In a Vase on Monday – In the Pink

On a Monday morning with a storm raging outside I’m glad I picked my flowers from the garden yesterday to arrange and join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden where she asks us to share some cut flowers from our own gardens.

This weekly challenge has become such an important part of many of our lives so if you haven’t joined yet, why not begin today!

There were showers several days last week and this week is forecast to be the same; I’m very much hoping it will be dry next weekend as the olives are ready to be harvested – but I digress.

White Dahlias, Aster 'Monte Cassino' and a couple of white Zinnias

White Dahlias, Aster ‘Monte Cassino’ and a couple of white Zinnias

I have been looking for another silver vase for a while; a couple of weeks ago while I was waiting for a friend to meet me for an aperitivo I looked around a shop I hadn’t visited before and was very pleased to find that they had a large selection of vases including this one which is glass painted with mirroring silver giving a slightly antique finish to the vase.  The top of the vase is quite narrow and I don’t think I have arranged these flowers particularly well but I’m sure it will be a vase I will use many times in the future.

A new Silver vase

A new Silver vase

I really haven’t picked enough of the Cosmos I planted this year; I have tended to use Zinnias much more; it is very evident that I haven’t even dead headed each week as shown by the huge number of seedlings that have germinated under the parent plants and in the gravel path.

In a Vase on Monday

In a Vase on Monday

Sorry about the very artificial light but the heavy rain is making it very dark indoors, in the image below the colours are more natural.

A large vase filled with Cosmos

A large vase filled with Cosmos with just a couple of pink Zinnias from a mixed pack

Last year I found that the self seeded Cosmos grew much better and stronger than the seeds I had sown; many of you suggested I sow into modules rather than trays and this certainly made a different to the plants but the self sown ones were still better.  Next year I will direct sow or I may not even need to sow if some seeds germinate naturally!

Thanks to Cathy for hosting; I do hope you’ll visit to see vases from around the world, I’m finding it inspiring to see the spring flowers in New Zealand and makes the prospect of planting up all the bulbs I ordered a less daunting prospect.

Have a lovely week.



47 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – In the Pink

  1. I love that new silver vase, the arrangement is very elegant, also the pink cosmos are lovely ,filling the space well. I wish that cosmos would self seed here! No storms tho, just quiet autumn sunshine.

  2. Hope the storms haven’t affected your olive harvesting too much – what sort of a crop are youexpecting this year? I thought at first it was white cosmos in the first vase too – does the white dahlia have a name? Will you still consider painting a vase silver yourself? I especially like the frothy pink vase and the way it makes the blooms splay out – I thought it first it might have been a hyacinth vases but then realised the edge would be straighter. I nearly had problems with the light too as although I had cut the blooms yesterday morning it was well past 5 o’clock when I was able to put the vases together and by then there is certainly a noticeable difference in light levels these days (sadly!)

  3. Both are lovely Christina. Your new vase looks quite versatile and the smaller neck can be helpful in arranging. The cosmos are so cheerful. I’d been wondering if you’d harvested olives yet. Hope the weather holds for you.

  4. Great vase-I love that mirrored silver finish and your choice of flowers suit it well. I shall follow your tip for sowing cosmos in modules next year. I have a huge clump still going strong but doubt the flowers will self-seed or if they do that they will survive winter.

  5. Two lovely arrangements. I love your new vase. How nice to have cosmos self seeding, I’ ve never seen that here.
    And I envy you the rain, we just never get it here, it is a real problem.
    Good luck with your olive harvest. So much more exotic than picking apples.

    • I wouldn’t underestimate the pleasure of using your own apples; they are a crop that it so heavily sprayed in commercial cultivation that I’m always a bit worried when I eat them. One great thing about the olive harvest is that once its done its over for the year!

  6. I love the mirrored vase. A perfect colour and shape for the delicate flowers. Very beautiful. I’m growing my cosmos in a tray, and then when I prick them out into individual pots, I bury the whole stem, so that they grow much less spindly. Then when I plant them, I set them deeply again and firm them in really well. Haven’t they been glorious this year. Our best yet for cosmos.thanks for sharing

    • I did as you described for 2 years but the plants were never as strong as when their roots weren’t disturbed at all so I’ll carry on with some in modules but I think I need to be braver and direct sow more – the plants are so much better from the plants that germinated from dropped seed.

  7. I love the new vase, really a good finish for the pinks you have today. Me too I am enjoying looking at bulbs down under and am finding it a helpful reminder to get some bulbs in the ground.

  8. Lovely new vase Christina. It is always hard to find ones that are narrow at the top, so I am sure it will be useful. I love those pink cosmos – they all look so fresh and are great for bringing a summery feeling into the house on a grey day. Hope your weather improves for the olive harvest!

    • I haven’t used the Cosmos anywhere near as much as I should have, Kris; I will definitely keep growing them especially as they go on producing flowers throughout the whole summer.

  9. Christina’s new silver vase is beautiful and looks great with white dahlias on the mantelpiece. Cosmos pink vase is very nice and cheerful. The elegans Zinnias both white and pink are divine. I hope the storm will not spoil their olives. Greetings from Margarita.

  10. Hi Christina – your cutting garden is still producing so many lovely flowers!! I have just left a long note for Cathy to say that I am sorry I have not been around for so many weeks, but my mother has been very unwell and as an only child it falls to me to be the carer, so the garden and blogging have fallen by the wayside for a while. Mike and I did talk about coming over to Rome this autumn and visiting you on our trip but all our travel plans are on on hold for the time being. I hope that you are both well and be assured that even when I am not commenting or blogging I am still popping in to see what you are up to on a regular basis. You have so many lovely flowers in your garden and it aways cheers me up to see your creations! Julie xx

    • I’m so sorry your mother has been unwell; as an only child myself I understand completely the pressures; it was only when my mother was nearing the end of her life that I regretted being an only child. I’m sure that she appreciates your care and attention. Your garden will be there when you can return to it and I’m sure you’ll have some different ideas after a break from it. All my good wishes to you and your mother.

  11. The silver vase is elegant. I find that tall, narrow shape to be quite useful. You seem unsatisfied with your arrangement but I beg to differ. The Monte Christo forms such a feathery fan around the cluster of denser material…quite successful, to my way of thinking.

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