May 9th 2016 – In a vase on Monday

Monday is the day that Cathy at Rambling in the garden challenges us to find flowers in our own garden to cut and bring into our homes to enjoy during the week.

Today I have two vases with similar flowers but which I think have a quite a different feel about them.

The first vase was actually put together last Wednesday.  One of those vases that came about because of work in the garden.  The wind that I have been complaining about for the last couple of weeks was so strong it had broken many of the ties on the Clair Matin rose and they needed some immediate action to stop them breaking and falling completely to the ground.  Retying them in involved a little judicious pruning.  It seemed a shame to throw the flowers away so I picked some stems of Philadelphus and placed them in my cream coloured vase.

R. 'Clair Matin' and Philadelphus

R. ‘Clair Matin’ and Philadelphus

I’m really pleased with the airiness of this arrangement, something I don’t often achieve.   I’ve never used R. ‘Clair Matin’ in a vase for the simple reason I didn’t think the flowers would last long when cut.  I’ve been proved wrong as this was made last Wednesday and the Philadelphus petals have dried but the rose still look lovely and new buds have opened.

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

The other vase, put together yesterday uses a similar colour palate but using Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ as the featured flower.  I wanted to add some depth to the colours here so picked a stem from my slow growing Cotinus.  I would like to use Cotinus more but also want it to grow in the garden!

Cotinus, Philadelphus, Rosa 'Queen of Sweden' and Gladioli nana 'The Bride'

Cotinus, Philadelphus, Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ and Gladioli nana ‘The Bride’

For a different form I added the dwarf gladioli ‘The Bride’ which are just beginning to flower.  I really like them in arrangements and have several patches of them dotted around the garden.

Rosa 'Queen of Sweden'

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’

Cotinus, Philadelphus, Rosa 'Queen of Sweden' and Gladioli nana 'The Bride'

Cotinus, Philadelphus, Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ and Gladioli nana ‘The Bride’

I used my favourite silver coloured vase for the arrangement today.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting.  Do think about joining in this fun meme, but if you aren’t able to participate at least do visit Cathy to see what she and many others have found for their vases today.

Have a lovely week.

47 thoughts on “May 9th 2016 – In a vase on Monday

  1. ‘Queen of Sweden’ is a beautiful rose to feature. I like the color palette you’ve chosen, enhanced by the dark Cotinus and the use of the white Gladioli and Philadelphus.

    • ‘Queen of Sweden’ is always a tight rose so ideal for cutting, is has a good delicate perfume too. The plant is very upright so the stems are also quite long.

  2. Both are just beautiful, Christina, the colours and flowers so delicate. The wind is driving me insane too these past days. It’s called ‘vent des fous’ (wind of the madmen) here and I’m beginning to understand why…alas, it’s raining now and the wind has calmed…Bon courage 🙂

  3. Christina I adore both of these with that amazing pink rose that seems so happy in the vases….and coupled with the Philadelphus it must have smelled divine. So full, airy and love the lines in both vases especially the angle of the first….perfection!

  4. Both arrangements are beautiful, Christina. I love the soft colors. The ‘Queen of Sweden’ rose is magnificent. I can sympathize with the wind problem – we’ve had a problem with wind ourselves in recent weeks.

    • I can recommend the ‘Queen of Sweden’ as a rose for cutting, she is also delicately perfumed and holds her tight shape until she drops her petals.

  5. Both are lovely and very reflective of Spring. I thought that was Smoketree, it looks wonderful in the arrangement.
    The wind here in Florida drives me mad sometimes!

  6. Your pink roses are lovely in the special silvery vase, Christina, and I like the white Philadephus, what a lovely scent, and the peachy brown frothy flowers for accents. It’s tempting to cut my lovely Cotinus leaves but it is still a small plant.

    • I’ve had my Cotinus for ages but it has grown so slowly this is the first time I’ve ever cut any foliage. Yesterday I found two more Cotinus at the nursery so hopefully I’ll have more to use in future.

  7. What a lovely summery arrangement of flowers. I have had a cotinus here since I started the garden, I don’t think it has grown at all . The philadelphus must smell divine.

  8. I love your summery vases. Both of them exquisite. Gorgeous roses and I love the dainty gladiolus. I shall grow it too next year, it is perfect for flower arrangements. Funny to see your cotinus with smoke when ours haven’ t even come into leaf. I have a huge cotinus but I am going to cut it right back as it is such an ungainly shape.

    • I’m very envious if you have a large Cotinus, I’ve been waiting for years for mine to be large enough cut. Mine is also a bad shape so I’ll use the long ungainly stems in vases. I bought two more yesterday!

  9. I like both of your vases Christina and echo Cathy’s comment about the ‘Queen of Sweden’ rose. Is she scented? I have a sinking feeling that I bought some gladioli ‘The Bride’ bulbs and they are still lurking somewhere in a cupboard. Must get a move on and plant them.

  10. The Cotinus is a wonderful touch. The push-pull of cutting vs. leaving the garden intact is always fraught with agonizing decisions. I’ve become much bolder in my cutting since joining Cathy’s meme.

    • There are still many things I won’t pick, but sometimes it pays off, like the Clair Matin rose which is very prolific but I hadn’t picked because I was sure the delicate flowers wouldn’t last.

  11. Still haven’t planted Clair Matin – Queen of Sweden was added this year and looking at your photos, I am so glad. Interesting that Clair Matin lasted so well as well as being simple perfection. Love the silver vase.

  12. Hi Christina the two vases are very nice. The first with the Rose “Claire Matin” is very light and divine love: can serve as informal or formal for the occasion. The second is magnificent; with so much padding does not seem overdone. Very nice distribution of flowers and colors: Precious. Greetings from Margarita.

  13. In your first vase it looks as if that rose would love to climb your wall! Love the cotinus in the second vase, contrasting so nicely with the pink rose and silver vase itself. Our wind has finally dropped now, so hope yours does too.

    • The wind isn’t as strong as it was but it is still here, but not as cold as it was before. R. Clair Matin is not exactly a climber but a large pillar rose, it has climbed to the top of the pillars as you’ve seen in other posts.

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