May 16th 2016 In a vase on Monday

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden we spend Monday mornings collecting and arranging flowers from our gardens – I can’t think of a nicer way to start the week.

Today, I have flowers from the cut flower beds grown this year for my vase, well vases actually.

From the cut flower beds - all new this year

From the cut flower beds – all new this year

The new seedlings of various Cosmos that I planted out a few weeks ago are flowering; I would prefer that the plants grew taller and stronger before producing flowers so I cut them hard back in the hope that they will grow stronger and larger.  As a note, in the same bed are seedlings from the Cosmos planted there last year that just seeded themselves which are growing into larger plants before flowering.  Next year I will definitely try sowing directly into the ground, something I’ve always been wary of doing.  Do you direct sow or always sow in modules or seed trays?

These three small vases (my oft used Campari bottles) are in the kitchen.

For my second vase, I used some of the same plant material as last week, but I am happier with the design of this vase.

Rosa 'Queen of Sweden', Gladioli nana 'The Bride', crimson Antirrhinum, Cotinus foliage

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’, Gladioli nana ‘The Bride’, crimson Antirrhinum, Cotinus foliage

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ doesn’t last as long as I’d hoped in a vase but I’m still happy to use her flowers as I have begun to be bored with how badly roses do in my garden and think that I will just consider them as a source for cut flowers in future.

I really like the delicate flowers of the Gladioli

I really like the delicate flowers of the Gladioli

The white and crimson Anthirrhinum are from the plants sown in 2014 and planted out in 2015.  As I need the space for other plants and I have new plants for this year I have decided that I will remove these older plants.

A larger mix of flowers than I usually use

A larger mix of flowers than I usually use

This vase in on the sideboard in the dining room.

Do visit Cathy to see what she has found for today’s vase and what all the other ‘vase’ addicts have chosen this week.  Have a great week.


43 thoughts on “May 16th 2016 In a vase on Monday

  1. Lovely, you have cosmos already! Your other vase has a very classic look, the glads especially are pretty. Do they come back every year for you?

  2. Gorgeous cosmos, such airy delicate vases. Sowing outside is no good for me, slugs eat them. Having said that slugs ate all my young cosmos seedlings in the greenhouse whilst I was away.
    Your vase in the dining room is sumptuous and gorgeous, it reminds me of a Dutch painting. I am definitely growing to grow G.’ The Bride’ next year, it is so pretty.

    • Those little bottles are called into action so often. I’m pleased with the Cosmos, I just wish they grew better from sowed seed rather than the mass of strong plants that develope from the self seeders but I don’t know what colours they’ll be.

  3. Wow, those cosmos are gorgeous. Swooning here over the red. And the second more formal vase is just fabulous. The mix of flowers work great together and the design is striking.

  4. but your roses looked so fabulous recently, full of flowers from top to bottom. What exactly is making you bored? This is the sort of thing I find very interesting – dunno why.

    • The roses look good now; and I will keep the R. ‘Clair Matin’ and mutabilis but most of the others just flower now and then look horrible during summer, I don’t really think they are worth the space. If I had different soil they would be much better and would earn their place.

  5. Glorious vases all, Christina. The Queen of Sweden looks perfection with that snapdragon! I sow outside if I possibly can (because I have only an unheated, one-sided sun room for seeds indoors). This year, with all the rain and cold, I’m starting to think I won’t have any cut flowers at all!

  6. Lovely flowers as always Christina. I always get excited when I see your vases because I know that will be us in a few weeks… I love Cosmos in particular. I’m growing 12 or 13 different types of Cosmos from seed this year and I always sow them in modules. You can sow them direct especially in a climate like yours where you are sure that it won’t freeze at night but here that could be asking for trouble! We may have a frost tonight (Lancashire NW England) so my tender seedlings are still tucked up in the greenhouse. Some seeds are very expensive and you only get a few in a packet so I would always sow those indoors just to make sure that nothing eats them!

    • Mine were all sown in modules, after reading your advice last year but still the plants aren’t as good as the ones that were just already in the ground. That is what makes me think it would be worth sowing directly next year. I can wait until I see the self seeders germinating, then I’ll know the ground is warm enough.

      • I know that my hardy annuals sown in autumn and overwintered outside are always MUCH bigger and better than any sown in spring. So if you can sow Half Hardy Annuals / Tender plants direct I would. Modules are brilliant but need more attention…I have to water daily, move the plants on quickly and feed them every week.

        • I find watering every day is often necessary but leads to poor root growth. I need to find the best time for autumn planting here. When I did it for some plants in late summer 2014 most plants grew too quickly and needed to be planted out. I have decided to try again this year but sow later. Gardening is all trail and error and perhaps even more so here where there are few with any experience of doing these things.

  7. Wow Christina cosmos already…..they make such a lovely vase. I direct sow mine and they will not flower for months….later in summer. And Anthirrhinum that come back…how nice. I have lots growing larger daily in the basement waiting for containers. Maybe I will put a few in my new cutting bed I will be constructing this fall. And I love the large vase with roses and other stuff.

    • The Antirrhinums didn’t go away all winter, but they didn’t flower when it was cold. I still have some mixed Antirrhinums to plant out, maybe this afternoon.

  8. What a refreshingly different colour scheme for the first group of vases – such a lovely combination. I remembered what you said about cosmos last year and sowed mine into modules but if you try direct sowing next year it will be interesting to compare them with the self seeded ones. Mine were planted out last week and some have flower buds despite only being a few inches tall. Those spires of antirrhinum look so stylish even if they are going to get the boot! Most of mine are a shorter variety but I hope Admiral’s Purple has spikes like yours! Thanks for sharing

    • I ave to admit that I didn’t really think about the flowers being the same colour as the drink when I used my little bottles but, you’re quite right, they are!

  9. Hello Crhistina their vases are beautiful. The three vases of the cosmos that are divine are so fresh and youthful. While the vase of roses with dwarf gladioli that I love and silver vase, is more luxurious but not serious or boring but gorgeous and youthful. It has a distribution of beautiful flowers and you have an unbeatable Christina flowers in your garden. Greetings from Margarita.

  10. Your cosmos are impressive, Christina. I planted plugs back in February but the unexpected heat we had that month fried them and I planted sunflower seeds in their place (still infants). Your large vase is spectacular! I adore that pink rose and I don’t think you could have found prettier selections to complement it.

    • Sorry to hear about your Cosmos; your weather has been very hard this year. I think our weather was better in February than it is now but I mustn’t complain about the amount of rain we’re having. I haven’t had to switch the automatic irrigation on yet.

  11. Ah, you have that lovely dark cosmos. I decided to change things this year and so am growing only C. ‘Bright Lights’ for the first time. Now I wish that I had sown some purple shades too.

  12. I just love that silver vase with the pale roses – they were made for each other. Also lovely to see Cosmos already. I have to sow mine in pots and wait for them to get to a good size before planting out, as the slugs would just devour them otherwise.
    Really beautiful arrangements Christina!

    • I’m lucky that slugs aren’t a major problem here; I think there are quite a few toads, like the one I found in the greenhouse that keep the numbers down.

  13. They are all most attractive vases Christina. I always sow cosmos in modules or in jiffys as they would probably be munched by molluscs at a most tender age if I was to direct sow. I’m growing the yellow cosmos ‘Xanthos’ this year which I’m looking forward to seeing in flower.

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