In a vase on Monday – White is only one colour?

Monday is the day to share flowers we have picked from our own gardens with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

My first vase was created on Saturday to enjoy at the weekend, the additions was added this morning.

The cut flower beds are now producing a lot of flowers, I will have to make two or three vases this week or better still I’ll pick some bunches to give to friends.

As my regular readers will know I love white flowers and today all the flowers are white but as my title suggests white comes in many tints and hues when the name is applied to flowers.

Saturday's arrangement

Saturday’s arrangement

I used the large rectangular vase again with a single stem of R. ‘Sally Holmes’ in a separate vase.

Antirrhinum Giant White, Gaura

Antirrhinum Giant White, Gaura and Lemon Verbena 

(I made a lovely pot of tea from the leaves I removed from the Lemon Verbena)

The Gaura has quite pink stems but the flowers are white; they drop their petals very quickly in a vase so their effect is fleeting but they do add some airy texture.

Rosa 'Sally Holmes, looking quite peachy in this image

Rosa ‘Sally Holmes, looking quite peachy in this image

Regal Lily

Regal Lily

This is the pure white form, it has been a battle this year to keep the lily beetles from completely decimating the lilies.

Small white Dahlia, green carnation and Ami

Small white Dahlia, green carnation and Ami

I was given a small plant of the green carnation by a friend you had used part of a stem from a cut bouquet as a cutting.  It is planted in one of the cut flower beds and is producing a lot of flowers, sadly they have no perfume.

In a vase or three on Monday

In a vase or three on Monday

Visit Cathy to find more vases than you could ever imagine or why not join in yourself, but be warned having flowers from the garden in the house can become an addiction.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting an update on my cut flower beds, if you would like to join in you would be very welcome to leave a link with your comments, no need to link back to me.

Have a lovely week.

33 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – White is only one colour?

  1. Your glorious lilies again, Christina. So pleased you won the battle against the beetle. And what a gorgeous carnation; I hope we’ll be seeing it in more of your vases. I may well join in on the cut flowers (mostly to relate my propagating failures – although my beds are actually coming on a little now).

  2. That little Dahlia is so cute, and unlike many dahlias, deliciously understated. Also your ‘Sally Holmes’ is a delight, and the elegant sprays of gauria like shooting stars from the top are making me very impatient for my own to grow (currently about 2 inches tall!).

  3. You have your cutting garden under control, don’t you just.
    Impressive collection of available flowers. And being able to stick to one colour [ or white] and still have enough material, is helpful.

    • I love white (cut) flowers so I try to grow enough to have just one colour in the vase. The lilies are a fleeting pleasure as they all flower within about a week so I may be able to use them once more, then they’ll be over.

  4. Beautiful white-themed flowers Christina! I love the Regal Lilies and snapdragons especially and also admire that green chrysanthemum you received from a friend. My experience with Gaura is similar to yours, drops petals quickly but creates a nice line in your design. Your cutting beds must be bursting. Hope your week is wonderful.

  5. Beautiful vase today, Christina. Love the regal lilies. Aren’t those red lily beetles soooo annoying? The larva are totally gross (thank god for gloves!) But the scent of lilies keeps us at it, right?

  6. It makes an interesting exercise collecting together blooms of a single colour, but even more so with white perhaps as the differences are more subtle – and including ephemeral blooms like the gaura and lily is something we might not have considered before we did our Monday vases whereas now we know how valuable these fleeting pleasures are. I must try again with gaura as I have never had any success before… Is this the first of your dahlias? I look forward to seeing the progress of your others when you show the cutting beds again tomorrow. Thanks for your continued encouragement with the meme – it certainly is addictive 🙂

    • Yes, this is the first Dahlia, actually it’s been flowering for a couple of weeks now and I have picked some for mid-week vases but today there were so many blooms that I needed to pick them all otherwise they might stop flowering; it is a very short variety so can’t be used with the other much taller varieties. This one was planted last year but I think it flowered early and wasn’t picked because we were away for almost all of June and then it didn’t seem to have many flowers later. I leave all the dahlias in the ground and they seem to be fine, not that we had a cold winter!

      • That is certainly a challenge with many of our plants, to keep on picking to prolong blooms – I am trying to get in the habit of regularly having several vases. It will be a long time before my dahlias flower though!

  7. I love all the white flowers you find to fill a vase….and the Gaura stems are lovely even without the flowers….but oh those lilies. I hope mine will blooms despite the beetles.

  8. I love that Regal Lily. Is the plant huge? One grower’s post says they get 5-8 feet tall. I’ve been tempted to try it but lilies in general don’t survive long here and they need more water than I can generally spare them.

    As to the differences in white colors within the garden, it can definitely be an issue. I planted Nigella ‘African Bride’ next to some white daisies one year and the contrast made the beautiful Nigella look gray.

  9. I can’t decide what I like most this week Christina! 🙂 Possibly the lilies, but I am also very fond of Antirrhinums, particularly pale yellow and white. A wonderful collection of ‘whites’ indeed!

    • The lilies are special because they’ll only flower for a short time whereas hopefully the Antirrhinums will flower for longer if I keep cutting them.

  10. My ‘Sally Holmes’ has also started to bloom! I think she is my favorite rose. The buds are distinctly pink, the young flowers white with faint pink blush, and the older flowers more cream-colored. That’s how it looks to me, anyway.

    • Mine seems more peachy than pink in bud, but that be the effect of different soils, she is quite a variable rose I think, my she might be my favourite too.

  11. Christina its three vases are admirable. The big one is fascinating for its fantastic lilies. The two small vases are captivating. La Rosa of “Sally Holmes” is beautiful and the little white Dahlia is beautiful. The three vases are magnificent. Greetings from Margarita.

  12. I love whites too. Gorgeous, sumptuous arrangement with your lilies. Have you tried growing Lilium regale from seed? It is one of the easiest lilies to grow this way and blooms in a couple of years.
    I have Sally Holmes too, I love it.It is so healthy and blooms all summer. I love the giant snapdragon too. Wonderful to have so many lovely flowers to pick.

    • Sally Holmes is a fantastic rose and really easy from cuttings. I’ll try some lilies from seed, I haven’t tried before but I remember you saying that they are easy.

  13. I share your love of white flowers. I think the only way to get white anthirrums is to raise them from seed. The flat I brought home claimed to be tall and white but turned out to be short and yellow. The deep burgundy ones from last year have been very satisfying. I love your many shades of pale (isn’t that a song title?)

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