In a Vase on Monday – a simple treasure

I imagine that today there will be many Advent Crowns for IaVoM the weekly meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the garden where she asks us to pick material from our own gardens or surrounding area to put in a vase for our homes.

I had intended to make an Advent Crown myself but time disappeared so instead I picked a beautiful re-flowering bearded Iris.  It flowered at this time of year last year too.  The stem has 5 flowers and there was a separate lower stem with a single bloom which I left in the garden.

Iris 'Pure as Gold'

Iris ‘Pure as Gold’

Iris 'Pure as Gold'

Iris ‘Pure as Gold’

Iris 'Pure as Gold'

Iris ‘Pure as Gold’

I love all the bearded Irises when they flower in spring but this late treasure gives an additional joy for being the only one!

Thanks to Cathy for hosting, do visit to see what treasures others have found in their gardens today; Cath in New Zealand has a wonderfully sumptuous vase of roses that I could almost smell!


38 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – a simple treasure

  1. What a beautiful frilly Iris! Certainly that doesn’t seem like an Autumn flower. I should try again with these and be more careful with the drainage – I lost the last ones, I think they rotted away in a wet winter.

  2. After 4 days without heating (new boiler, DIY job!) my mind is on a go-slow and hadn’t even considered that it was the start of Advent. Now the boiler is up and running and I am thawing out I can at least see that it’s nearly time I thought about a wreath for the front door, particularly as we are away at the w/e… In the meantime your iris is like ray of warm sunshine – and for me I prefer the bearded iris cut rather than as a plant and yours look so stylish in this simple and elegant square vase. And your photos of it are perfect!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the Iris I saw it in the garden last week but was waiting for the first flower to open properly before cutting it – today, right on cue, it opened. I hope the other blooms open too. I’ve also just cut some roses as we’re promised sub-zero temperatures tonight and tomorrow. I’m glad, too, that your boiler has been mended!

  3. Gorgeous Iris Christina. Our garden is also clay like Cath’s and yet some of our bearded Iris do very well year after year particularly those in the sunnier drier areas next to a yew hedge. How amazing to still have them in flower now. They are very fleeting here!

  4. Christina that bearded Iris Gorgeous. The yellow color it has is very beautiful. I love the Iris. My soil is argillaceous and bloom all the years without problems: that in full sun and in the upper part of the garden, where the earth is drier. So his Iris flowers now and then in spring. Their plants are incredible. They are the care of its owner. Greetings from Margarita.

      • Yes, because although in Winter it is very cold, in Summer the temperatures are pleasant. But you can not trust, because suddenly the temperature changes and in the middle of Summer you are 10º Centigrade for the day. It is a mountain climate. But the Iris have grown accustomed and bloom every year. They are beautiful, I love them. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. Such a lovely iris – like an exuberance of egg-yolk, so rich in colour and cheerful! How wonderful that it has flowered for you at this time of year, and even better that it has been thoughtful enough to give an extra stem for a vase.

    • When I bought it, it was labeled as being repeat flowering but if it takes until November here I rather doubt it would manage to do it in the UK. It is a real treat and I’m pleased to say the lower blooms are also beginning to open in the warmth of the room.

  6. Sometimes I think a single flower stem is the best way to enjoy a bloom as special as this. Each blossom is short-lived but, in my experience, even the tightest buds will open eventually, making for long-lasting pleasure. I have several that were billed as repeat bloomers but have never done so. Oh well, May is a glorious month.

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