In a vase on Monday – a special occasion

I have to confess that this vase was made for a lunch party yesterday to celebrate my husband’s birthday.  But I’m sure our host Cathy of Rambling in the Garden won’t mind.

The garden is bursting with spring flowers so it was easy to pick enough to fill this very large bowl.

The Dutch Iris were all planted between one and three years ago, with the colder temperatures in December they have flowered slightly earlier than in past years.

In a vase on Monday

To use this very large bowl, I needed to place another vase inside it for the tall Irises and then I used tape to lattice the top of the bowl and vase to support the flowers.

Dutch Iris

Cerinthe major, Narcissus Thalia and Actea, Dutch Iris and yellow and purple tulips

Having admired many Amaryllis in others vases I ordered one bulb with my bulb order last year.  When the carton arrived one corner was saturated and a couple of bulbs had gone very mushy, the Amaryllis was also not in a perfect state but was firm.  I planted it up and placed it in the greenhouse and waited, and waited and waited (obviously it wanted the heat of the house)!  It has now opened beautifully having grown straight and strong in the even light.  Only one complaint – it was supposed to be pure white!

At last!!!!!!

With thanks to Cathy, do visit to see what she has found in her garden today, you could also join in, I’m sure you have some flowers you could pick to enjoy inside your home today.

32 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – a special occasion

  1. Just lovely, Christina! Makes me want to sing because spring is here! Hard to beat Dutch irises, isn’t it? I can imagine your slope covered with them at the moment. And what a good idea about the tape!

  2. No, I don’t mind at all! 😉 Up to now I have never given away anything as grand as your display, but how wonderful it is to have the blooms to do it. You will no doubt have felt the same pleasure preparing and giving ut as your hosts did in receiving it. Thanks for telling us how you put it together – always useful ps shame about your ‘white’ amaryllis!

  3. Gorgeous Christina! You’ve showcased the flowers expertly for a grand arrangement. Glad to see your Dutch Iris are doing well. (Mine didn’t return this year, except for one.) Your Amaryllis is lovely too, despite it not being what you’d expected. Happy Birthday wishes to Richard!

  4. You did a beautiful job on your husband’s birthday arrangement, Christina! I was surprised to learn that your Dutch Iris are blooming early, as mine are almost done, but I guess that speaks clearly to the difference in our climates. The Santa Ana winds here, which seem to blow more frequently and off-schedule here now, bring many of our early spring blooms to an abrupt end.

  5. Christina has gotten over this bouquet of flowers. It is wonderful and the beautiful Dutch Iris. Amaryllis is not white but has a divine color. Congratulations to your husband. Greetings from Margarita.

  6. A wonderful spring arrangement and it’s interesting to know how you managed it. The amaryllis may not be white but is certainly very pretty. One Christmas, years ago, I was given 3 but have never had any since. I must try one.

  7. What a fabulous collection of flowers you have shared this week Christina! I am particularly taken with your Dutch iris – I haven’t grown them for years – not sure why and really must plant some new ones in the autumn. I used to create a grid with tape to support my flowers in wide containers but now I just stuff a ball of chicken wire into the container (unless it is glass in which case it could be seen). Chicken wire gives great support to the stems and I keep the balls for future use which saves time. Sending birthday wishes – I hope he enjoyed his day. xx

  8. A lovely arrangement with the irises Christina. My last Amaryllis finally faded this week – I have found they are often not what they are supposed to be, but still attractive!

  9. You have so much floral design talent! I always admire your vases. This one is outstanding. Your amaryllis reminds me of one I have called “Apple Blossom.” I think it is beautiful!

  10. What a fabulous celebratory arrangement Christina and I’m sure that the birthday lunch was every bit as good. I’ve made a note to myself to look out for Dutch iris bulbs this autumn. I’m not sure why I’ve never grown them. Belated birthday wishes to your husband – I hope that he enjoyed his special day. That’s a fine example of an amaryllis even though the colour is not quite what you expected 🙂

  11. That looks like absolute spring, a fine centerpiece for a birthday brunch! Best wishes and I’m sure it was an enjoyable day. Glad the amaryllis worked out, it looks absolutely perfect.

  12. A fabulous birthday arrangement. I had forgotten about the tape trick, it is a good hint. I hope you and your birthday boy had a great celebration.

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