In a Vase on Monday – Mellow Yellow

Monday gives us the opportunity to share a vase (or two) with Cathy at Rambling in the garden where she asks us to cut flowers from our own gardens or close by to enjoy in our homes.

Only a little drop of rain on one day  in the past week with warm temperatures during the day and cooler nights it is my favourite time of year temperature wise.  Planting and sowing can begin and it is a moment to savour the blooms that are continuing into autumn.

The vegetable garden was the source of my first vase so I’m sure you will guess what the flowers are!

A huge vase filled with sunshine!

A huge vase filled with sunshine!

Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichokes) are joined by sunflowers and Rudbeckea

Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichokes) are joined by sunflowers and Rudbeckea

Last year the Jerusalem artichokes didn’t produce many flowers, I think this was because the tubers hadn’t been harvested and so were completely overcrowded.  Early this year the tubers were most dug up and so with more space there is a wonderful display of flowers this year.

Orange and purple Dahlias make a dramatic statement in my second vase

Orange and purple Dahlias make a dramatic statement in my second vase

At last this orange Dahlia has a strong enough stem to make an impression in a vase

At last this orange Dahlia has a strong enough stem to make an impression in a vase

A few orange Zinnias add to the rich colour

The filler is the lovely Aster 'Monte Casino' with its lovely tiny white daisy flowers

The filler is the lovely Aster ‘Monte Cassino’ with its lovely tiny white daisy flowers

Do visit Cathy to see what she has found in her garden this week and to find links to vases from all over the world, so spring will be represented too – think tulips!

Have a lovely week.



41 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Mellow Yellow

  1. Gorgeous. That big vase really shows off the sunshiny flowers of Jerusalem artichokes. I just dug up and moved quite a few of them this weekend, trying to get them out of the Dahlia bed. I didn’t realise that spreading them out will make them flower better, so that’s good news. I’ve put them at the back of a new wildflower bed – at least they can be guaranteed to grow if the seeds don’t make it up before the weeds do. We both love these to eat, but only in small quantities and rarely. 🙂

  2. Your sunshiny vase is amazing. What joy! I’m envious of your dahlias. Mine didn’t overwinter, except for one and that one is full of buds but never flowers. Enjoy your planting and have a great week.

  3. Two totally different and equally lovely arrangements. I think yellow at this time of year is more cheering than in spring. I agree with your comment on Rambling that we shouldn’t worry if we keep using the same flowers. Sometimes that’s all there is and sometimes it’s just a favorite that we always pick first!

    • i agree with that; one reasons my Dahlias haven’t done so well this year is that I’ve preferred the flowers of the Zinnias! I think you’re right yellow is more associated with spring and autumn more than with high summer.

  4. That is a good use for Jerusalem artichokes and how pretty they are. They are working their way through my raspberry canes at the moment, I just can’ t get rid of them. The perennial helianthus in my garden, not sure which one, is just as thuggish. But I just noticed that the flowers smell of chocolate.
    I love the orange and purple of your dahlia and zinnia arrangement. What a zingy combination.
    Your title has given me an earworm. Ever since I spotted it this morning, I have been singing: ‘Try to remember the kind of September, when life was slow and oh, so mellow ..’ And now Jeff has started too. We’ ll be singing it all day.

    • I hope you like the song; I was actually thinking of “you call me mellow yellow – quite rightly” I can’t remember any more or who it was by! Maybe the Kinks? I’m really enjoying both of these vases, the orange one looks lovely in evening light (I did the vases yesterday because I knew I’d be short of time today so I saw it last evening.

  5. Even those who don’t like Jerusalem artichokes could perhaps put up with the odd controlled tuber or so to get these blooms – they look lovely like this! But yes, the dahlias are perhaps even more lovely – what is the purple one? It looks VERY purple – does the colour show up correctly in the photo? Thanks for sharing, Christina

    • I think the dark purple is from a mix of purples I bought from Lidl, sorry not very helpful but they were very cheap! Both the vases were photographed indoors with flash so the colours are a little heightened, but it is a good purple! I’m not sure ‘controlled’ can apply to Jerusalem artichokes – they tend to travel and want to take over; because they need some irrigation they are more controllable here but I do need to lift them every year to thin them, either to eat or throw away!!!!!

  6. I do remember your Jerusalem artichokes. They’re as beautiful as the other sunflowers in your garden and deserve their place in your vase. I’ve never seen the tubers, seeds or flowers sold here and they’re not even listed in my western garden guide so perhaps they don’t grow here. Do they need cold winters to thrive?

    The dahlia colors are scrumptious!

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  8. It is wonderful to bring so much colour into the house isn’t it! Love your sunny golden vase, and the dahlias in the silver vase go beautifully together. The filler is particularly eyecatching.

  9. Lovely zingy vase – We don’t much like jerusalem artichokes so I doubt they’ll ever be planted in our small garden. Your dahlia’s look great too- lovely colour combinations, I’d like them in my garden (and vases). Thank you so much for the suggestion to grow zinnias next year for our wedding – I thanked you and Cathy on the blog too – hope you don’t mind I put a link back to your blog. Have a great week – Hope you get some rain. It looks like its going to chuck down in Manchester – v Autumnal. love bec xx

    • Better not to plant Jerusalem artichokes if you don’t like them much as once in place they are pretty much impossible to to get rid of. You were very kind to link back to my post, of course I don’t mind. Thinking of your wedding; I remember someone saying that it is good to remember that annuals will flower in the time it says of the pack, if you plant late you should be able to have some for September, you’d need to keep sowing in batches to be sure of having some for the big day; the Zinnias on the other hand just keep flowering and flowering; keep and eye on other bloggers as to when they stop flowering in the UK.

      • ah thank you – I’ll try planting some annuals later too (it worked with my aliums this year – I planted them in Feb cos I was too busy and they flowered in July – it was wet and cold here most of summer) Only got a small veg patch so mostly grow softfruits and tomatoes – got to grow what we like 🙂

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