Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm

I have never re-blogged anything before but I believe we, as gardeners have a responsibility to the wildlife in our gardens.  If all of you re-blogged (now called press this) we could really spread the word.  Thank you to Julie for bringing this to our attention.

Inspired by Tammy’s Casa Mariposa blog, I have been trying for some time to compile a list of UK Garden Centres and Nurseries which sell plants without neonics – systemic insecticide us…

Source: Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm

17 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – A Perfect Storm

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  2. Christina let me stone. In Spain we have in plant nurseries plants labeled with “free Neonic”. Moreover, he had no knowledge of the insecticide Neonic and its cruel consequences. And that I’m a member of Greenpeace. Thank you very much for the information. Greetings from Margarita.

  3. Chritina disculpa pero la traducción está mal. Las plantas en España no llevan etiqueta. No sabemos si tienen Neonic o no tienen Neonic. Gracias por tu paciencia. Saludos de Margarita.

  4. Our local bee lady, who is studying the wild and free bees at Cape Point nature reserve – explained that neonics give bees ‘Alzheimer’s’. The worker bees cannot find their way back to the hive, and the larvae starve to death.
    Terrible things we do, without deliberate thought, or intention.

    • The worst side of this particular issue is that the label that says “Good for pollinators” is in fact very bad from them and the very people who want to help are being tricked into buying a plant that is harmful.

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