In a vase on Monday – Simple Pleasures

Another lovely day day with the promise that I can work outside for much of the day; but there is time before that to choose some flowers for a vase to share with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.

Although I have more tulips, a mixed vase with the Larkspur still looking an amazing blue, today I have something different.

My first daffodils are flowering, so my lovely blue, Denby jug was searched for and the flowers loosely tied and placed in it.

In a vase on Monday, the perfect combination, happy yellow daffodils in a blue jug

In a vase on Monday, the perfect combination, happy yellow daffodils in a blue jug

Daffodils always make me smile

Daffodils always make me smile

I would love to have masses of daffodils growing under the trees and in the grass under the olives but they need some summer irrigation so they have to be planted in the cut flower beds.

I have planted them under the Dahlias as recommended by Sarah Raven, it seems to be a good combination.

There are now lots of Anemone flowering around the garden, unlike the narcissus they don’t need summer irrigation so can be planted anywhere.

Anemone coronaria are another favourite

Anemone coronaria are another favourite

I took one stem from several patches and have a lovely intensely coloured vase in the kitchen without spoiling the display in the garden.

Anemone coronaria Mr Fokker and Anemone coronaria Sylphide

Anemone coronaria Mr Fokker and Anemone coronaria Sylphide

What’s flowering in your garden today, that you could pick and share with us?  Do check with Cathy to see what she and others from across the globe have found in their gardens.

Have a lovely week.


47 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Simple Pleasures

  1. I am glad it looks like another good day to get on with tasks, Christina – rainy morning anticipated here but hopefully drier later. It’s intriguing to hear how your bulbs cope differently with the weather conditions – I certainly wouldn’t have expected daffodils to need more water than other bulbs. They always look good in a blue vase, and it’s so indicitaive of the season when they first start appearing in our vases, as they do in mine today. Love the colours of the anemones!

  2. Christina both your anemones and your daffodils are beautifully displayed. They look so cheerful. We have opposite situations. Daffodils flow easily here but anemones are much harder to site. Your tulip arrangements have been gorgeous.

  3. That’s a couple of gorgeous vases! The anemones in particular, it’s delightful to see such bright jewel colours in February. I’ve just planted out some anemone Mr Fokker and can’t wait to see them bloom. If mine come up half as lovely as yours I’ll be very chuffed indeed. 🙂

    • Hi Jen; the Anemones are one of the stars of my garden; here in central Italy they flower from mid January through to April and they return each year quite reliably and some have even seeded. Good luck with yours, I imagine yours will flower in late spring.

  4. Hopefully I can finally comment through my skeleton wp blogJust wanted to tell you how lively that vase is and wonder what it would like with the anemones. Wish I could grow them and have tried many times, even inside a tub in the greenhouse.
    [jolanda blogspot address on Cathy’s Vase post. Phew, I have trying all day 🙂

  5. I love the vibrant colors of both arrangements, Christina. Your anemones are much more profuse than mine. I hope you enjoyed a lovely day in the garden. It’s cold and gray here again today so the garden isn’t as welcoming but a warm up is predicted later this week when our Santa Ana winds return.

    • It is nice to find bulbs that thrive in our summer drought, but I imagine they need autumn rain. We had a wind from the Sahara on Friday, it deposited sand everywhere. All the windows are covered and the windscreen of the car had to be cleaned before we could drive it.

  6. I had never before paid attention to anemones – that’s totally changed after seeing how gorgeous yours are; they are now on my radar!! And the daffodils…They just scream spring is here with such deafening yellows, don’t they? I’d be carrying these vases all over the house with me and plunking them down where ever I was at for the moment 🙂 They are lovely!

  7. It’s so true – yellow flowers in a blue vase are guaranteed to make us smile! The anemones are also beautiful, with such long stems too. I wonder if the plants I put in last year will flower for me again, as I haven’t had much luck with them so far. Have a good week, Christina!

  8. Lovely Christina the Yellow Daffodils in the blue pitcher. Coronary Anemones have very beautiful colors and are beautiful. But my favorites are the Daffodils: I love them. I do not know what will be in my garden, I’ll see. Have a good week too. Greetings from Margarita.

  9. Your Anemones are really uplifting Christina, mine haven’t appeared so far this year, I shall be very disappointed if they haven’t survived, but suspect I did not provide enough protection during our frosty winter, so meanwhile shall just enjoy yours.

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