In a Vase on Monday – A vase for all seasons

I’d like to thank all of you who left comments or sent emails to check that we were Okay after the earthquake yesterday morning.  I have to admit that this shock was terrifying!  It seemed to go on forever (probably in reality only a minute) and the house really shook this time; I believed that it wasn’t possible that it would stay standing after shaking so much; all my friends here said they had never experienced anything so strong.  What of course I was thinking of while it was happening was “where is the epicentre?” and ” I hope there is no loss of life”.  Thankfully most of the hill towns had already been evacuated after a couple of less shocks on Thursday evening.  My fear now is that these are not aftershocks but are all pre-shocks for something bigger; I hope that this isn’t the case. Continue reading

Falling in love again….

It has been ages since I posted anything that wasn’t either ‘In a vase on Monday’,  my ‘Tuesday View’ or about foliage for Garden bloggers’ Foliage day. There is a reason for the lack of posts – during the long hot period of drought the garden wants to sleep much as it would do in a northern winter, but to me the period of rest is less tranquil than sleeping under a blanket of snow; the plants fight to survive, the dormancy a forced shutdown that leaves even many drought tolerant plants looking dreadful and herbaceous plants and deciduous trees look as if they are slowly cooking. Continue reading

Tuesday View 11th October 2016

A day late due to rain yesterday afternoon when I was about to take the photographs but I’m sure Cathy at Words and Herbs won’t mind.

When I wrote my post for IaVoM there was a terrific storm, enough water fell in a very short time to fill the hollows around the evergreens planted last year, even when I use a hose it is difficult for them to be filled in such a short time; but the storm passed and from 10 am on it was a sunny if slightly chilly day. Continue reading