Pleasing me the first week in June

The month has changed but the weather remains the same – unsettled!

Thursday was a holiday here and it rained ALL day; it is rare for it to rain for such a long time.  The daytime temperatures are rising into the low to mid 20s’ °C but it is still very cool at night; the mid weight duvet remains firmly on the bed and I imagine that the weather will suddenly get very hot and we won’t need a duvet at all rather than changing to the light weight one first.

I have put most of the winter clothes away but have kept out some fleeces to be warm enough in the evenings, I can’t remember another beginning of June when the temperatures have begun so low but the plants were all pushed into growth in the warm March and April so that the there is a noticeable change in the plants in the garden this week.

The roses are coming to an end, but they have flowers for much longer than usual thanks to the rain.

Rosa Sophie's perpetual

Rosa Sophie’s perpetual

Rosa 'William Shakespear' with Gaura

Rosa ‘William Shakespeare’ with Gaura

But some plants are already putting on their second show.

The Wisteria has its second flush of flowers

The Wisteria has its second flush of flowers

Even though the wisteria has a lot of secondary flowers it never looks as spectacular as when it flowers before the foliage appears.

The Large Island is suddenly full of crimson flowers

The Large Island is suddenly full of crimson flowers

Crimson flowers and silver foliage – a perfect combination

Teucrium hyrcanicum

Teucrium hyrcanicum

Teucrium hyrcanicum is pretty much invasive in my garden, it seeds itself everwhere but if it isn’t needed it is easy to pull out so I don’t consider it a problem, and I like the strong vertical lines it gives to the border.

Rosa Westerland, Achillea and yellow Eschscholzia californica

Rosa Westerland, Achillea and yellow Eschscholzia californica

Achillea Moonshine is spreading itself beautifully; from one small plant given to me by a friend it is dotting itself around in this area, it flowers much more successfully than the other Achilleas I have.

Hemerocallis Happy Returns

Hemerocallis Happy Returns

These have clumped up very well, I think they will need to be lifted and divided in autumn.

Has your garden suddenly changed with the change in the month?


43 thoughts on “Pleasing me the first week in June

  1. Christina your garden is exceptional and full of flowers encatadoras. I did not know that I had a second flowering Wisteria: is fantastic and beautiful. Grand island with flowers carmine color and foliage color is fascinating silver. The life of Rosa Sophie is beautiful. I’m still in my flat in Madrid, with the cottage and garden abandoned. I can not teach anything or say anything. Thank you very much for showing us their lovely garden. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thank you Margarita, I’m sorry that you aren’t in your garden at this very special time of year. Are there beautiful public gardens to visit in Madrid; I think I remember there was a a Botanic garden around the Prado. I also remember the fantastic planting in the ex-train station with amazing tall tropical plants, I loved it!

      • Christina is very friendly. Certainly there are many beautiful gardens in Madrid to visit. But I do not have time because I took my father and my mother to the doctors who are many. I do not have time to do anything. Thank you very much for your interest. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. The Large Island is beautiful Christina. Surprises me your evenings still are so cool. We have finally moved well into summer weather after 2 glorious months of moderation. Hot and humid today, yet still lovely, with enough rain to keep plants happy.

    • We’ve been in Italy since 2003 and I really don’t remember such a prolonged cool wet spring in all that time. The days are warm but again today there is a lot of cloud cover. Winter wasn’t cold at all, only on one or two nights did the temperature fell to below freezing. The garden is loving the cooler temperatures and the rain so I really mustn’t complain too much.

  3. You have some fabulous roses. Seeing ‘Westerland’ made me sad, though, since I planted one that succumbed to rose rosette disease. What is the crimson flower blooming in the Large Island?

    • The roses aren’t really all that happy but they do make a good show with the rain they are flowering for longer but some of course are then damaged by the rain! The succulent-like plant with bright crimson flowers is Lamprathus spectabilis, there are also Lichnis coronaria.

  4. We’ve ditched the winter duvet for the summer one and I’m still too hot at night! We on the west side of the country have been having some beautiful weather, would you believe it, we need rain!
    Your large island just keeps on producing wonderful flowers, it always looks so beautiful whenever you show it to us. I think my favourites are your Eschscholzia californica, such a super splash of colour.

  5. Looks lovely Christina – and wonderful that Moonshine does so well for you. I can’t get it going here (I guess that’s my clay) and it’s supposed to need dividing/propagating regularly to keep it going. Enjoyed the Teucrium hyrcanicum too … what pretty little spears of violet amongst the grey. Yes – my garden has suddenly changed within a month. It is WETTER and the roses have so much blackspot it’s distressing. We have never had such a cool spring since we arrived in France (2008). Earlier it was lovely, because the fruit blossom and tulips stayed so long. Now it’s just ridiculous.

