Happy Women’s Day

A very Happy Women’s Day to all my female readers.  It is quite a big celebration day in Italy with many women going out to dinner in groups or to a film or for aperitivi.

Mimosa is the usual flower associated with the day.

Here are some pretty flowers to light your day.

Mimosa in a vase

This is the mimosa I showed you before, it only lasted about 5 days in the vase.

Hyacinth ‘Sylphide’

Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokka’


Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’

Have a lovely day


32 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day

    • Thank you Pauline, I’m weeding the long border that sweeps around from the drive to the back border (I’m half way now. 1.50), then later I’m going for an apperitvo with some girlfriends.

  1. Happy Women’s Day for you Christina, have a great time. In Spain the flower with which it is congratulated is the red rose. But the Mimosa is beautiful. Your garden is beautiful with hyacinths and coronary anemones. Congratulations and good week. Greetings from Margarita.

  2. Thank you, Christina! I’m not sure whether to take the anemones or the crocuses – either way the purple is lovely, the colour of bliss. I don’t think we can grow either of these lovely flowers in Egypt, but they are happy reminders of spring in England.

  3. A lovely toast to International Women’s Day, Christina! Some women here are using the day to mount a protest (officially a “Day Without a Woman”) targeting the policies of our new government administration. Politics dominates every moment of our lives now.

    • A second reply as the first I did quickly on my phone. The bed where I planted the first Anemone ‘Sylphide’ several years ago now has lots of new, small plants. I was weeding the bed yesterday and was surprised by just how many there are; not all are flowering yet, but it does make me think it would be an idea to save some seed and sow it so I can spread them further around the garden. Have you ever tried it; do you need to try to remove the fluffy carrier, do you know?

  4. Hope you enjoyed the day Christina. I wore red to mark the day. Interesting mimosa is symbolic in Italy. All your flowers are lovely. My anemone also have been blooming. Don’t see that they’re spreading themselves around though.

  5. How interesting that the day is made such a lot of in Italy, but interesting too what Kris said about politics dominating their household now – hearing our US blogging friends’ feelings after their election has really widened my knowledge about US politics. Good to read about your anemones self seeding 😀

      • I am sorry you feel a tangible fear, Christina – it is not always easy to live in the moment, but still possible to do so whilst being aware of what’s happening in the wider world

        • Luckily when in my garden I am able to relax and live completely in the moment, for the rest of the time I can only say I am happy not to be beginning my life; I feel our generation has been so lucky, I feel very sorry for all the young people I know.

          • Each generation will always have its own challenges, I suppose, but I am glad your garden is still able to absorb you despite your outward concerns

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