May 29th 2016 A new place to sit

At last another part of the plan for the Woodland walk has been completed.  I wanted to have some paving in front of the huge Bay block that is in line with the front door so is a very strong feature when stepping out into the garden.

I used tuffo again, although this isn’t quite such a good colour as that we bought some years ago but that is out of my control as I don’t have any control over where the tuffo is quarried.

The vista as I step out of the door, The wide angle lens makes the garden look longer than it really is

The vista as I step out of the door, The wide angle lens makes the garden look longer than it really is

In reality the bay block is slightly off centre; I planted some new bay to extend the shape, it still needs more time to grow, but it is getting there.

This looks more realistic

This looks more realistic

You can also see the Trachelospernum is flowering, it will look incredible when the secret garden is enclosed by a wall of white, intoxicatingly perfumed flowers.

The chairs that used to be under the Mulbery have been moved, this might be a good place for a quite cup of coffee or tea

The chairs that used to be under the Mulbery have been moved, this might be a good place for a quite cup of coffee or tea

In the late afternoon light

In the late afternoon light

Enjoy your Sunday, here it is the day when many of the vineyards are open for you to taste their wines, we might just join them!


41 thoughts on “May 29th 2016 A new place to sit

  1. Those chairs would be a god place to sit in the evning with a glass of wine too, enjoying the perfume around you. 🙂 The new area really does look good Christina. Well done.

  2. Christina from the door of his secret garden terrace looks: planning is superb. And with a little time the secret garden will be all perfumed Trachelospernum: beautiful, divine. Although now I already pointed to drink in those chairs. Very pretty. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. I agree with Cathy – it looks great and like yet another good spot to chill out. My Trachelospermum isn’t out yet but I look forward to its scent too. The sisyrinchiums are fab, started to wander all over the place here.

  4. This looks so peaceful and inviting Christina, its lovely to see your ideas coming to fruition. We have a variegated Trachelospernum at home, which screens my compost bins and I love the scent, but it rarely flowers as profusely as those we have seen in Italy. Your new area will be a delightful place to relax for a while.

    • The Trachelospernum is almost over powering when it is in flower. I’m glad the flowering season isn’t too long, but I love the evergreen shiny deep green leaves that turn red in winter.

  5. Your attention to detail combined with a vision of how the design will look as time goes by is impressive and the results show.Thank you for sharing the reasoning behind your designs, it’s both interesting and useful to see how other people approach planning a garden.

  6. You are certainly attracted to the sitting area. It looks a perfect place to relax and appreciate the garden, after all that’s what all the thought and hard work is about. Amelia

  7. Late afternoon is my favorite time to take garden photos; the light is perfect that time of day. I really like the new location for your chairs. It looks like the perfect spot to admire the beauty of your garden, though I confess in my own garden I find it hard to sit for long. Too often I find myself jumping up to attend to some garden chore that my viewing brings to mind!

    • I try to spend time just sitting and looking but I know what you mean about seeing a weed or something that needs attention and then finding it impossible to sit still.

  8. Great work!

    I have just planted a large bay leaf tree this winter to camouflage the boys’ basketball hoop. I was also thinking of planting a small wall of them along the fence to the neighbour’s house, much like you have. How old are your bays? How tall do you expect them to get? Bay leaf trees are not commonly used here, so I’m at a loss.

    Are the orange flowers campsis? Karen

    • Bay is native here in Italy so grows really well. The trimmed one in the images was planted before we bought the property so it is probably 15 to 20 years old. There is one outside the gate that is about 15 feet tall. I’m not sure where you live but in general in the south of England they will grow well, in the north they are considered slightly tender but that would depend much more on your type of soil than the actual winter temperatures, here the temperatures have been minus 12° C but my soil is very free draining so there were no problems. They are often used as hedges here, two of my boundaries have them and they make an excellent hedge. If you tell me about your soil conditions and climate I can advise you further.

  9. I especially like like the last photo Christina, but you will have to get some more chairs for all these people you are inviting to join you! I am so pleased you are happy with with how your planning and planting is turning out – and your trachelospermum sounds divine! It must spread really quickly for you

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