In a vase on Monday – Change of style

Today is special, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden‘s blog is 5 years old and she has a very special vase to share with us today.

Cathy has inspired and encouraged us all with this great meme.  Monday really wouldn’t be the same without it.  Thank you Cathy and Happy Blogaversary!

Suddenly after 3 very warm days and despite the coldish nights all the trees are in blossom; there are wild plums everywhere and one of my cultivated plums is covered in white flowers, but it is the pretty pink blossom of the peach tree that I have included in my vase today.

I decided to attempt an Ikebana design (this is a first for me) using a stem clamp and pins that I bought in England at Christmas when I was in a florists’supplier to buy the necessary equipment for the flower display for the top of my MIL’s coffin.

The shop was a treasure trove and my thanks go to Julie at Peonies and Posies for recommending it to me.

In a vase on Monday

The design features Peach blossom, Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’, Tulip Mount Tacoma and Tulip Double Negrita and a stem of Spirea ‘Bridal Wreath’

I’m pleased with this as a first attempt.

Why not pick something from your own garden to help Cathy celebrate.


45 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Change of style

  1. Gorgeous and creative! Did you enjoy designing in this style? It’s a beautiful mix of pink and white–the peach branches are alluring. Last week’s cold snap in our area is rumored to have greatly damaged peach crops in our region.

  2. Hi, Christina, you are brave to try yourself at Ikebana and I think it turned out pretty well. Did you use a book or take a class to learn Ikebana?
    When I was still living in Berlin, I had a Japanese florist around the corner. This florist was absolutely top notch. He made the most stunning flower arrangements using traditional Ikebana techniques combined with modern ones. I recall that he was always bending and shaping the stems and branches of the material that he used. Guess, I will never forget that guy ;-)!
    Happy spring to you!

  3. It’s a beautiful arrangement, Christina! I love the colors you blended so well. The purple tulip was the perfect addition to bring out the darker color at the centers of the peach blooms. Well done! The poor beleaguered peach tree at the bottom of my back slope (uncovered when we took out the giant Yucca that grew there) is also blooming but last week’s heat gave it a wallop. Cooler temperatures returned today (with some rain to follow perhaps) so maybe that will freshen the blooms for future use.

    • I’m glad you mentioned the purple tulip; at first I hadn’t used it but then I felt it needed something of more weight at the LHS so the double Negrita seemed to fit the bill.

  4. I am so glad you gave it a go, Christina – and I do hope you are pleased with the result yourself. That peach blossom is amazing – such dense blossom – and seeing the spirea makes me realise this is the white spray we couldn’t recognise at the NGS county lunch we were at yesterday. It’s interesting that using a basket instead of a ‘hard’ ikebana vase seems to soften the whole arrangement – the whole effect is lovely and thanks for sharing it

    • I basket (which I’ve used many times before) holds a glass dish for the water. if I find any ‘proper’ Ikebana vases I would buy one to see the different effect.

  5. Bridal Wreath is a perfect accompaniment for the lovely blossom Christina! I like the pink anemone at the base and the deep pink tulip, emphasising the pink of the blossom.

  6. A beautifully creative display with all those pinks. It’s good to challenge ourselves and you’ve succeded in your attempt. I love the peach blossom, something I can only really dream of.

  7. Christina beautiful vase Ikebana. I love the Anemones and the Peach. The wicker vase is the touch of the artist inside and who dares everything and everything is wonderful. Congratulations on your vase. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. Gorgeous arrangement. Your fruit trees are away ahead of mine – no blossom to be seen here yet! The anemones are beautiful and look perfect alongside the peach blossom. Simply lovely!

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