thoughts on “May 1st 2016 Showers and sun

  1. Happy May Day and welcome home! What a lovely event….a 90th birthday! It is raining here too finally and all are happy including me. Love the Cotinus. Our neighbors have a beautiful one that adorns the side of the house. I too have to move orange flowers that just don’t look quite right with some pinks. One flower just keeps coming back even with barely a piece of root it seems.

  2. Hi Christina precious photos. What I like is the Cotinus with Iris “rustic gem” are very nice together, and separately. I love all Iris displayed. Thanks for the walk in the garden. I hope you are not too tired from the trip. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. I guess it is true that the first thing most gardeners do when they’ve been away is to take a tour and see what’s changed. It’s gorgeous there, I hope you weren’t in anyway disappointed. Happy b-day to your MIL-90 years. My father is 92–they’ve seen lots.

    • After a few days away I see the garden with fresh eyes and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Even after only 4 days it had changed though, after all the rain it was full and voluptuous.

  4. Happy May to you Christina, I hope you had a lovely trip, sorry about our weather! I can see why you are going to sow Eschscholzia californicum ‘Thai Silk’, my mum gave me the saved seed of a pink Eschscholzia californicum, ‘Pink Bush’, I think you may like that colour too.

  5. Yes, the first thing I do when we’ve been away is to rush into the garden, rain or not, to see what is flowering, what we have missed. Love your colour combinations.

  6. I thought I had read in a comment that you were in the UK so guessed it was the 90th – what a shame it coincided with the wedding although of course it won’t be the last time you are in the UK! Yes, I would be out there before breakfast with my coffee and may well have already rambled in the dark the night before! So exciting to rediscover your garden 😊

  7. How lovely to get back to your beautiful garden. Our Cotinus comes into leaf very late and is still in tight bud. That is such a beautiful combination with the Iris Rustic Jewel. I love it.

    • My Cotinus is usually one of the last shrubs to come into leaf. It was very early this year due to the warm early spring. We are paying for that now – it still feels like winter; we’ve even had the heating on, which is very, very unusual in May, it is normal to switch it off on the 1st April.

    • The Cotinus has taken ages to establish, I don’t think it could have been a very good plant to start with; I may try another if I can find a purple one.

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