Wordless Wednesday – Spring blossom

The quince tree has put on leaf and the blossom is opening all within a few days

This crab apple has pinker flowers but the fruit is yellow, unlike the crab apple I showed yesterday the fruit on this one never stays on the tree for more than a couple of weeks

I’m told this is an ornamental flowering plum, possibly Prunus blireana


A new purchase, Magnolia stellata

19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Spring blossom

  1. Does the fruit on the second crab fall off or is it eaten? We used to get cedar waxwings on our apples in winter, but they succumbed to fire blight and I’ve been reluctant to grow Malus again.

  2. Beautiful blossom in such a pretty color. Alas, I do not have a crab apple tree, but I am currently enjoying the blossom from our pear and apple trees in my San Francisco garden.

  3. No words needed. I like your new addition to your blossoms. I’m most upset as my crab apple which was planted in 2014 has only produced one paltry blossom this spring! It is obviously unhappy so maybe a move is on the cards come autumn.

  4. Glad to see the magnolia, I hope it does well for you. I think I have one as well and it looks like it will put on a decent show this spring so I’m pleased. It was a small cutting so not the fastest route to a fantastic display!

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