May 27th 2016 Looking good today

Today I am joining Gillian at County Garden UK to show a few things that are looking good in my garden today.

Allium christofii was planted a couple of years ago, I love how the silver foliage has grown up around it

Allium christophii was planted a couple of years ago, I love how the silver foliage has grown up around it

This is a native Allium that seeded arrived all by itself, I do hope it will spread

This is a native Allium that seeded arrived all by itself, I do hope it will spread

Lichnis coronaria catching the sun

Lichnis coronaria catching the sun

Madonna lily

Madonna lily

Madonna lilies are usually decimated by lily beetle in my garden and I have threatened to pull them out as they never seem to flower as well as I think they should.  This year they’ve earned their place so they will be spared again.

Madonna lily

Madonna lily

I love their pure white colour and delicious perfume.

Do visit Gillian to see what is looking good in her garden today.



22 thoughts on “May 27th 2016 Looking good today

    • I’m pleased too Pauline, they seem so right here but this really is the first year that they have looked the way I think they should. What I find quite strange is that I’ve seen them outside people’s gates with seemingly no problem from lily beetle, whereas mine are an incredible attraction to them.

  1. Your silvery foliage is all looking lovely as are your Lilies. I’m growing Lychnis coronaria again this year (from seed sown last year) but no flowers so far. It’s funny how we always spot the tiny detail of chewed plants in our own gardens and most other people wouldn’t notice as they are just looking the big picture and taking in the atmosphere.

  2. Christina everything is superb. Silver foliage is beautiful with the Allium. Coronary Lichnis with silver foliage and flowers fuchsia color is very nice. Las Azucenas with its immaculate white color and its delicate perfume are beautiful. Everything is wonderful Christina, thanks for showing us your dream garden. Greetings to you Christina Margarita and Gillian.

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  4. Forgive if this is a duplicate. Sometimes my browser gets sticker in Reader-mode. Love the combination of the allium with the silver. And the sunlight on the rose campion is nice. For the last few evenings my husband and I have been watching a reflected light the hits the back garden fence and noting which way the sun is moving. It adds a magical glow when it hits certain spots.

  5. I didn’t realise some alliums were native to your area – hope more appear soon. A cristophii does indeed look perfect against the silver foliage. You must be so pleased to have your madonna lily flowering – did many lily beetles suffer in the process? 😉

  6. Love the silver foliage with the purple alliums. I have just the place to pinch that idea and by chance a friend gave me a spreading plant with silver foliage yesterday. (Can’t remember the name just now!)

  7. I love white lilies. My mother always had bad things to say about them because they reminded her of funerals but now that I have my own garden I sneak a few in and hope she doesn’t notice 😉

  8. The alliums are a perfect match for the silver, a gorgeous combination. I find Madonna lilies are very temperamental. They flower beautifully one year then sulk the next and I have to dig them up and cosset them in a pot. Then they are lovely again the following year.

    • Do yours suffer with lily beetle. People here sometimes have them outside their gates so not tended at all! They always flower before all the other lilies but also look as if they are about to flower for ages before they actually open.

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