In a Vase on Monday – Shades of Pink take the stage

Monday is the day to share a vase of flowers picked from our own gardens and to join Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see what many, many others have found in their gardens, why not join us?

Both the vases I’m sharing today were picked for a dinner party on Saturday but both are still looking as fresh today.

In a vase on Monday - again a n outing for my large rectangular vase

In a vase on Monday – again an outing for my large rectangular vase

This is the first time I’ve used Perovskia in a vase this year, I like the airiness it adds to the composition.

Cleome, Zinnias, Verbena bonariensis, Perovskia and a couple of stems of Asters

Cleome, Zinnias, Verbena bonariensis, Perovskia and a couple of stems of Asters

Similar coloured Zinnias with the addition of Dahlias

Similar coloured Zinnias with the addition of Dahlias

None of my Dahias have grown as well as the last two years and the newly planted ones have had disappointingly short stems

None of my Dahlias have grown as well as in the last two years and the newly planted ones have had disappointingly short stems.

What will you find in your garden today to pick and enjoy indoors?  With my thanks, as ever, to Cathy for encouraging us in our vase making.

A quick reminder that Thursday the 22nd in Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day at My Hesperides Garen, I hope you’ll join me for a celebration of all things leafy!


34 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Shades of Pink take the stage

  1. The perovskia really enhances the other blooms – it’s not something I have and perhaps need to rectify. The zinnias are superb – how much longer do you think they will flower for? Certainly a similar colour palette to mine – and looks especially effective in your chunky rectangular vase. Hope your dinner party went well

    • I imagine the Zinnias will keep going, although more slowly until we have some cold nights, last year I pulled them out during October I think but they hadn’t completely finished; this year I’ll leave them until they die so I know how long they will flower. At the moment they still have lots more side shoots producing lots of tall stemmed flowers, thinking about it I know they like high light levels so I might cut some back to the base to allow more light in, they are planted pretty densely.

  2. I agree the perovskia gives a lovely airy feel to the arrangement, it really enhances it. I forgot to sow cleome this year and I have missed it. A really lovely plant in the vase or in the garden. And I think we will all be sticking with zinnias and dahlias now. Both gorgeous and invaluable for vases at this time of the year, although unfortunately both beloved by slugs.

    • We have those horrible enormous ‘Spanish’ slugs but I think they eat more of the leaves that are beginning to rot than new shoots but I am of course vigilant when I plant new, small seedlings. Do you mind the smell of Cleome? Eliza described it as musky and I can’t decide if it is OK or I’d rather not have it in the house.

      • You are right, it does have a bit of a funny smell, I’d forgotten about that. No, I am not keen on it.The other drawback is that you don’t expect the stalks to be thorny but they are.

        • I find the thorns quite a problem as I like to strip the stems before putting them in a vase and I usually use my fingers but for Cleome I have to cut off the foliage and thorns with secateurs.

  3. These are beautiful arrangements. I especially like the use of Perovskia in the first one to help achieve perfect height for that container and how you’ve allowed each flower some space. Nicely done. Your dahlias look pretty. I didn’t grow new ones and the few that returned have performed poorly. I see you asked above about the smell of Cleome, which I can’t remember as a problem. Most of mine is past but I’ll have to check it today as I’m curious. I used lantana in my vase today which is rather offensive to the nose. Have a great week.

    • I’ve been trying to think about giving each flower some space after you mentioned it before and when I saw how tightly packed the bouquets were my mother in law received for her birthday (I didn’t like the look at all).

    • I’m pleased you thought they looked meadow-like, that was just the ‘look’ I was aiming at. Comments from Susie at PBM garden have alerted me to trying to give more space to each flower.

  4. I adore the colors in both vases, Christina. Like other commentators, I feel the addition of the Perovskia was an inspired touch – it adds a sense of movement that neither the Zinnias nor the Dahlias can provide on their own. I’ve tried and failed to grow Perovskia (twice!) and wondered if this might be attributable to my soil pH but, according to an on-line search I just ran, the plant prefers soil on the alkaline end of the spectrum. I can only assume that I failed to give the plants the water they needed to become established.

    • I don’t irrigate the Perovskia at all and it is one of the very few plants that shows no sign of stress during a drought, although it doesn’t flower if it is very dry for a long time but then it flowers with the first shower of rain.

  5. Beautiful colours, and I love the way you have used Perovskia in the first vase. 🙂 Your zinnias are lovely colours, as well as being very upright. It looks almost as though the flowers are all still growing. Lovely effect.

  6. Two lovely arrangements. The various shades of pink are pretty and I like the meadow-like effect you have achieved. I also like the way the flowers look in a rectangular vase. I have one similar that I never think to use but you’ve inspired me to get it out some day soon.

  7. Christina los dos jarrones preciosos. Como en otros comentarios, Perovskia aligera y da sensación de movimiento a las flores. Las Zinnias tienen un color maravilloso en los dos jarrones y se ven más al tener espacio las flores: un efecto muy bonito. Me gustan mucho las Dalias del jarrón de plata: colores impresionantes. Siento lo de las babosas en las Zinnias. Saludos de Margarita.

  8. Lovely vases – I like the way the there’s space for the flowers in your rectangular vase – I must get some stones as I don’t have anything I can use for fillers like that – Your dahlias look great too – great colour… mine have been munched by the slugs. hope your dinner party went well and have a lovely week. love bec xx

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