It snowed!

Today had been forecast to be a very cold day with gale force winds from the north and temperatures not rising above zero centigrade for the whole 24 hours with a low of minus 8°C.  Much colder than it has been for several years.

What hadn’t been predicted for today was SNOW, so it was quite a surprise when I opened the internal shutters and discovered a white world outside.  To be honest the wind had blown a lot of the snow away so I don’t think there could have been more than a few centimetres and what was left was just very icy crystals rather than soft flakes.

From the bedroom window looking south

From the bedroom window looking south

From the bedroom window looking south east

From the bedroom window looking south east

Above: You can see that the wisteria is in need of its winter pruning, but all that wispy growth gave much needed shade in summer.  You can also see where the broccoli has been harvested and all those still left.  I couldn’t avoid the sun on the camera lens, sorry.

Looking towards the west

Looking towards the west

This is the right hand path off the front terrace, the wisteria leaves on the pillars are still hanging on but they have all gone from the top of the pergola

This is the right hand path off the front terrace, the wisteria leaves on the pillars are still hanging on but they have all gone from the top of the pergola

I’m sure those of you who live where there is snow several feet thick all winter are smiling at my excitement over this thin skim of white but it is an usual occurrence here.

I hope you are all keeping warm and please, those of you in the Southern Hemisphere,  post some summery images!

47 thoughts on “It snowed!

  1. The views of your garden look very chilly today, best enjoyed from the comfort of a warm home. I guess in some cultures there’ll be a special word for this sort of wind blown, icy snow?

    • I’m sure you’re right; I just went out to pick the Anemones (I don’t think they would survive such a cold wind) and my hands were frozen within seconds. But the sun id warm through the windows and is melting the snow it reaches, the wind should at least dry the terrace and drive so they shouldn’t be too icy.

  2. Keep warm and cosy Christina, that must have been a bit of a shock! No snow in our corner of the country so far and the lowest temp. was minus 7 C on Monday night..

    • On the hills (small mountains depending on where you’re from) there is some snow most years but actually where we live, it probably only snows once every three years or so. As long as the power doesn’t go off I don’t mind if we’re snowed in for a few days. I’ve stocked up on flour and yeast so I can make bread.

  3. Your garden looks lovely in the snow too Christina. I love the views from your windows. I can imagine how shocked you were if you weren’t warned about it! Relentless rain here today which is very necessary but quite gloomy!

  4. Christina keep warm with the fireplace and stock up on firewood indoors. Your garden looks beautiful snowed: the photos are heavenly. Sorry for some plant that is not going to have fun with those -8 ° C. Snow is fun! Even if I’m careful to step on it if it’s freezing: it slides more than ice, I know from experience. I am in Madrid: my garden will be snowy and only. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. No. It is very cold but the layer of pollution that is on Madrid I do not think I let the snow in. In the Sierra it has snowed: it is only 65 kilometers to the ski slopes of the center of Madrid. Christina is well cuddled. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. Oh wow that is so cool to look at there in your garden….we had a thaw so we have about as much as you do as the temps are in the 20s here….stay warm and enjoy the view!

  7. It seems everyone all over the world is having unusual weather of late. I love seeing the second story view of your garden. It gives such a different perspective. It’s lovely!

    • Happy New Year to you too Nedezda. It is very unusual for us to have cold weather for very long. It usually only snows once every three years. I’m not worried about my plants as I’ve always planted knowing that it is sometimes this cold. Minus 18°C is very cold, I can’t really imagine what it is like to live in that temperature.

  8. Christina, I know exactly the excitement you feel! We had about the same amount of snow here, too! I just put a new post up with icy images. Schools and many businesses were closed yesterday in anticipation of our snow event. People farther north laugh at us, but icy roads can be very dangerous. No one here has snow equipment, and many people have little experience driving on icy roads. So when we get snow here, people stay home and treat it as a holiday.

    • People who live where there is always a lot of snow in winter are usually well prepared, with snow tyres and public serviced geared to deal with everything. Our gardens look pretty for a while but I am glad the snow doesn’t last long here; it all becomes rather bleak.

  9. Oh yes, very clear structure and layout visible with that bit of snow and height. It looks lovely. I was just wondering about winter pruning our wisteria since our temperatures are hovering around 10 deg C.

    • I usually prune my Wisteria whenever there is a nice sunny, not windy day in January or February. It is unusual that there are still some leaves albeit on the stems near the pillars.

  10. I love to see the structure of a pruned and bare wisteria. How long did your snow dusting last (although with low temps you might still have it, I suppose)?

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