May 24th 2016 Morning light in the garden

Yesterday the wind blew all day so that it was impossible to take any photographs and it was exhausting just being outside.  My washing was dry almost as soon as I hung it out.  This morning the light was beautiful so I wanted to capture some of its magic.

Large Island from the terrace

Large Island from the terrace

Under the Melia, Salvia and Hemerocallis Sol d'Oro

Under the Melia, Salvia and Hemerocallis Sol d’Oro on the Upper Slope path

Large Islans

Large Island

Looking in the other direction a few steps on from the above

Looking in the other direction a few steps on from the above

The Irises have all but finished but their foliage with the morning light shining though them are a lovely sight.

Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Acanthus under the Mulberry

Acanthus under the Mulberry

The Left hand border

The Left hand border

The left side border is filled with white flowers at present, not intentional but I like the effect; there are Gladiolus nana ‘The Bride’ (not shown here), Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’ (just on or two flowers), Madonna lily, rosa ‘Sally Holmes’ and white flowered, silver foliage of Cerastium tomentosum.

Do you have coloured themed areas in your garden, are you strict about maintaining that colour or, like me, allow other colours to creep in?

27 thoughts on “May 24th 2016 Morning light in the garden

  1. Lovely Christina….I have a red garden, and a white garden….with the white, I am strict. With the red, I allow some orange and a hot deep pink.

  2. What really lovely planting and captured so beautifully in morning light. How cool those Acanthus look under the Mulberry tree. No I don’t stick to one colour scheme in each bed but I love white and cream in Spring and then deep plums, reds and purples in Summer. But it’s impossible to separate plants in different beds and I enjoy a bit of crossing over the boundaries.

  3. Good to see your mulberry corner again – and the left hand border with your white blooms looks effective, even if unintentional. The light has such an effect on a garden, doesn’t it? You must have been thrilled to catch the light on a day like this…

  4. Hello Crhistina. The morning light makes it glow all is magical. The whole garden is magnificent, but some areas have impacted me by its special beauty. Under Salvia Melia Sol and Hemerocallis d’Or: beautiful color contrast. The Acanto under the Morera. The left border is very nice. And the Big Island every day is more beautiful. Greetings from Margarita.

    • There are a lot of Acanthus, once you have one plant, it spreads! The plant is Sisyrinchium striatum, that spreads like crazy too!, by seed and by the clumps increasing, it’s almost invasive in my garden, but I like it.

  5. I have a bed trending red and one trending orange. They are in the early stages so it’s hard to tell how successful they are. I loved a red and purple border referred to as ‘Blood and Guts’, seen early in the gardening mania that seems to have me in its grip.

  6. Lovely images. I can just imagine the feel yesterday morning for you. I woke early this morning,but it will be very chilly outside here. I am not strict with any beds – I have a white area and an area that I try to keep soft, more pastel shades, but I am not very strict about either.

  7. A dream of a garden – really beautiful. I think it helps to have an overall colour scheme (I do), but as your garden has a lovely, natural feel to it, it works fine to let plants have some freedom. A different colour popping up here and there brings surprise, engages interest.

  8. How beautiful it all looks bathed in the morning light. The Acanthus looks lovely under your mulberry tree, do you find it invasive?
    I love white flowers and what I am enjoying at the moment are the glistening white flowers of Libertia grandiflora.

    • Yes the acanthus is invasive, I try to pull it out when I see small seedlings in the wrong place, if the tap root get down it will try to keep returning. That said nothing else really wants to grow under the mulberry so I’m glad that it flourishes and looks good for 8-9 months of the year.

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