Looking good today 

This is being posted from my iPhone so lacking the links I would like to be adding. 

Today has been too hot, now in the late evening it is a pleasure to be outside listening to frogs and birds?

The lights put in last autumn in the new area created when the formal beds were removed are adding to the enjoyment of the garden immensely. 

Are you able to enjoy your garden at night?

28 thoughts on “Looking good today 

  1. I live in a rural area so my garden is lit with fireflies and stars, and depending on the cycle, the moon. But unless we wear bug spray, the mosquitoes make it rather unpleasant!

    • There were stars too, but no fireflies here. There are mosquitoes here too but not many(yet,anyway). Italians tend to gave horrendous lights on all the time so I don’t feel guilty about mine that are only on when we’re outside.

    • There are no fire flies here although we did see some in Tuscany a couple of weeks ago. It is so hot now the pleasantest time is early morning and after the sun has gone down.

  2. I have oil filled torches but to be honest we don t get many nights when it is really warm enough to sit out late. It is good to look out onto though. Love your ground lights

  3. Fabulous lights, Christina. Effective lighting like this adds an extra dimension to the garden. If we get a clear sky, then the freshly open purplish panicles of Calamagrostis backlit by the light of the full moon is a very special sight.

    • I looked up the Cornish jars, nice. I’m still searching for some lights for the pillars around the terrace, something like that would be good but can’t be solar because of the shade from the wisteria.

    • It is now too hot in the middle of the day to eat outside even under the wisteria. We love that it is warm in the evenings and realize that we are lucky but it doesn’t stop me hating the heat during the day.

      • No, the lights aren’t solar powered; I haven’t found solar powered lights that I like yet, but I’m always looking. Your harbour view is so amazing I can understand you wouldn’t want to focus light anywhere in front of it.

  4. I like your lights a lot, Christina! Are they solar powered, or did you just do a really good job of hiding the cords? We have lights out front and on the south side but our backyard is lit only by the lights of the harbor and the city beyond – that’s an attraction all of it’s own.

  5. What a nice effect the lighting gives. We have torches which give off a little too much soot, but perhaps that keeps a few of the mosquitos away. Morning is my favorite time to sit out in the garden. As long as I stay on the deck or under the porch the gnats do not bother me too much.

    • Reading everyone’s comments to this post makes me aware of just how many of us are effected by mosquitoes; we were lucky for several evenings and then last night I was bitten a lot! – I hate it as I react to the bites and they swell to be hard and painful.

  6. Hola Christina el día 8 de Julio por la noche llegué a mi casa de campo con mis padres. En pocos días volveré a Madrid. Disculpa. Yo no tengo luces en el jardín. Me ilumina un poco las luces de la preciosa Iglesia estilo románico que está iluminada durante toda la noche. Cuando salimos al jardín llevamos velas metidas en faroles de zinc con cristal. Y nos alumbran las estrellas que son maravillosas. Pero hay muchos mosquitos y tábanos y no te dejan en paz. Tu jardín es hermoso de noche con la iluminación que tienes. Que lo disfrutes. Saludos de Margarita.

    • We also have mosquitoes, last night I was bitten a lot while we had dinner outside; the other evenings we were lucky and there weren’t any. I love the idea of candles in zinc lanterns.

  7. Your lights are magical! I love to walk outside at night after things have cooled a bit. I definitely need some pretty night lights, other than the flood lights attached to the side of the house!

    • Lights can be magical, I do think it is important, though, not to cause too much light pollution. As so many others have very bright lights on all night for security I don’t feel guilty about my lights which are only on for a short time.

  8. I must admit I’m an early to bed early to rise sort of person unless I’m fumbling around with a torch after dark looking for glow worms. Your vista looks fantastic, though. Amelia

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