Tuesday View – September 13th Change

Tuesday is when Cathy at Words and Herbs asks us to choose just one view of the garden to follow each week.

The change in the title is not so much what is happening to the plants but the change in the light.  The images were taken at about 2 pm and there isn’t that burnt out, faded look that was still present even in the evening just a couple of weeks ago.  Writing the date was actually a shock, the first week of September always speeds by as it is when Viterbo celebrates its saint’s day and there is always lots going on plus we were away for a few days on the Amalfi coast celebrating my birthday; it is therefore a bit of a shock to realise that we are fast approaching mid-month.

Tuesday View 2016.09.13

Tuesday View 2016.09.13

The flower colours on Sedum Mattrona and Purple Emperor are much deeper now

The flower colours on Sedum Mattrona and Purple Emperor are much deeper now

This Sedum with white flowers that might be snowflake is looking a bit anaemic.

This Sedum with white flowers that might be snowflake is looking a bit anaemic.

The slighter lower angle of the sun makes the greens deeper

The slighter lower angle of the sun makes the greens deeper

I’ve responded to several comments saying how easy they are to propagate.  Here’s a link to some useful instructions: Propagating Sedums You can use the stems and in spring also a single leave will yield a new plant but late in the season I think the stem works best – good luck.

Do visit Cathy to see ‘views’ from other gardeners willing to share one view whatever it looks like!


35 thoughts on “Tuesday View – September 13th Change

  1. Thanks for the link. I might try and propagate some but I would like to show them off to advantage as you have done. They come up quite late in the season so I find placing them difficult. Amelia

  2. It looks quite different this week! I think it is not just the light but also the rain which has revived some of the greens, and the sedum really stands out now and looks wonderful there in the centre. Also in that first shot I wonder what the grass is front right? It has a lovely pinkish tinge to it. Your garden is so beautiful Christina! Thanks for sharing your view again!

  3. The colours are quite intense now, less bleached than in the height of summer. Our garden is going that way too, but it feels like the summer this year has lasted forever, draining the life from people as well as plants!
    Do you have a system for saving rainwater? I have been reading about Sicily recently, and how the Tunisian “Arabs” who settled there in the C9 introduced complex irrigation systems, rather like those I saw in Cordoba a couple of years ago, I think. Part of the technology was based on ancient Egyptian techniques, though they were in turn influenced by Archimedes – who came from Sicily!!

    • We don’t have a system for collecting rainwater, we should, although all our water comes from a well and there isn’t actually a shortage of ground water in this area I just don’t like to use it for ornamentals although that belief might change as I see the farmer waste water in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.

  4. Oh, belated happy birthday – the Amalfi coast sounds a divine place to celebrate. ‘Light is King’ is what I’m always being told by my opticians, advice I appreciate all the more as the years pass. As a gardener it takes on a whole new meaning.

    • The Amalfi coast is unbelievably beautiful Kate and there are many wonderful restaurants including my favourite Quattro Passi where I was lucky enough to eat twice this year. I think if I reread my posts I can see that I mention the light the light almost as much as any plant. In all seasons except summer the light is beautiful here but constantly changing through the day as well as through the seasons.

  5. I agree with Kate, the Amalfi Coast for a birthday sounds idyllic. I do hope you had a good time. Being away, even for just a few days, does bring change in the garden into sharp focus.

    • Thank you Jessica, we had a wonderful time; the garden has changed so quickly because we have had thunderstorms almost every afternoon for a week and today it is raining now (8.27) and looks set in for the day – such a relief.

  6. The light certainly is changing, that’s for sure. Probably a relief for you. I love the soft colors and textures in your garden and with the less harsh light, it really comes forth. Bellissima!

  7. Even before I read the post I could see the change in your Tuesday View – much fresher, and no doubt a combination of rain and the light. I was so pleased to read te link about propogating sedums and I shall be trying that out today as I am already beginning propogation in readiness for the NGS opening next year and have started taking cuttings for the first time ever

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  9. I love the colors of your September garden. I am shocked to realize how late in September it already is. I am still waiting for cooler weather!

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