In a Vase on Monday – A vase for all seasons

I’d like to thank all of you who left comments or sent emails to check that we were Okay after the earthquake yesterday morning.  I have to admit that this shock was terrifying!  It seemed to go on forever (probably in reality only a minute) and the house really shook this time; I believed that it wasn’t possible that it would stay standing after shaking so much; all my friends here said they had never experienced anything so strong.  What of course I was thinking of while it was happening was “where is the epicentre?” and ” I hope there is no loss of life”.  Thankfully most of the hill towns had already been evacuated after a couple of less shocks on Thursday evening.  My fear now is that these are not aftershocks but are all pre-shocks for something bigger; I hope that this isn’t the case.

My vase today is a celebration of all the flowers in the garden, not just the cut flower beds; as I showed in my last post the garden is revelling in the warm moist conditions and many plants are flowering again.

In a vase on Monday 31st October

In a vase on Monday 31st October

I used the lovely chunky crystal vase that I bought in Tuscany this summer.

Spiky cactus Dahlias are producing even more flowers now than in August

Spiky cactus Dahlias are producing even more flowers now than in August

Pink Chrysanthemums reveal it is indeed autumn

Pink Chrysanthemums reveal it is indeed autumn

Rosa 'Queen of Sweden' looks as fresh as it did in May

Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’ looks as fresh as it did in May

The Zinnias are only slowing down production a little but many of the leaves have mildew

The Zinnias are only slowing down production a little but many of the leaves have mildew

Pale pink and Crimson Antirrhinums add another touch of summer

Pale pink and Crimson Antirrhinums add another touch of summer

A big thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting; do visit to see what magic she has conjured.

61 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – A vase for all seasons

  1. Oh Christina, with being away I wasn’t up to date with news and hadn’t heard about yesterday’s tremors – I could read the fear in what you have just said but even so those of us not experiencing it for ourselves cannot really put ourselves in your shoes. I am so glad there has been no loss of life and hope that your fears that these were merely pre-shocks prove to be unfounded. Your confidently pink and chunky vase seems to be defying those lingering fears as the garden continues to stride through autumn – what a pretty selection of blooms you have chosen. Thank you for sharing them and for making the vase in the first place when you have other things on your mind. My thoughts are with you both

    • Because I haven’t grown up with earthquakes I don’t have that natural instinct but I really did feel panicky yesterday and did feel that leaving the house might be a good idea.

    • Hi Noelle, thanks for your good wishes; the quakes pass quite quickly so no excuse for not just getting on with everything! The Chrysanthemums are putting on quite a show at present.

  2. So glad to hear that you and yours are ok, it must have been such a worrying time for you and your neighbours. We see from the news that there are still after shocks, such a shame that so many beautiful buildings have collapsed, but thankfully no loss of life.
    Stay safe Christina, we’re thinking of you.

    • Thank you Pauline. It is hard to imagine what the quake must be like if you are close to the epicentre. (We are about 100 miles away). Luckily many of the towns are now empty as people find somewhere safer to live while the quakes continue.

  3. Glad to hear you are OK though I can barely imagine what it must have felt like and your continuing concern. So many times over the years I have gone into the garden to work or just sit to take my mind off of unsettling events. It provides so much more than just the flowers we arrange in our vases.

  4. I heard the news last night but didn’t realize that you were close enough to the epicenter to get shaken. I’m glad you came through the experience unharmed and that there seems to have been no loss of life but of course the loss of historic buildings, as well as homes, is tragic. We have public response exercises and planning on a routine basis here now, as warnings of a really big quake get louder with each passing year. There are even on-line models showing how quakes along selected faults will affect certain areas, all of which are scarier than any Halloween horror movie (or even our presidential election). We think we’re prepared but the truth is that only time will tell.

    On a more pleasant topic, your vase is beautiful! Your dahlias, zinnias and mums look terrific together. Best wishes for a calm week in the garden.

    • The tremors from this strong earthquake were felt over a huge area even into Slovenia and the south of Italy. The African tectonic plates are crashing (quite quickly) into Europe; apparently moving at a tenth of the speed that our finger nails grow – that sounds pretty fast to me!

