Thursday’s Feature – Caesalpinia gilliesii

Thursday is when Cosmos and Cleome asks us to highlight a plant that is at its peak, or a view that is special today. Continue reading


In a Vase on Monday – Abundance

Think how much pleasure you gain from a vase of flowers in the house; think how much more pleasure there is when you have grown the flowers from seed and grown them in your own garden.  This is what Cathy at Rambling in the Garden asks us to do each week and I want to repeat that she is a star!  Creating vases even if she is far from home, plonking a few things in a vase to encourage every one to join in – you don’t need to be an expert flower arranger to gain pleasure from your flowers, anyway I feel it can’t be said too many times, THANK YOU CATHY. Continue reading

The Vegetable Garden in June

Time rushes on as it always does; crops come and finish and I haven’t written about what we’re eating for a while.

Broad beans and peas produced a decent crop, all I really want is some nice fresh vegetables that are different from the ones we’ve been eating; there were enough to freeze a couple of kilograms to add to soups and sauces.  I picked peas to eat fresh, but there were always more than we needed so these were frozen and I added to their bags on every occasion that I picked. Continue reading

The cut flower beds – June

I thought I had written about the cut flowers beds in May but checking back I only wrote about growing perennials from seed.  It was April 28th when I last wrote about the cut flowers and as you can imagine they have grown hugely since then despite some cold nights the soil is warm and with lots of rain you can almost watch some things grow. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – White is only one colour?

Monday is the day to share flowers we have picked from our own gardens with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

My first vase was created on Saturday to enjoy at the weekend, the additions was added this morning. Continue reading