Tuesday View March 28th 2017

Now that there are so many changes in the garden every time I walk around I think the time is right to begin regularly showing the same view (as last year) on Tuesdays.  Cathy at Words and Herbs (our host for this meme) will, I’m sure, also begin posting on a regular basis very soon.

I will also use this post to note the weather each week.  One word can be used to describe the weather this week – changeable!

Yesterday was quite sunny but there was a chill wind from the north so that it felt cold to be outside without adequate layers; today the wind has dropped and it is very warm indeed, well into the 20°s C possibly the upper 20’s.

You can almost see the heat in the images today.

Tuesday View 28th March 2017

The large shrub in the left foreground is Cotinus – this is usually very late coming into leaf even as late as the end of April.  It seems to me that many trees and shrubs are flowering much earlier this year and I surmise that the cause is the cold December and January because it hasn’t been a particularly warm March.

The crab apple you can see in the background of the ‘view’ has come into leaf since last Tuesday

and yesterday the buds of the blossom began opening

These crab apples aren’t very attractive to the birds as only a few are eaten and most have remained on the tree since last September.

If I take a half turn to the right from my position for photographing the ‘view’ this is what I can see

So although I know this is cheating I wanted you to see the progress of the wisteria.

The noise under the wisteria is almost deafening!  The bees are having the most wonderful time.

At the moment the wisteria is only fully flowering on the pillars; the buds on the beams of the pergola are still only slightly open.

Do you have a view you’d like to share?  Cathy would love you to join when you can.


26 thoughts on “Tuesday View March 28th 2017

  1. Christina the Wisteria is spectacular and great: if you do anything it was just an outbreak! It is wonderful its smell. The crab apple tree has been in a hurry to throw the leaves and start opening those precious flowers. Your garden will be beautiful. As for the changing weather, it is also here in Madrid: it is crazy! Greetings from Margarita.

  2. The wisteria makes me drool, Christina. It’s getting toasty here too. I hope that doesn’t mean a particularly hot summer. I’ve been collecting photos for a wide shots post, which I hope to get up this coming weekend.

  3. It’s amazing the speed at which things can change at this time of year, like your crab apple coming into leaf – no wonder we never know what expect from our gardens walks/rambles! Your wisteria is looking wonderful – it will be a couple months before mine is in flower

  4. Your Wisteria is absolutely fabulous Christina. Sorry for being so behind with comments – had a bad cold all of last week. Hope to get my view up this week at last too!

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