Tuesday View – 21st June 2016

I apologise to those of you who were expecting a report on the cut flower beds today but when I wrote the post yesterday I had forgotten that Tuesday is not the day to join Cathy at Words and Herbs  and show one view of the garden each week to see how it changes or not as the case may be.

Last week I asked you to choose which view of the garden you would like me to show each week; some of you decided to give a range of choices making it harder to decide which was the overall winner.  Number 9, the view across the Large Island received most votes so this is the view I’ll be showing; I think it is a good chose as you can see plants from other beds too so when I want to focus on a particular plant there will be plenty of options.


Tuesday View

Tuesday View

Not much change from last week except for the blue sky; at last the forecast seems to be right and this week the temperatures have risen and will continue to rise into the 30’s°C and there will be no more rain for a while.

There is still colour from the crimson Lichnis coronaria in the foreground and the impressive white flowers of a Yucca, planted a couple of years ago, it now has two stems and a third off-shoot is growing well which I may try to remove and plant elsewhere.



It would be lovely to see lots more views so do join Cathy if you can.

The cut flower post will be tomorrow.


22 thoughts on “Tuesday View – 21st June 2016

    • June has been so strange without the blue sky. I would expect it to remain blue now until autumn because even if it rains it is usually short lived and so there is blue sky for most of the day.

    • I think it looks bigger than it is in the images. The whole property including the house, olives and an area outside the gate that would be difficult to use is 3,000 square metres. The amount I actually garden is about half that.

  1. It’s a lovely view Christina. And that sky is wonderful! We have also been promised a few dry days – thank goodness! Thanks for joining me again!

  2. This will be an interesting view to follow. It looks wonderful with the rich blue sky. Love your yucca. We had a yucca planted by previous owners at our former house. It never flowered until, after living there twenty years, we lost trees during a hurricane and the yucca could finally get some sun.

  3. It’s nice to see Yuccas blooming at a readily view-able height. Last week I thought of joining this meme but I figured there’d be little change week-to-week; however, I hadn’t anticipated how much difference one major heatwave could make. Now, the views are simply depressing…

    • Yesterday we reached 31°C, which should n’t unusual for June but this year it is exceptional! At present the garden looks more green and lush than I can ever remember but soon the heat will frazzle everything and I will feel the depression you recognise so well.

  4. Lovely to have blue skies and hot sunshine for this gorgeous view of your lovely Large Island bed. That is how I always think of it, baking in the sun.

  5. I like the curve of the path and, with clever planting, you have real depth to the vista in your garden. If you are actively looking after 1500 sq m of garden that’s quite a lot of work – I have less than half of that but just keeping up with the hedge in the growing season is a challenge. As is getting all the pruned stems, leaves, dead flowers etc dried out for the compost. Plus working on improving the soil – and so on!

  6. Lovely to see the sun shining down on your garden – and am pleased that number 9 was the popular vote – there’s such a lovely curve on that path that it makes me want to be there and walk along it!

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