In a vase on Monday – Greens and white

It is good to be home and joining Cathy at Rambling in the garden for her weekly challenge to find flowers in our own gardens to fill a vase to enjoy during the week.

The sunflowers from last week didn’t last long as the vase ran out of water in the blink of an eye when I spent a couple of days at the sea.  Let’s hope I can take care of these better.

In a vase on Monday - White and green

In a vase on Monday – White and green

White Dahlias, Zinnias in white and green, and a couple of green carnations

White Dahlias, Zinnias in white and green, and a couple of green carnations

The foliage element was provided by Agastashe with white flowers and Amaranthus caudatus 'Viridis'

The foliage element was provided by Agastashe with white flowers and Amaranthus caudatus ‘Viridis’ and Ami Visnaga

The silver vase makes another outing, such a useful vase.  I found a place for today’s arrangement on the  sitting room mantelpiece as the Amaranthus needed a spot where they could trail lower than the height of the vase.

Today is a holiday in Italy, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary but not really a religious holiday anymore; it is viewed more as an end of summer holiday which always seems odd to me as September and October are often glorious here.  I’ve been invited to lunch (it isn’t a holiday for my husband as he works for the UN and they don’t recognise many of Italian holidays even though the organisation is based in Rome.

This of course will mean another bunch of flowers to take to my hostess; I’ve picked the flowers but not put them together yet, here’s a preview while they are still in their bucket conditioning.



The above photo shows the lovely stone sink that was used only for decoration in the kitchen when we bought the house; it is now out on part of the terrace; I desperately want to convert this area into a combination of a potting shed and flower room – a girl can dream, can’t she?



Shades of pink for my friend's bouquet including Zinnias and Cleome spinosa

Shades of pink for my friend’s bouquet including Zinnias and Cleome spinosa

Thanks to Cathy for hosting, do visit to see her lovely impostors!  I’m envious as mine didn’t germinate this year!!!



31 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Greens and white

  1. Oh what a cool green and white vase Christina! Your amaranthus is noticeably different from mine with much slimmer tassels – isn’t it such a useful plant? I love it. Your ‘pink’ posy looks promising too – it’s such fun choosing blooms for vases and posies and I always enjoy an excuse to do so…which reminds me I am popping out to see a friend ths afternoon and intend to make a small posy for her! Thanks for sharing yours today

    • The Amaranthus does grow in an odd way; some of my plants have very long tassels and others are much shorter although some of the shorter ones do seem to grow longer with time if I don’t pick them. They do get black fly, the only plnat in the garden to do so, but I do like them so will grow them again next year. I was really pleased with the bouquet for my friend but I didn’t have time to photograph it, there were even some flowers left for a pink vase for the kitchen.

      • My green ones are certainly shorter this year. How odd about the blackfly… Did you know that amaranthus is similar to quinoa and the seeds are a similarly nutritious grain? I only found out recently when my Mum sent me a postcard with a picture of a quinoa plant on which looked very similar so I Googled it. I intend to check if the type of amaranthus matters and investigate further.

        • Yes, I did know about the Amaranthus being edible; ages ago a friend asked me to translate an article into Italian for him, there is a native form here with short tassels and deep red stems, I must try to photograph some more the blog when I next see them.

  2. I admire that Amaranthus every time you show it, Christina and I’ve have no doubt that your lunch-time host is going to be thrilled with that pretty accumulation of flowers you’ve picked too! Enjoy your semi-holiday!

  3. Christina el florero de plata es refrescante y precioso. Las Dalias blancas son muy bonitas. El florero en rosa para tus amigos es genial en rosa. Los Cosmos, las Dalias y las Zinnias en rosa están maravillosas. Los dos son preciosos. Aquí en España también es la fiesta de la Asunción de la Virgen María, pero las vacaciones continúan hasta el 31 de Agosto. Y un poco más. Espero que haga menos calor. Saludos de Margarita.

  4. The greens and whites are beautiful – so cool and refreshing. But I have to admit to preferring the colourful flowers this week – those pink Cleome and Zinnias are just gorgeous! What a lovely gift for your friend! It was a holiday here too yesterday – in rural areas of Bavaria still very much a religious one but that didn’t stop our village from having their annual knees up with beer flowing from 11 am (after church), then lunch, two church masses in between, coffee and cake in the afternoon and a band playing too! 😉

    • As much as I love green and white I think I agree with you this time; the shades of pink worked very well and the bouquet was used as the focal point of the long table.

  5. Very pretty bouquets, I’m inclined to agree with readers who prefer the pinks – though the amaranthus is intriguing, and seems to trail about well, adding texture as well as depth to the first display. By this stage of the summer all I have is climbing jasmine – which certainly trails and has a lovely perfume! – and a few very tired pinks. Not much hope of a bouquet there…

  6. A second thought: it’s funny how we gardeners all pine after the same sort of things. I’d love a stone sink, work surface and useful storage space outdoors. Like you, I think it’s going to remain a pipe-dream… Though, living in Egypt we have to turn our hands unexpectedly to all sorts of tasks and I guess we could try the plumbing, carpentry and all!

    • Pre-built outdoor kitchens are amazingly expensive so something home designed and built is the only possibility; the sink was part of the original kitchen of the farmhouse, the previous owners didn’t use it but just left it in position; it took up too much space (I love to cook so needed all the kitchen to be useful) so I had the builders put it outside, it is a great resource.

  7. Flowers and friends, what a lovely way of sharing your passion….by taking flowers from your garden to luncheon dates. The white vase is magnificent…could grace a table for a grand dinner.

  8. Gorgeous I particularly love white and green flowers, they look so stylish. I never thought of growing white Amaranthus, so pretty and I love the Ammi visagna, I usually grow Ammi majus but this is much prettier.

    • I’m not sure how much I like Ami visnaga, for one it has a slightly strange smell and it can appear very heavy in comparison to A. majus or Dorcus carrota which o like even more and even grows all around us so obviously doesn’t need as much water as it gets in the cut flower beds.

    • The Ami visagna is much sturdier and the flower heads are heavier so I think they are actually quite different in their uses, I’m thinking of growing A. visagna in a large pot on the terrace next year, its only negative side is that it has a strange smell that I can’t quite recognise.

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