May 20th 2016 Stipa Gigantia

Stipa gigantia in the evening light

Stipa gigantia in the evening light

I’m happy to say that Stipa gigantia is setting seed and there are now several plants in the garden, I love them and will put one of the new plants in the border we look at from the terrace, it should be the perfect centre piece with the evening light streaming through it.  It is a grass that needs to be back lit.

A quick reminder that Sunday is GBFD, I do hope you’ll all join in this month.


34 thoughts on “May 20th 2016 Stipa Gigantia

  1. I’m still looking for a good place to plant one where it will be backlit as we view it from the house. It’s proving difficult! Such a lovely grass though. Harlow Carr have it planted en masse and it looks amazing.

  2. I love when plants volunteer to help us redesign our gardens….I promise that I will pop in on Monday for GBFD as I am away this weekend….I can link in on Monday.

  3. Hi Christina is the Gigantia Stipa gold color with the sun. It must be wonderful to see rocks with sunlight, golden, at sunset. I love it. I had never seen this plant and I find it beautiful. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. I am looking forward to the grasses I put in last year performing – and perhaps setting seed in due course! Most don’t seem in a rush to establish 😐

  5. How wonderful to see the newly emerging flowering stems showcased, I love watching them shimmer in the soft spring light. Stipa seedlings are a source of great joy here too, it’s always a thrill to know that a choice plant is happily at home.

  6. A fabulous plant Christina. I’ve not had any joy establishing it in the garden but have got a mature plant at the allotment 🙂 Only drawback is that I rarely see it in the evenings.

  7. Sadly it’s too windy where I live to plant this grass. But we do have anemanthele or pheasants tail grass which does thrive in windswept gardens and looks glorious backlit, and with frost in winter too. I love your photos of stipa grass though.

  8. Beautiful with the light behind. I love this plant but only saw it available once here… of course it was already sold out by the time I put my order together 🙂

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