In a vase on Monday – more of what I like best

Another Monday, another opportunity to share a vase with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, where she asks us to pick flowers from our own gardens or surrounding to bring into the house to enjoy.

As you may guess from the title one of my vases is white – white and green to be precise.  those of you who follow me regularly will know I love vases of white flowers so that when I ordered my seeds last winter I tried to ensure that there would always be some white flowers to pick.  There are other new colours to pick today but they will have to wait until later in the week and some will find their way into a bouquet for a friend who is celebrating a birthday.

In a vase on Monday

In a vase on Monday

I was able to photograph the vase outside with the dark green bay hedge in the background.

Various white Dahlias

Various white Dahlias

I also used some Asparagus fern as one of the greens.

This Dahlia didn't do well in it's first year last year but happily is flowering well this year

This Dahlia didn’t do well in it’s first year last year but happily is flowering well this year

Antirrhinum Giant White

Amaranthus caudatus ‘Viridis’

Amaranthus caudatus ‘Viridis’ is a lovely thing, I’m hoping the plants will grow larger and produce masses of their intriguing long tassels.

Zinnia 'Polar Bear'

Zinnia ‘Polar Bear’

White Gladiolus

White Gladiolus and Antirrhinum Giant White

I only had four seeds of Antirrhinum Giant White left in the packet from the previous year, all four germinated and grew into strong plants, I cut the first tall flowers almost to the base of the plant and already each plant has bushed out very well and their were lots of stems to cut for this vase.

Ammi visnaga White

Ammi visnaga White

Several of you have said that you find Ammi visnaga White heavy in comparison to Ami majus (below); here you can see the difference well and I agree it is heavier although I think it is worth growing both as they are actually very different.  This is the first year of growing Ami visnager and I will grow it again, I’d like to include it in pots for the terrace next year too.

 Ami majus

Ami majus

For my second vase I had to pick some of the masses of blue Larkspur that are being produced, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use them with but decided on more zinnias, this time Zinnia ‘Green Envy’ combined with Bells of Ireland (not growing as tall as I would like so I may not buy more seed), green carnations and gladiolus leaves.

In a vase on Monday 2

In a vase on Monday 2

Larkspur, Zinnia 'Green Envy' and greenish carnation

Larkspur, Zinnia ‘Green Envy’ and greenish carnation

In the centre the first flower of Didiscus ‘Blue Lace’; the plants are very small and spindly, I think due to the bad compost, maybe they will improve now that they are in the ground.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting, do visit to see what she has found for her vase today and many others who join from around the world.


34 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – more of what I like best

  1. I too LOVE white flowers. I’m pleased to be introduced to new varieties. Thank you. Your top photo is wonderful with the light catching the top of it so beautifully.

    • I’m always pleased to be able to recommend plants that grow well. I am completely in love with Zinnia ‘Ploar Bear’ which came from Chiltern Seeds.

  2. They are both lovely creations Christina, but the white vase is rather special with the Ammi visnaga immediately making an impact. A very positive impact! I love it! Your white vases are inspiring me to introduce a bit more white to my garden. So refreshing. 🙂

    • White flowers also add hugely if planted where you sit outside at dusk or with lights and the white flowers reflect the little light there is and seem as if they are illuminated themselves.

  3. Gorgeous opulence and very well planned and carefully nurtured by you. It must make this weekly challenge enormously satisfying and it inspires me for next year’s cut flower seed list.

    • The problem is there are always more things I want to keep and new things to try than those I am willing or even keen to remove! But I can’t give over more vegetable space to the cut flowers.

  4. Lovely. White flowers speak to me as well and you have selected some gorgeous ones to highlight today. The dahlia is sumptuous and makes me want to run out to buy one. Also like that amaranths very much.

    • I really hope the amaranthus grows into a bigger plant that can supply these tassels for lots of vases. White always seems so cool and elegant and will lighten the feel of other colours too so worth having lots in the garden.

  5. Oh that white vase, Christina…. absolutely delightful and I love everything in it. The finely cut dahlia is stunning – do you know what it is? And I shall definitely go for white zinnias and a taller white antirrhinum for next year – I am pleased to say that the antirrrhinum in my vase is not as droopy as it was yesterday and is making more of an impact. It’s useful to read what you said about cutting them.The amaranthus seems to get taller and stronger week by week so I am sure you will get the longer tassels in due course. All your larkspur in your second vase too – a real success by the look of it. Thanks for sharing everything today

  6. Ah, wonderful exuberance, the bounty of summer in a vase (or two) I love both. Ammi is a new plant to me and both types are beautiful. Another plant I will have to look into.
    I also did a white and green vase and mine is very different!

  7. Another white flower lover here and I just love your vase today. I’m so fickle because I’ve just been waxing lyrical about Cathy’s tutti vase and then you show us this. Just brilliant.

  8. Christina I adore your white flowers….not many now in my garden here but oh that is a spectacular white vase….it really shines! And the larkspur is lovely against the green/white flowers too! I had a major failure with starting many flowers from seed outdoors. Not sure why, but very disappointing.

    • That’s a shame Donna; I never have any confidence is germinating expensive seed sown directly into the soil which is why I always start almost everything in modules in the greenhouse.

  9. The white flowers make a light and refreshing display, Christina. I’m very envious of that Amaranthus and, of course, the plenty of blooms yielded by your cutting garden.

    • As I can concentrate the irrigation in a comparatively small area the cut flower beds make a lot of sense here. Last night friends came for pizza and they automatically headed for the flower filled secret garden.

    • The white Zinnia ‘Polar Bear’ from Chiltern seeds is a winner for sure, but so are most of the others too! It germinated and grew on well, in the UK it is good to sow zinnias quite late as they need good light levels to grow on.

  10. Christina sus flores blancas son maravillosas. El Anaranthus es espectacular y la Dalia es preciosa. Los Ammis son muy bonitos los dos y juntos son magníficos. La Espuela de Caballero es bella: su color azul violeta me encanta. Los dos jarrones son formidables, pero el de color blanco tiene la frescura y la luz del Verano con el vaso de plata que es perfecto. Gracias por su dos bellos floreros. Saludos de Margarita.

  11. The one color vase filled with white is always a show, I like when you do this. The differences between the two ami are subtle but I agree they’re bot worth growing. the lighter one seems a good filler yet the heavier can carry on its own as well.
    My amaranthus just wilted and died one afternoon. I’m not sure why, but looking at yours makes me wish they hadn’t….

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