  5. Christina have not heard the news. It must have been horrific earthquake that has suffered at home. Luckily it is well physically, because the shock soon pass. I sincerely hope that the tremors are not repeated. Thank God there has been no victims. I am so sorry. His vase is a beautiful ode to the life, wonderful color and beautiful flowers that remind the rebirth of Spring with Rosa “Queen of Sweden” and the heat of summer with antirrhinums pale pink and crimson. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. Glad you made it through the earthquake, having been through a hurricane a few weeks ago, I understand how you felt experiencing Mother Nature at her worst. It reminds me of how the Greeks thought of their Gods throwing bolts of lightening down.

    I think your vase is Mother Nature at her best, just beautiful and I love the Pink Mums!

    • When you grow up believing that the earth is solid beneath your feet it is terrifying when it shakes. It is lovely that so many of my blogging friends have been thinking of me.

        • I don’t really react like my Italian friends; and it isn’t bravery but a kind of in-credulousness that the quake is really happening. The one on Sunday morning was the first where I’ve felt that maybe I should leave the house – but I didn’t!

  7. I am so glad to know that you are ok – it must be a terrifying experience and I am so sorry to see all those poor people on the news who were so badly affected. I do hope that is the end of these quakes and tremors. I am so impressed that you still managed to make such a beautiful vase.
    J xx

    • Thank you Julie, yes it is terrible the number of people who have been made homeless and many are just too scared to return to their homes at present. The loss of many historic buildings is very sad and although the government says it will rebuild I don’t believe that they have the money available for such major work in the economic climate that exists here. Picking and arranging flowers is always a calming thing to do.

  8. I am glad you are far enough away from the epicentre Christina, but it has been terrible seeing pictures of those destroyed villages and lives. I hope you are wrong and that these really are aftershocks, which can often be as strong as the first quake. Your vase is lovely – romantic pinks and reds are especially appealing when we are surrounded by yellows and oranges everywhere in this season. The cactus dahlia is really pretty and I am not surprised when looking at it up close that many people thought my cactus zinnia was indeed a dahlia!

    • We live in an active seismic area so I think we have to get used to more frequent quakes; the tectonic plates are going through a phase of movement; the epicentres seem to be mostly in the Apennines. It is interesting how similar some Zinnias are to Dahlias, some of my very double almost pom-pom Zinnias look just like Dahlias too so it isn’t just the Cactus varieties.

  9. How terrifying it must have been for you and how worrying. Italy is certainly taking a battering this year. I gather these quakes cause a domino effect and that is why there are after shocks.
    But what an abundance of flowers you have for your vases. No November gloom in your garden.

    • I’m really pleased with the vase, the shape is really good for arranging and it is heavy so even if the flowers are tall it doesn’t over balance. I bought it in a crystal outlet store. Hopefully we’ll go back next year.

    • It is scary; all the information seems to suggest that there will be a larger quake in the same area as the others because the lower depth of the fault line is still attached. I have my fingers crossed that it is in the same area because everyone has left their homes so that there shouldn’t be any fatalities.

  10. So glad to read that you are safe and sound Christina. I’ve tried to comment before but managed to lock myself out of my WordPress account 😦 Not sure how but full service has now been restored. I was away visiting my Mum last weekend and didn’t know anything about the last earthquake until my sister texted me to let me know that my Italian cousins and their families were all ok. It must be quite disconcerting to live with such an ever present risk. I imagine that it must have been quite reassuring to put your vase together. ‘The Queen of Sweden’ looks like a most attractive rose. Does she last long once cut?

    • I never find roses last very long in a vase for me. Sometimes I put the cut stem in a flame to seal it and they last a bit longer then; these dropped their petals after a couple of days.

  11. I am so glad to hear that you are safe. Such a frightening time. I’ve been watching the news is despair at the poor people who have lost their homes. What a blessing there were no fatalities this time. I am pleased to see your vase of flowers. It’s comforting to continue with familiar routines when frightening things are happening all around. Much love- Karen x

    • Thanks Karen, I can’t really imagine how awful it must be to be close to the epicentre of of a quake. We are about 100 miles away and as I described it was very strong with the house shaking, I’m amazed that there doesn’t appear to be any damage.

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