In a vase on Monday – A real Princess

My tulips in pots in the greenhouse have now almost all been picked, I do have 15 Exotic Emperor still in the fridge which I’m going to plant today just to see how long they take to flower when they’ve had a very long chill and the growing conditions are warm; but the tulip season in the garden has already begun so hopefully I’ll have tulips for several more weeks.  I say hopefully because while walking around the garden yesterday I found 10 stems of T. Brown Sugar laying on the ground, their stems having been biten through by mice I presume.

For today’s vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden I have the lovely Princess Irene with her beautifully marked petals.  Her only fault being that she can be rather short for cutting; I remember that even in the ground the buds open on very short stems then they grow to a reasonable height, maybe those in my vase will grow too.

Tulip Princess Irene with beautifully flamed petals

Tulip Princess Irene and Narcissus Avalanche

Narcissus Avalanche was grown last year as a forced Narcissus but wasn’t very successful because they didn’t flower at the same time; even though I didn’t think they would flower a second year I thought I would plant them out anyway; I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with their flowering this year but that might be due to our early cold winter this year.

In a vase on Monday

Both last week’s vases are still in place although both have been remodelled.  I removed the T. Malaika to the other vase as they faded quite quickly and added the double white Mount Tacoma, this vase still looks very fresh indeed.

Last week’s vase remodelled

Tulip Double Negrita and T. Mount Tacoma

Do visit Cathy to see vases from contributors world-wide.

46 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – A real Princess

  1. Princess Irene has such lovely colours, but I do love your exuberant purple and white vase – the essence of Spring sunshine. Mice have been busy here too- their particular delight is crocus bulbs- they leave the shoots lying around for me to cry over.

  2. Gorgeous arrangement of tulips Christina! The color of Princess Irene is captivating and looks good with N. Avalanche. Your tulips are a welcome sight each year. Have a good week.

  3. The generous quantity of tulips you are able to use just adds to their appeal, Christina, and today’s is just as wonderful as all your recent tulip vases, as is your remodelled one from last week. When you see tulips displayed like this it really makes you feel that even the effort of regular replanting is worth it – and they last so well in a vase too. When do you anticipate the ones you are planting today might be in flower?

    • I haven’t actually got around to planting other last tulips today; another job for tomorrow. I’ve been finishing the olive pruning. I’m not sure how long they’ll take to flower, given the warm in the greenhouse now I think maybe 6 weeks. It might be too late of course and they won’t flower at all, I hope not.

  4. Nothing more frustrating than finding your flowers bitten off. But a gorgeous bouquet! I grow the Princess as well. Such color and fragrance. It will be quite a while before I have tulips in the garden. Can’t wait.

    • The Princess Irene in the vase were grown in a pot in the greenhouse after being chilled for 12 or so weeks, those (also chilled) that I planted in the garden are only about a week behind.

  5. I don’t grow many tulips but after seeing yours doing so beautifully in these vases makes me want to grow more. My tulips are just out of the ground. We are back in the deep freeze. Love seeing all this color. I haven’t seen the Avalanche before. I like it too. Happy Monday.

    • Happy Monday to you too, Lisa. I love tulips partly because there are so many different colours and forms. If you have the right climate they will flower over a long period if you have a mix of Earlies, Mid season and late flowering varieties.

    • Thanks Peter, they are one of my favourites too; mine in the garden are just coming into bloom too (they had been chilled before planting so they flower earlier for me).

  6. how clever —-pebbles to secure the stems. And what a terrific display in that colour. And of course the double whites are ever so special.
    My offering is so minimal compared to yours today. Funny, but feeble. And I have no really big ones to come either. BTW, can you really plant tulips this late in the season?

    • I often use pebbles in my vases, I hate using florists foam. I’ll find out if it is too late. As they’ve been chilling since September I’m hopeful. Tulips are more particular about the time they chill than how warm spring is.

  7. I guess I need to get used to tulip envy! Last week’s refreshed vase is lovely and this week’s vase with ‘Princess Irene’ is glorious. The Narcissus looks like one of the noID varieties growing in my garden – planted by some prior owner of our property, these come back year after year here so maybe yours will continue to do so as well.

  8. The princess is wonderfully coloured and I am inspired to experiment with chillng. How annoying about the mice. They are almost impossible to control and can be so frustrating.

  9. Christina the Tulip Princess Irene is lovely, her color is magnificent. The Narcissus avalanche is very beautiful and being white contrasts a lot. It is a wonderful vase. The vase from last week with the change of tulips looks nice and fresh. Sorry for the bites of the tulip stalks: some mouse, rabbit …. Today it has snowed in the Sierra de Madrid, which is about 65 km from the capital. And on Friday the thermometer marked 31 ° Centigrade. Imagine the temperature change in Madrid! Have a good week and a good stable weather. Greetings from Margarita.

  10. A simple arrangement of tulips and narcissi can be so effective – this is a beautiful combination Christina. Love the markings on Princess Irene. I do hope those mice find some wild weeds to nibble on instead. I have found birds sometimes balance on the tulip flowers and then peck them off just below the flower. I have no idea why!

    • I think, but don’t know, that it is the moisture in the stems they are taking but if that’s true why can’t they just drink completely from one stem instead of nipping through 10!

  11. Gorgeous! They look like a painting. My forced tulips are over now. I’m waiting for the ones in the garden to flower. I do love tulips. The colours are so cheerful.

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