In a vase on Monday – A little touch of spring

My title for today’s ‘In a vase on Monday’, host by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, is of course not a statement about the weather out in the garden where all remains very cold and wintry! 

I picked the Anemones on Friday morning as I thought the snow and icy wind would destroy them, so I have been enjoying their saturated colour in their little vase all weekend.

Anenome coronaria

Anenome coronaria

Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’ were planted in the greenhouse on the 12th December after being placed in the fridge when they were delivered in September.  The jury is still out as to whether we like their perfume but their jolly blooms are certainly cheering on a cold January morning.

Narcissus 'Paperwhite'

Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’

the last of the three vases still has the, now, dried stem of Eryngium alpinum; I like the form of the tight dried flowers in contrast to the soft petals of the other flowers.

In a vase, or three, on Monday

In a vase, or three, on Monday

The evergreen arrangement from last week is still looking fresh although the flowers soon died as I didn’t replenish the small container of water quickly enough.  The stems of the evergreens drink much more water than I realised.

Thanks go to Cathy for hosting and encouraging us to search our gardens for material for a vase each Monday.  What can you find today?


48 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – A little touch of spring

    • Almost every year I think I won’t grow ‘Paperwhites’ but if I didn’t there wouldn’t be fresh flowers in the house in January as little else can be relied on to flower. Roll on the tulips!

  1. A beautiful trio, Christina, well done. Had Paperwhite in the house last year but couldn’t bear the scent indoors for long. So you have snow and ice – maybe the right time to try an ice vase 🙂

    • I certainly have plenty of hips, berries and seedheads for an ice vase Annette so you never know! I’ve got used to the Paperwhites or they’ve lost their perfume a bit now; if there were something as reliable to flower I would grow that.

  2. Thank you Christina, the glimpse into spring is heart-warming this morning. Beautiful anemones–the colors are so rich–and the paperwhites look lovely. I don’t mind their fragrance, at least from this distance I think not.

    • It is nice to have a reprieve from the wintry weather by having some fresh flowers in the kitchen; ai suspect that the next few weeks will either be evergreens or dried flowers.

  3. Oh such a delightful sight, Christina – the colour of the anemones is pure joy and the tall glass vase is absolutely perfect for the Paperwhites. Last year and this I bought Erlicheer and Grand Soleil d’Or as alternatives to Paperwhites and found last year that the fragrance was more acceptable. Strangely the PN catalogue says their flowering time is Feb-March but that they should flower 8 weeks after planting – my first batch was planted in mid Oct, so when will they flower?! Ho hum 😉 Thanks for sharing – and perhaps we will all be surprised by something unexpected to put in our vases next week!

  4. I love paperwhites but they do have a strong scent. I always put them in the front hallway so we get a blast of flowery scent when we go in and out. Otherwise we find it too overpowering to have near us. They are the perfect post-Christmas flower.

  5. That Anemone is such a luscious deep pink! Lovely to see some colour, and glad you saved these from the cold snap. And the tall square vase is ideal for showing off the paperwhites – I wish I could bear to have them indoors, and hyacinths too, but we both have sensitive noses!

    • Strangely being in the kitchen with these Paperwhites all day, I can’t actually smell them any more, we’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow morning; like you Hyacinths indoors are just a step too far!

  6. A lovely complimentary trio Christina – I particularly like the inclusion of the dried Eryngium alpinum. Oh how jealous I am of your anemones – I do love these little flowers with their jewel like colours – mine will not flower until the spring time. I hope you are keeping well – I saw that you had snow which must have been most unexpected – we are expecting some later this week but whether it will arrive remains to be seen. xx

    • I think any more Anemones are now on hold until the days at least warm up; we’ve had several days when the temperature hasn’t risen above Zero, which is unusual. I sowed some more the the Eryngium in autumn that are making nice little plants so hopefully there’ll be plenty more flowers from these this year.

  7. I love the jewel-toned anemones. I don’t mind the smell of paper whites, but my spouse does, so I’ve not tortured him with the scent in many years. I do miss them however! The golden ones (hard to find) smell nicer.

