Tuesday View 6th December plus 360°

Yesterday the weather was glorious, warm, blue skies and sunshine, perfect for planting bulbs!  But other things got in the way so it was today I was outside planting tulips.  The day was grey with only a few glimpses of the sun all day and it was damp cold.  

The Tuesday View is becoming very similar each week so I’ll try to make the post more interesting each week by adding other things to it.

Tuesday View 6th December

Tuesday View 6th December

This week I thought I’d show you a 360° ‘stuck foot’ standing where I take the Tuesday view.

Below: Looking along the Large Island with the Upper Slope border to the left.

A few degrees anti clockwise

A few degrees anti clockwise

about 90 degrees ante clockwise

about 90 degrees ante clockwise

Iris ‘Pure as Gold’ hasn’t spoilt too much in the frost last Tuesday.

About 7 o' clock

About 7 o’ clock with part of what was The circular Rose bed

Facing directly back from the usual view

Facing directly back from the usual view

More of the ex-Circular rose bed plus the ex-small island.

3 o'clock, looking across the Evergreen borders to the east

3 o’clock, looking across the Evergreen borders to the east (ie a three quarter turn to the left or a quarter turn to the right).

Hope that all makes sense.  Enjoy your week.

26 thoughts on “Tuesday View 6th December plus 360°

  1. There’s such a wonderful feeling of space in your photos, Christina! By contrast to where we formerly lived, I initially felt we had a lot of breathing room when we moved to our current location but the truth is we still have houses crowding us from all sides. I know you have neighbors too but I envy the distance you have from them.

    • Our nearest house is about 200 yards away, the others and there aren’t many are much more. I appreciate that we are lucky although the farming that is now going on around us is not so pleasant as before.

  2. A great idea doing a stuck foot view. Have you thought of doing a plan? I am thinking of downloading a Google map and seeing if I can make a garden plan. I don’ t know whether I can do the technology though.

    • I’ve thought of doing a plan but I’m not convinced it would be worth the time required to do it. In truth a lot of people don’t understand plans very well. But I will do more stuck foot posts from different places in the garden.

  3. Christina the View of Tuesday is beautiful and only reveals that it is December the leafless tree. The Iris “pure as gold” continues to bloom divine among the green of the soil. Still has roses in bloom: how pretty. And all perennials are green and full of life. I love all the views of the garden that continue with each other but with small changes: it is a very well studied and structured garden. Wonderful. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Aha! I have finally found a way to keep up with you via email. If I leave a comment, I get an email telling me that you have approved it and a link back to your reply. You have so much beauty no matter where you look…even, or maybe especially, in winter.

  5. You have great winter structure and interest. Lovely views all around, even what little I can see beyond the garden. Sadly, I have several neighbors with yards littered in junk to varying degrees. I’m working on blocking those views.

  6. Oh yes, that makes sense and puts things into proportion. Sometimes I forget what is where! You have lovely views in all directions from that point and I shall look forward to some more stuck foot posts!

    • We’re lucky not to be surrounded by many houses so the views to the west are especially free of things I want to hide. You have woodland which is also lovely and must protect you from the prevailing winds.

  7. What a diverse tapestry you have across the garden, the 360 really shows it all off!
    It’s amazing how much you have accomplished in the garden over a relatively short span of time. I’m thinking back to the ’empty slate’ photos you once showed from when you first moved in, what a change.

    • It has surprised me how quickly the trees have established and grown and how mature the garden feels now. I wish I’d planted more trees right at the beginning but I wasn’t convinced they would grow as quickly so went for shrubs instead which actually seem to grow more slowly.

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