    • we’ve been in Italy since 2003 and I really don’t remember such a prolonged cool wet spring in all that time. as you say it was great for the tulips and Irises but now it is just boring; the forecasters here are still predicting a hot summer but it seems unlikely to me (but then what do I know!) Actually the forecast has been so inaccurate I’m finding it better to just look at the sky to see what is happening.

  6. You will miss all this colour when your hot summer arrives and it demonstrates why foliage and form has to play a big part in your garden. Good to have a second flush on your wisteria, albeit small. Here, the big change is roses – the garden is awash with them!

    • there are quite a lot of secondary wisteria flowers and they usually continue on and off all summer it’s just that with the lush foliage you don’t notice them as much.

  7. I really like the combination of crimson with grey/silver foliage Christina and the Achillea and yellow Eschscholzia californica with the grasses are very lovely. We are having just the same conditions as you, cold and fleece weather, lots of rain. Although today its forecast that it might be warmer, they said that yesterday but they got they wrong too!

    • The weather is certainly the major talking point this year! I don’t think we’ve had a day when the temperature has been above 23°C, and many day have been in the teens rather than the twenties. I don’t like very hot weather but the cool nights have stunted the growth of the peppers and aubergines.

  8. How lovely. The Teucrium hyrcanicum is new to me and I’ll seek it out because I love the height and I welcome self-seeders. In my garden the roses are looking fabulous and the light has changed because the surrounding trees are now in full leaf. When that happens it’s my favourite time of year.

  9. We still have our winter quilt on the bed, and I’m wearing my winter jumper. Such a cold chill in the air- until today! And now all the roses are flowering, and it’s full speed ahead. Thanks for sharing your garden. We were nearby in May and thought of you.

      • OH we were. We were. So close. Such a shame. I would really love to see your garden. Perhaps if we come your way again, we will meet. All the best. Karen x

          • We were only there for a short while, which was a pity. I would love to return. Perhaps next spring ? The first week of May seemed a good time to travel. Virtually no one in the gardens, but us. And the temperature was good for garden visiting.not too hot. We got all the way to the Bomarzo garden, and it was closing, so we couldn’t go round.which was such a shame. It would be amazing if we could visit again next year.

            • Yes, do come next year. The first week in may is usually a good time for all the wild flowers too. I take my students to Bomarzo too and there you really need someone who can explain its mysteries.

            • It was obviously not meant to be then, as we didn’t have a guide last time, and now, I look like I have found you- a most excellent guide. It’s my lucky day! Yay! X

  10. Oh, I am envious of your daylilies! Mine got trampled when our new stone patio was going in. I do love the combination of purply-crimson/magenta in the 4th photo. What are those taller flowers? I believe my mum has those in Boston, but I can’t remember their name. I have never seen them here in Spain, though, so I’ll be robbing seeds from her garden this summer!

  11. Despite your cooler than usual weather, your garden looks glorious, Christina. I love the colors in that large island bed. LA was hit by a significant heatwave late last week and, although we were spared the worst of it, I’ve already noticed fried flowers and some plants shutting down. Fortunately, this week is expected to be cooler than the last. No rain, of course, but we’ve had our usual morning “June gloom” with blankets of fog lasting into late morning, which helps the plants a bit.

    • I think the fog must help a lot, I noticed last year when we were in N. Carolina that many plants were doing well in a higher temperature than here but here it is relatively dry.

  12. Your garden is looking lovely! I especially like the Teucrium hyrcanicum. Our weather went from spring to summer about a week and a half ago. One day the humidity was low and the air was pleasant; the next day the humidity arrived and our temps soared into the 90s (32 C +). So summer is definitely here!

  13. I love the Tuecrium as well, such a pretty shape, and wonderful that it spreads itself around. I will try to get some. Winter is just starting for us, 4 degrees C (39 F) last night. Flannel sheets definitely on and hot water bottles at the ready.

  14. It is interesting to hear how your weather has been recently, as we have also had a very wet spring. The past fornight it has also been very warm and muggy with thundery showers daily. As a result the garden is looking very lush and jungle-like! I also love that Teucrium in my garden – it grows on a very steep bit of the rockery that I can’t get to in summer, so I just let it take over and remove as much as possible in the autumn and early spring.

    • The garden is looking very lush here too, I hope it doesn’t become very hot and dry too quickly as the plants will be very stressed, especially the new ones! Weird weather is what some of my American friends call climate change, I think they may be right!

  15. It seems your garden has been enjoying the cooler weather, it looks spectacular. I love your roses. Such weird weather patterns are probably the norm now with global warming. We had floods a couple of weeks ago.

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