In a vase on Monday – Homage to autumn

Another bright and sunny day here in central Italy, that said there was rain for a lot of the weekend and very heavy rain through the night.

But there is no denying that autumn is in the air, I therefore decided that I would celebrate the season with a vase of seed-heads and fruits.

But first I really couldn’t ignore the Zinnias, if you’d like to see them in the garden I posted about them here.

The last Zinnias of the season? - maybe

The last Zinnias of the season? – maybe

I added a few stems of green Chrysanthemum and Salvia from the garden

I added a few stems of green Chrysanthemum and Salvia from the garden


Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’

Yesterday my husband came home from hospital after having a knee replacement operation.  With the wonderful physiotherapy that he had in hospital he was raring to go for a walk, despite grey skies and showers.  I took the opportunity to pick some Rosa canina hips and stems of Euonymus europaeus heavy with their crimson and orange fruits.

In a vase on Monday - the fruits of the season

In a vase on Monday – the fruits of the season

To add a slightly more solid accent I picked three seed-heads of Echinacea from the cut flower beds.  I picked but decided against using a stem of Arbutus with flowers and fruits; that will find a home in a different vase.

I collected the dog rose (Rosa canina) hips while walking yesterday

I collected the dog rose (Rosa canina) hips while walking yesterday

Euonymus europaeus, isn't nature wonderful to put orange and crimson together?

Euonymus europaeus, isn’t nature wonderful to put orange and crimson together?

With my thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this popular Monday challenge.

Tomorrow is Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day (GBFD) here at My Hesperides Garden I do hope you will be able to join me.

34 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Homage to autumn

  1. Both arrangements are beautiful. Your zinnias have really been wonderful this year. (A freeze a couple of weeks ago ended mine for the season). I love the strong architectural look of the rose hips and Euonymus arrangement. Glad R. is doing well after is surgery.

  2. Is this your husband’s second knee that has been done – that was what he had done before, wasn’t it? Hope it has all gone well and progress is speedy. I love your berry and seedhead vase – I have deliberately not cut back my sunflowers yet because of the heads (mostly Italian White) which I have used increasingly in vases. There will perhaps be a hint of sadness in your zinnia vase possibly beng the last for this year, although we know now that there will seasonal replacements throughout the winter. That salvia is gorgeous and your phot captures it beautifully. Thanks for sharing, as always

    • Yes, Cathy this is his other knee – this one was damaged because the other wasn’t taking much weight over so many years; the initial damage to the first knee was done 40 years ago when he was a student. Thanks for your good wishes. The Salvia actually does better in autumn when there is more water than it does in summer, it is a wonderful blue. Italian White was a success for me; next year I don’t think I’ll grow any of the very large headed varieties or I might just sow the seed that’s left and see what happens.

  3. It’s s amazing having zinnias in bloom still so late in the year.
    I love your vase of foraged fruit. I made a similar vase after a walk myself recently. As gardeners we can’t stop looking around to see what would look good in a vase even when out and about. I hope you had your secateurs with you,, I got badly pricked picking my rosehips.

  4. Your zinnias never fail to impress, Christina. I love the rose hips – maybe the memory of yours will stop my hand the next time I move to clip the dead flowers off my rose shrubs to toss in the compost bin.

  5. Christina her Zinnias are beautiful in every color. I think they will throw some more flowers this Autumn !! Salvia “Indigo Spiers” has a fascinating color. The fall arrangement is beautiful. Canine Rose I love it. I hope your husband will recover soon. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. I just love the Euonymus berries – those colours are one of the loveliest combinations nature has to offer! It does look autumnal with your last zinnias and the Chrysanthemum. Very pretty. 🙂

  7. These vases are lovely – love the zinnias and i’m definitely going to plant them next year. And of course, I’d love the salvia as I love purples 🙂

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