In a vase on Monday – Tulips season continues

OK, so I know I am a bit obsessed with tulips; but when a flower has so many different colours to choose from, and the different varieties flower over such a long period AND you can control their flowering to some extent I don’t think my obsession is so hard to understand.

To begin, here is last week’s vase.

Last week's vase 13th February

Last week’s vase 13th February

Only one of T. Design Impression remains and that was added later

Only one of T. Design Impression remains and that was added later

While T. Design Impression is a very beautiful tulip with a beautiful silky sheen it wasn’t a very successful cut flower.  The stems were long but weak and they continued to bend their heads even after being conditioned by being wrapped in newspaper and being placed in water up to their heads for 24 hours. I will let you know how those planted into the garden compare.

T. Double Negita opened fully to reveal its white throat.

T. Double Negrita opened fully to reveal its white throat.

Double Negrita performed much better, which doesn’t surprise me as the single Negrita is one of the longest flowering in the garden and the best for returning year on year.

I have had a little vase with odd tulips and narcissus that have not flowered with the others in their pots in the kitchen all week, changing the flowers as their deteriorated.

a mix of tulips

a mix of tulips



Today’s vase has two new tulips.

In a vase on Monday 20th February

In a vase on Monday 20th February

Lonicera fragrantissima

Lonicera fragrantissima

Lonicera fragrantissima has been filling the garden with perfume since the beginning of January, this is the first time I’ve picked some to bring inside.  It is my favourite flower perfume of all.

Tulip Mount Tacoma

Tulip Mount Tacoma

This is the second year I’ve grown Mount Tacoma; these were planted into pots on 16th November after being chilled for 10 weeks.

Tulip La Belle Epoque

Tulip La Belle Epoque

I haven’t grown La Belle Epoque before but from first appearances I’m pleased I have.  The stems were long and strong and the initial colour is a beautiful two tone shade of peach with varying degrees of green flaming.  It was planted on the 12th December.



Tulip La Belle Epoque with Teucrium and Tulip Mount Tacoma

Tulip La Belle Epoque with Teucrium and Tulip Mount Tacoma

With my thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this addictive meme.  Do visit her to see masses of other vases to fill you with joy on Monday.

Wednesday is Garden Bloggers’ Foliage Day here at My Hesperides Garden where I ask you to appreciate your foliage rather than your blooms.  I look forward to seeing your posts.

45 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Tulips season continues

    • Thank you Kate; although I’m not sure about the expertise, I just keep trying new things and noting what happens; I’ve learnt a huge amount in the last couple of years but as with all gardening there is always more to learn.

  1. Have to agree, La Belle Epoque is lovely and such a dreamy colour and agree with Kate too as this is one of many nice things about blogging, sharing experiences and reading others with more experience. How lovely that you have Larkspur in flower, I can’t imagine that for sometime here, despite a rocket in temps to 16c today, back down to UK chill by the weekend though.

    • The Larkspur seeded in the garden last October. I couldn’t imagine they would survive winter (I was wrong) so I lifted some and potted them up in the greenhouse. They are now in the cold frame just beginning to flower. I doubt they will get inti the ground!

  2. You are really whetting my appetite for my own tulips, Christina, but they are many weeks off yet, including those in the greenhouse – I will just have to enjoy yours in the meantime so keep them coming! I really like La Belle Epoque too – it’s good to be able to see different varieties that we might choose to grow in the future. Wonderful to see Larkspur in February!

    • Yes, I see new varieties on other sites; I think Julie at Peonies and Posies showed La Belle Epoque last year. As to the Larkspur, see my reply to Julie below. If you chilled your tulips you could probably have them flowering earlier.

      • There wouldn’t have been room in my fridge for all the tulips! Actually some of the potted ones were put in the fridge for a few weeks which probably means they will flower at exactly the same time as the ones planted a few weeks earlier 🙂

  3. Christina her vase from last week is beautiful: the Tulip Print Design that she has added is divine. Your vase this week is wonderful. I imagine the intense perfume that will give the Lonicera fragantissima. The Tulip “La Belle Epoque” has a very beautiful color: in a variety to remember and to plant. Thank you for your beautiful bouquets. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. No apologies are necessary for your obsession with your tulips – I’m more than a little obsessed with your tulips myself! How I wish I could grow them reliably here. Our local nurseries have taken to selling 6-packs of sprouted tulips. I’ve bought these before to give myself a little tulip fix but, of course, they aren’t exotic varieties and we still face challenges with dry winds and flash heatwaves. With all the rain we’ve had, they might have been a better bet this year but I lost that opportunity so I’ll just enjoy yours!

  5. I can’t remember which tulips I planted last fall but they’re just starting to peek out of the ground, some in places where the squirrels decided to replant them (argh!) Yours are stunning. La Belle Epoque is certainly a sweet color and Mt. Tacoma has an almost magnolia-like appearance. Since I live in Tacoma, perhaps I’ll grow that one next season.

  6. Pots of tulips at the entrance to our deck were the stars of the show last year. I did nothing with them over the winter and they seem to be coming along. That surprises me but now I’m hoping for at least a few blooms this second year. Nothing like your bounty though.

  7. La belle epoch is a scrumptious colour, I don’t blame you at all for being obsessed with tulips, it’s entirely understandable. I love the lonicera too and am delighted to have my first ever plant flowering.

  8. Lovely to see your beautiful tulips Christina – all the better for being so early. I think I need to squeeze an extra fridge in somewhere if I am going to chill some tulips in the autumn as our kitchen fridge is always overflowing. La Belle Epoque was my joint favourite with Charming Lady last year. I have planted a few new varieties this year so I am waiting to see what steals my heart this April – till then I will enjoy yours!

    • I have an empty fridge in our property in town so the tulips were there (filling it, I have to admit). I’m hoping to have an outside kitchen built here so then the fridge for that can be for seeds and bulbs when it isn’t summer. I saw your lovely La Belle Epoque and Charming Lady last year which was why I ordered them, I’m not disappointed.

  9. So many lovely varieties of tulips! I will definitely be stopping by this post again in a few months’ time when it’s time to buy bulbs. And lovely to see the larkspur- are these the self-seeded ones you potted up?

  10. Such flamboyant creatures, Christina, and they die so beautifully too. I can understand your obsession very well and await mine with impatience. Rosemary is flowering here as well but larkspur, no way.

  11. Wonderful to see your tulips together with teucrium and winter honeysuckle. That won’t be happening here! I grew Belle Epoque last year in pots and was impressed with how long they lasted (more Moulin Rouge by the end though). It’s very instructive to see your previous vases as they go over. You seem to have a strong scientific bent.

  12. I will be feasting my eyes on your tulips this spring Christina so please don’t apologise. With all that has been happening lately I did not get round to planting the bulbs I ordered last year 😦 ‘Mount Tacoma’ was the very first tulip I ever grew and I am most partial. It reminds me of a peony when fully blown. I grew ‘La Belle Epoque’ last year and if I remember I loved the shades of colour but was disappointed that the flowers did not all turn out double. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beauties.

    • I’m glad I’ll be giving you some pleasure! I’ll let you know how La Belle Epoque continues, so far I’m loving the colour tones, only negative so far is that they didn’t all bloom at the same time, which if I wanted a big statement vase is what I would want. Having them over a longer time is a plus too though.

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