  8. One day, one day I will own a greenhouse and grow paperwhites! Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy yours and everyone else’s with wistful eyes. I didn’t know they smelt ‘challenging’… I wouldn’t let that put me off, but then I am blissfully ignorant of the reality.
    Those anenomes are delightful, and the colours are so rich.

  9. Christina had three wonderful vases. The strong and cheerful colors of the Anemones makes it look like we are in January. The Daffodils are beautiful or not. And I like the contrast with the Eryngium: it gives a special text. I hope that the cold wave that sweeps Italy is not causing much discomfort. Greetings from Margarita.

    • It is the coldest it has been for several years Margarita but it is good for the garden and the sun is shining and the fire is comforting to sit near. You keep warm too.

  10. The 3 vases are especially effective shown together, Christina. I’m envious of the anemones as I said earlier, although I did spy a little of their tell-tale foliage in my own garden this weekend so, just maybe, this rain we’ve been getting will encourage them to show themselves this year. As to the Narcissus, I have some of that in my vases this week, including some right here at my desk as I type – the scent can get a little cloying, can’t it?

    • I hope you’re right and you have some Anemone flowers this year, they are one of my favourite flowers for a vase. I seem to be slightly immune to the scent of the Paperwhites as time passes, I didn’t notice them at all when I walked into the kitchen this morning.

  11. The anenome colours are so rich, aren’t they. A good idea to bring them in. I think I like the paperwhite perfume but I forgot to plant any this year so I can’t remember! I’ll make a note for next year…

    • Hello Alison, yes, I just love the rich colours of the Anemone, one of the flowers I used to search out when I bought cut flowers instead of growing them as I do now. Where do you garden?

  12. A lovely combination of colour and texture. The dried flowers set the fresh off nicely. Your Paperwhites are just lovely, my mother adored them and always had a pot after the holidays. I am not a lover of the scent! I am not sure I could grow those here at all!

      • Probably or some dramatic refrigeration ordeal I would forget about. I looked around for some prechilled bulbs (which are easily found further north) and there were none to be found, either I missed them or they don’t exist.

  13. Oh how exciting to have such treasures to fill vases with Christina. I’m another one of the can’t abide the smell of the Paperwhites brigade so I’m content to admire them from afar. I have asthma and they have made me wheeze 😦 I saw my Italian cousins last week – one of them was heading for Amatrice at the weekend. I imagine that she would have been rather chilly.

  14. Your anemones are lovely to see; I am curious whether they will naturalize in your garden? I am not even trying them here at present, as I can’t imagine they would come back for me, but I might be wrong…
    Like Cathy, I think your square vase is perfect with the paperwhites 🙂 If the scent does become a problem, there are a couple of varieties said to be milder; in addition to the so-called Chinese Sacred Lily (W-Y), my supplier lists Bethlehem ‘Nony’ (W-Y) and Inbal (W-W, and said to be the least fragrant). I’ve not tried them myself so can’t give any direct information, but they might make a good alternative to the standard variety 🙂

    • I’ve had some of the Anemones for 3 or 4 years. They produce seed and I know a couple have germinated and grown as I’ve had flowers where I know I haven’t planted them. I’ve collected the seed too but haven’t had any success. I’ll try again.

  15. This is gorgeous Christina. The contrast of the white Narcissi and the colourful Anemones is lovely. That reminds me I must get out into the garden in daylight this weekend and see whether there are any signs of my Anemones coming through!

    • Thank you, I think in the UK the Anemones will be more likely to flower in early spring; even here in Italy a friend who grows them naturalised in grass says they flower in spring rather than winter; I’m not sure why mine flower so early.

    • It’s blowy and cold here too; I went out at 6pm yesterday (dentist – don’t ask!) and it was already minus 1°C! This is already the coldest winter I can remember here.

  16. Cristina, I love your vase with daffodils. This Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’ I have put in cold place too for forcing them. Now they have very small sprout. Yours are beautiful!

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