May 30th 2016 In a vase on Monday

Cosmos are beginning to produce a lot of flowers so I think you will be seeing a lot of them in my vases over the next few months, I will need to find some different ways of using them to maintain my interest and pleasure in them.

It is interesting that the Cosmos flowering are the new ones I sowed this year, the plants that are from the seeds dropped last year are much taller have thicker stems but are not producing flowers yet.

White Dahlia, various Cosmos, Anthirrinum and Jasmin for perfume

White Dahlia, various Cosmos, Anthirrinum and Jasmin for perfume

Sorry about the flash photography but time is short today so no time to take the flowers outside, plus it is windy again so probably wouldn’t be any better outside.

White Dahlia, various Cosmos, Anthirrinum and Jasmin for perfume

White Dahlia, various Cosmos, Anthirrinum and Jasmin for perfume

I picked some Alstroemeria last week which are still looking perfect in their vase.

Alstroemeria, Anthirrinum

Alstroemeria, Anthirrinum



Any guesses as to the filler white flower in this vase.

With thanks to Cathy for hosting this popular meme.


43 thoughts on “May 30th 2016 In a vase on Monday

  1. Your cosmos are in such rich colours, I have sown some but the germination rate is poor. Alstromerias are one of my favourites, we had an abundance of them for my daughter’s wedding which had a fairy woodland theme – delightful flowers. I must try and grow some. I don’t remember seeing any at Chelsea.

  2. Don’t recognize your filler but the alstroemerias are nice. The cosmos is a rich, vibrant mix. You’ll find many ways to include it in vases I would think. Mine didn’t return from last year that I’ve noticed. Maybe I can still plant some seeds. Have a good week.

  3. I also don’t recognize the filler….but oh those cosmos already. Mine will not flower until mid summer. I also love Alstroemeria and should try to grow it again in my new cutting bed, once I build it. I have Anthirrinum ready to plant in pots this week.

    Lovely vases Christina!

    • I bought this Alstroemeria as an ‘in flower’ plant a couple of years ago; I’m a little surprised it survives the winter! I would like to grow a lot more.

  4. Adorable pinks from your cosmos & snapdragons. Is the filler a slightly droopy stitchwort (stellaria)? (Sure I’m wrong – but dying to know anyway!)

  5. Even though I was expecting cosmos your first photo took me by surprise with the darker shade of pink – and I wasn’t then surprised to see that antirrhinum in there too! it will be a long while before we get tired of seeing them in your vases, Christina 😉 Here I too have a few cosmos blooms, like yours on short stems but it is still early and I am sure later stems will be longer. I have bought a rectangular vase like yours at a car boot today which I am pleased to now have at my disposal for future vases. Thanks for sharing today

  6. You’ve got a handsome crop of cosmos already, Christina. I started some from plugs in February but they fried in the heat we had early in the year and I haven’t tried replacing them. The filler makes me think of bolting lettuce or broccoli but I can’t pinpoint it.

  7. Christina glad I have grown many Cosmos. The first vase is wonderful with its colorful strong but not heavy. They fit perfectly as subtle as a flower Dalia white and delicate Jazmines with its heady perfume, with more wild flowers but no prettier as the Cosmos and Anthirrinum. A divine whole. The second jarron the Alstroemeria is magnificent and last week. Amazing. The very nice and together with the Anthirrinum form a very beautiful set. Thank you very much for its beautiful vases: gladden the heart. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. Looks like summer! 🙂 I wonder if the white flower is rocket/rucola? Love the deep pink cosmos and antirrhinum, and the Alstroemeria is lovely!

  9. I love the colors of your cosmos! I think I have never found a more reliable self-seeder than cosmos or one that attracts more pollinators. Yours make a beautiful bouquet!

  10. Interesting to read that the newbies are first past the finishing post with their flowers Christina. The self seeders sound more sturdy. I wonder which will give best value. My cosmos still have a way to go to get to that stage. No joy with the lysimachia seeds I’m afraid. I found an empty packet. I don’t remember sowing them all but must have done. The germination rate is on the low side to date. Hope that you’re able to track some down.

    • I have some seed left, when I have a space available I’m going to try some seeds directly into the ground, I have a feeling they will be much sturdier plants. I hope that by picking these early flowers with as long a stem as possible the plants will grow on to be as sturdy as the others.

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