In a vase on Monday – Bounty!!

No, not the bounty you eat, but vases of tulips to enjoy.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden has some gorgeous Iris today, I have too few of those to pick but I do have more tulips.

Last week’s vase is still brightening the kitchen and will probably last another couple of days.

Last week's vase with a vase of Paper White behind

Last week’s vase with a vase of Paper White behind

I love the way the colours have faded and the blooms have opened much more to reveal their centres.

In a vase on Monday 1

In a vase on Monday 1

For a slightly less tradition vase of tulips I used my mid-size rectangular vase with some pebbles in the base.  Rosemary stems have been placed in the front of the vase to add some interest within the vase itself.

Also in the vase Rosemary and more Paperwhite narcissus

Also in the vase Rosemary and more Paperwhite narcissus

Negrita Double was planted on 29th November and Design Impression on 6th December; both had been chilled from 21st September until planting.  I picked the flowers on Saturday,  wrapped them in newspaper with water up to their heads until yesterday afternoon; this treatment usually means they stay straighter for longer but it hasn’t worked on this occasion.

Tulips Double Negrita and Design Impression

Tulips Double Negrita and Design Impression

In a vase on Monday 1

In a vase on Monday 1

This vase sits on the sideboard.

In a vase on Monday 2

In a vase on Monday 2

T. Brown Sugar and T. Orange Emperor are similar hues when their buds first open but Brown Sugar deepens first and then fades whereas Orange Emperor strengthens in orange and its petals open wide with a deeper orange around the rim (see last week’s vase above).

A mix of T. Brown Sugar and T. Orange Emperor

A mix of T. Brown Sugar and T. Orange Emperor

Both tulips were planted on the 29th November and had been chilled for 10 weeks.


These are on the dining room table.

Do visit Cathy to see her flowers today and vases from around the world.

Have a lovely week.

44 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Bounty!!

  1. More lovely tulips. They look fabulous with the rosemary and I love the way you use the pebbles in the glass. It’s amazing how last week’s vase still looks so good. On your recommendation I have planted Brown Sugar and I am looking forward to the gorgeous blooms.

    • Hi Linda, how are you? Yes, I think tulips are my favourite flowers because of the way they change so beautifully throughout their flowering life. The tulips in the rectangular vase are already growing taller and standing above the rosemary, I’ll have to show it again in a couple of days.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying my tulips too. They are such a wonderful flower. I’ve seen lots of signs of shoots in the garden too so tulips season outside might be earlier than usual.

  2. That is good staying power for a vase, isn’t it? My snowdrops from last week lasted about 5 days, which is more than I thought they might. Shame your attemps to keep the tulips upright wasn’t 100% successful but even though you say or rectangular arrangement was traditional I think it is absolutely delightful and the rosemary definitely enhances the blooms – and the subtle differences in your second vase for today works really well too. How lovely to have all these tulips to cut!! 🙂

    • There really are probably too many tulips (am I kidding myself, I couldn’t possibly have too many tulips); but maybe I should stagger the planting more than I did. I have one batch of bulbs still to plant I want to see if they grow and flower much more quickly with longer chilling and (hopefully) warmer temperatures. The tulips I arranged yesterday afternoon are already growing and standing up a little better. Tulips are one of the longest lasting flowers in a vase for me. The vase from two weeks ago lasted a good ten days.

  3. Your tulips are always stunning, Christina, even when they dare to disobey instructions – I quite like the way that in one single vase they have bent their necks like swans. I shall have to try wrapping and emersing a bunch to see if it works for me.

  4. Christina the vase from last week remains precious. This week you have overcome. I love the use of pebbles and the rosemary on the front of the vase 1. The double-breasted Tulipan has a fabulous color. The vase 2 is lovely and I really like the Tulipan Brown sugar: its color is so nice and soft. Thank you for brightening your day with your beautiful tulips. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. I’d say that my envy is peaking but, as I expect your tulips will just keep coming, that may be premature. You’ve created such lovely combinations, Christina! I like the rosemary and Narcissi with the purple and pink tulips a lot but I absolutely love the colors in the ‘Brown Sugar’/’Orange Emperor’ mix. Well done!

  6. How exciting to have tulips so early Christina! I love all the colours and really like the bendy stems in your first vase! My tulips are just poking through so I will have a few weeks yet to wait before I can share vases of such beauty! xx

    • This is my third vase of tulips Julie. you could easily have them this early too; it is only a matter of chilling the bulbs before planting them. They are in pots in my greenhouse kept frost-free. I think if December and January had been a little warmer I would have had flowers at the beginning of January.

  7. Tulips are as elegant in death as when in full bloom. I love the stamens (pistils?) left behind after the petals fall. I think the arching stems in the square vase are perfect: they have a certain musical quality about them.

  8. Oh what a feast for the eyes Christina. I don’t know if you know but tulip petals are edible so you have a double bounty. I’ve nibbled on them with caution in the past but can’t see them featuring regularly in my diet.

    • Not luck, anybody with a greenhouse kept about freezing could have tulips early. The secret isn’t heat but chilling. Tulips won’t push up flowering stems until they’ve had 10 weeks of below 10°C temperatures. In the garden the tulips that are coming up are those that had the longest chilling; some planted just a couple of weeks ago are already through whereas those that were in the ground from past years still aren’t showing.

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