In a Vase on Monday – Intense

There is an embarrassment of flowers to cut at the moment, maybe there are too many cut flowers beds; but to have enough of the colours I want and the variations through the season could I have less?  I’ll continue this theme when I very belatedly get around to writing my cut flower beds review later this week, but for today let me show you what I chose to share in Cathy’s ‘In a vase on Monday’ meme.

First a vase of jolly sunflowers, huge heads that can barely hold their heads up.  One must have been at least 8 feet tall when I cut it.  they have certainly loved the rain and now the warmth!

Sunflower Giant Single

Sunflower Giant Single

The sunflowers have been in the kitchen for a couple of days now and are dropping pollen but I think that rather adds to their charm.

Sunflower Giant Single

Sunflower Giant Single

Despite being called Giant Single, now that I’ve cut the main stem with the flower, secondary, smaller flowers are forming; they will probably be easier to use in a vase.

Today’s vase is again different than I envisaged when I was thinking about what I wanted to do today.

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

The Gladioli are flowering all at the same time; I can’t do anything about those that I leave in the ground over winter but if I plant any new ones next year I will store them in a cool place and plant them later to have some to use later in the season.

Bright and cheerful, I need cheering up with the turmoil we are now living through

Bright and cheerful, I need cheering up with the turmoil we are now living through

The intensely hot colours of the scarlet Gladioli, Zinnia and Cosmos Polidor are joined by the intense blue of Larkspur.

Intensely blue Larkspur

Intensely blue Larkspur

I picked about 30 stems of larkspur, I’m amazed that the tiny plants have grown and produced  so many flowering stems in such a short time; they don’t last very long in a vase or in the garden for that matter but very few other flowers are as blue so I will continue to grow them.  Obviously I didn’t use them all in this vase so there will be a repeat of the the white and blue vase of last week with more blue this time.  I’ll show you in the cut flower bed post.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting, do visit to see what everyone has found now that we have reached summer.

42 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Intense

  1. Wow, what zingy colours! Gorgeous larkspur and gladdy combination. And those sunflowers are amazing. Van Gogh couldn’ t have done better.Now don’ t go cutting your ear off.

    • Hot colours work best in the intense light here in summer; indoors is usually cool and dark as I close the shutters to keep the heat out so them this arrangement becomes a bright spot in a shady room.

  2. Glorious colours Christina – and I loved the vase you chose for your sunflowers. You can’t really beat sunflowers as a cut flower to make you feel happy every time you walk in the room. From what I remember your larkspur were sown in cells, weren’t they? Did you prick them out or did you sow direct into the individual cells. I ask because they are superbly grown. Such large blooms. And the gladioli! Orange/yellow with blue are terrific together, aren’t they?

    • The larkspur were pricked out into the cells after growing in a quarter size seed tray. To be honest Cathy, I was very disappointed with them as germination was poor and they looked very sickly before I braved planting them out into the cutting garden. As I said I’m amazed at how well they have grown. I think it proves beyond doubt that my problems were caused by the bad potting compost which is a sobering thought; we are so dependant on being able to buy a decent product; there are too many weed seeds in my own compost to be able to use that unless I resort to cooking it in the oven!

      • Great information – thanks so much. I will try sowing under cover next year. Although my compost is so bad that I am tempted to believe the clay soil is better!

  3. I was thrilled to see your sunflowers Christina – so joyous and sunny! I had come across one of my sunflower posts this morning when I was searching for something else, so was already looking forward to mine in due course. And your second vase!! ‘Intense’ is certainly the right word for those colours and it took a little while to work out what blooms were in the mix. Good plan for the gladioli – and well done for the larkspur. Mine are not quite there yet!

  4. Gosh, to be able to cut such big sunflowers in June is true bliss, Christina, you must be in heaven. The vase itself is so pretty too. The second one is like a Carribean sunset, stunning.

  5. Wonderful vases today as always Christina. Your cutting gardens bring delight to everyone. The sunflowers are perfectly arranged and look striking in the vase you chose. And I love the bold colors of the second vase. The blue delphinium sets off the glads, or is it the other way around?

    • The sunflowers are fun but when they are this large they start to hang their heads very quickly. The image in the post was taken this morning but if I took it again now, it isn’t the same; I don’t think I would grow such large headed sunflowers again another year. I’m hoping that the secondary flowers will be much smaller and better for a vase. The other vase just glows and I’m happy with the result.

    • The larkspur were sown on the 4th of February after 3 weeks in the fridge as the packet instructions recommended. They didn’t germinate very quickly though so I put them outside for a week or so then back in the propagator, they germinated on 2nd March (I just checked my spread sheet and it says “germinated after 3 weeks on propagator and then 2 weeks outside, then back in greenhouse but not on propagator”. Just proves it is good to write everything down or I forget!

    • That’s true, warmth and rain makes for very fast growth, soon it will be so hot and no rain do everything will stop growing; not in the irrigated beds of course!

  6. I think you can never have too many flowers, and your beds have been an inspiration to me. So I love seeing your beds and vase creations. Sunflowers are one of my summer favorites, and your vase is perfect a la Van Gogh! I agree the pollen adds to the overall picture.

    The intensity of the second vase screams tropics to me…orange, purple and lots of bright color. Perfect!

  7. Who needs Van Gogh’s sunflowers when you have your very own! That vase is perfect for them too! And the colours in the second vase are gorgeous. So rich and sumptuous. I agree with Annette – like a sunset. Wonderful!

  8. Both vases are glorious, Christina! I thought of you yesterday when I was trying to decide if I should cut one of my first sunflowers blooms – my plants are still runts by comparison to yours. I absolutely love that larkspur-glad combination – it made me smile the moment I saw it (and I needed that kind of diversion from the daily news too).

  9. Christina grandiosos y preciosos girasoles. El jarrón es precioso. El otro jarrón es puro color de Verano, maravilloso el Lakspur color azul. Sus jarrones son divinos, llenos de vida y color. Saludos de Margarita.

  10. You can never grow too many flowers in your cutting beds Christina!! I just enjoy those I don’t cut as garden flowers and like the vegetables we don’t manage to eat they all make good compost so nothing is wasted. My larkspur is just starting to flower but it is far too early for sunflowers and gladioli – so lovely to see yours though. xx

    • Everything just rushes into growth here, so it is more difficult to actually slow things down. I will be able to enjoy the new secret garden cutting beds in summer when there are no flowers in the rest of the garden, I have a table and chairs there now so if there is enough shade I will even be able to arrange the flowers there in early morning.

  11. Sunflowers in all their glory Christina – how fabulous. I have a constant battle to succeed with sunflowers as the molluscs usually nobble them. I’ve got as far as flowers this year which are still to open but the leaves are in tatters. Your second vase really has the wow factor colour wise. Which variety of larkspur did you grow? It sounds as if they earn their keep.

  12. Oh my gosh that is really something! The sunflowers are great and I’m jealous of all the pollen. The ones which come up here are nearly pollen free and the bees always appear slightly disappointed, I’ll have to keep my eye open for giant singles.
    I love the gladiolus. If I could get the colors of that arrangement to fill a bed I would do it without a second thought!

  13. I love both your vases, and I’m happy to see that little pile of pollen from the sunflowers 🙂 For no good reason, perhaps, I prefer to see the “regular” flowers rather than the specially-bred pollen-free varieties… And the combination of gladioli and larkspur is lovely!

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